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The Best of Suzlyfe : Life and Fitness Motivation


In need of life and fitness motivation to help you get going again, get you through a situation, or help you bounce back? Look no further.

Between major life changes, the oncoming New Year, and the freezing weather, I thought we could all do with a shot of life and fitness motivation. Aka, we need a pep talk. So yesterday, I went through and found some of my favorite life and fitness motivation posts and came up with 10 that 

The Best of Suzlyfe Life and Fitness Motivation Posts

Get your year started off with a bang with the Best of @Suzlyfe Life and Fitness Motivation posts!

Workout Motivation: 5 Ways to Get Your Butt Out the Door

I may be a dedicated runner, personal trainer, running coach, and 6x a week exerciser… but that doesn’t always mean that I leap out the door for my workout. As a (see previous sentence), I am often working with clients and friends who ask me my secrets for getting out the door when motivation is waning.

The best motivation quote for bad days: You have a 100% success rate at surviving your worst days. The Odds are in Your Favor, don't Ruin them Now! Get more inspiration at

Motivational Quotes for Tough Days and Tough Workouts

When I wrote this post, I was in pretty dark period, and to be honest, writing about these motivational quotes for tough days and tough workouts was just as therapeutic as the quotes themselves!

Becoming Confident as a Runner

In my discussion of the definition of an athlete, I talk about my definition of a runner as well. But that is just half of the discussion: even if you believe yourself to be a runner and are confident in that label, you may not feel completely confident in your running abilities or in the company of other runners. My best advice for becoming a fully confident (and competent) runner!

You can't please everyone all the time, so honestly keep yourself motivated with what you care about, and do the best you can. You will be more productive if your try to achieve your own high expectations than others'.

Empowering Quotes to Maintain Perspective

Over the years and blog posts, many have commented on how much they admire my perspective. Honestly, sometimes even I am kind of impressed by my ability to maintain perspective through the ups and downs of life. But it hasn’t always been that way–especially when the anxiety monster rears its ugly head. Here are some mantras, quotes, and more that I’ve taken comfort in and have helped me re-conceptualize my circumstances.

The Power of Positivity Rather than Optimism

I don’t believe that everything will work out, or that things happen for a reason: I believe that events happen, and you choose how to react. Though a combination of perspective and a determination to live in a forward motion, I see myself as someone who chooses positivity rather than relying on optimism. Some definite food for thought!

Never Give Up

Just because you have never succeeded at something before doesn’t mean that you won’t succeed this time. A metaphor for life via my failures at gardening.

Get Over Yourself in Running and Life Suzlyfe

Get Over Yourself and Take the First Step

How many times have we hated starting but ended up with a smile on our faces? Or even enjoyed what we thought we would hate? Running in the rain, the cold, doing hills… there is so much in life that can seem daunting and cause us to stall. But if we can just get over ourselves and greet the situation with an open mind, we might really surprise ourselves.

Unstoppable: The Strongest Woman I Know

Strength doesn’t lie in numbers. (Julie Andrews knows her stuff). Strength lies within a person, regardless of how much they lift. My client came to me afraid to simply sit on a Swiss ball. Today, she walks backwards without fear, uses cable machines, and feels stronger and more confident than ever! A major lesson in starting, committing, believing, and seeing results.

UPDATE! My client has continued to workout with me 2x a week, and she turned 80 just a few weeks ago! We have made LOADS of progress, and she is so much more confident in her ability to walk in the wind, ice, and snow that comes along with living in Chicago. And even more exciting? Though the source of her cancer has remained enigmatic, her doctors have declared that, for the moment, she is not in need of chemo or other remediation therapy. Basically, whatever caused the cancer is staying put and not growing, so she is just to be monitored periodically. YAY!

Empowering Others Empowers Me

Motivation can be indirect! One of the greatest gifts that personal training and coaching has given to me is the boost that I get from working with my clients and seeing them transform their lives. 

Will Power is like a muscle--strengthen it and you will find the most profoud inner strength. suzlyfe fitzala

Willpower is A Muscle: Strengthen It

We’ve all heard, “I don’t have any willpower.” Heck, you’ve heard me say it myself! But something that I have discovered over the years is that willpower is a muscle: you need to exercise it consistently and properly to gain mental strength and firmly establish that willpower within yourself. 

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So now, go out and conquer the world. Or at least your to-do list.

What is your biggest motivation hurdle?

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