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Let’s Eat (34 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 9/24)

Unleash the beast! Weekend Catch Up time with some gorgeous food and even more beautiful weather.

Did you see last week’s Friday Catch Up?

Weekend Catch Up 9/24


It has been almost exactly 6 months since I’ve had dairy and soy in any sort of capacity (well, 6 months and a week since I cut out dairy and 5 months and 4 weeks since I cut out soy. So 6 months average). This weekend, the veil was lifted by most accounts and I got to enjoy some of my favorite foods again without most restrictions. 

Basically, we had crack fries with the cheese. I helped Alex with his chicken and waffles. I didn’t have to modify everything that I ordered. I got to eat cheap chocolate and Kashi Go Lean (which I love).

I bought Greek Yogurt (still haven’t tried it yet, though) and a new sleeve of my whole wheat English Muffins. I nibbled on dairy ice cream.

I ate off of Alex’s plate with wild abandon. 

How about some old school food pics?

If you are looking for an amazing small plates Mediterranean place, head to Ema in River North. I’ve been wanting to go, and it did not disappoint.

It was really nice to have some food freedom again. I honestly didn’t feel too terribly restricted in my food choices while I was pregnant–I only really missed the idea of sashimi or smoked salmon and a few other things, like deli meat and runny eggs. But that is like a handful of foods. This has been much harder because of the pervasive nature of soy and dairy in processed food, as I’ve already discussed.

I have a newfound respect for those with food allergies. Seriously, you all have it rough. It must be so frustrating when you get “glutened” or have to make literally everything you eat because you can’t trust restaurants or there just are no options available to you.

We are still in the testing stages over here. Emmie seems to be fine with soy, but she might have had some digestion upset after the reintroduction of dairy. I really hope it was unrelated, because the regular dairy based formulas taste so much better, and we would like to start introducing those this week!

2) Speaking of, Emmie has been making some great strides with eating this week! She’s been really working her pincers, if you will, and grabbing lots of things with her thumb and pointer finger. She still likes to squeeze everything in her palm, but who doesn’t. Squishy squishy.

Anyway, I decided it was time to work on her ability to feed herself, but since she usually just wants to squeeze things, I decided to introduce some baby puffs and see if that would work. Success!

It took some time and some demonstration, as well as already having an entire handful of puffs and therefore nowhere else to put the puff that she had selected, but we got puffs successfully from her tray to her mouth! Very exciting. 

And because we are so proficient/grown up/being reintroduced to soy and dairy, we also got to try some very basic adult food, like some of daddy’s waffle at brunch and a fry at dinner. The fry was actually quite successful because it was able to be squished as well as eaten due to its length.

Although Emmie has been a bit of a short fuse at restaurants recently. I think we are just going through a phase, but let’s say that we have to order rather quickly upon sitting down. 

3) Other fun Emmie things: still working on crawling, but we are having some success with being super mobile in her own way. Spinning, pushing back, swimming forward. Girl gets around!

She is popping up on hands and knees more, but even with our help, she doesn’t really know what to do once she is up there. It is kind of funny, honestly.

She is also potentially transitioning into/out of a mini growth spurt and thus is having some changes in sleep habits. Nothing major, but she is wanting to go to sleep later and having some disrupted sleep, so we are just having to deal with that a little bit. But she is taking bottles more and more, with the occasional throw down.

Edited to add: she just put one of her stacking rings BACK on the post AND truly clapped her hands for the first time!

4) I got a little solo time in this weekend when I headed down to the South Loop to my old coaching grounds for a Shred/Stretch workout focused on mamas and thanks to my friend Tanya of MommaPrana and Ria of Urban Ohana. We did a shortened Shred 415 class (normally 4×15 cardio and strength intervals) and then headed next door to Yoga Squad for a Deep Stretch and Restore led by Tanya. 

The workout honestly left me wanting more. I felt like I was just getting started! But I also don’t want to injure myself. Thus I didn’t push myself as hard as I might have been able, but that was a conscious decision on my part. I did see a brief glimpse of my old self, although my hard effort now is only a little bit faster than my old “easy” or warm up paces! LOL

Thank you, ladies, for a fantastic event! I love that it benefited a children’s nonprofit.

Plus, I got to wear my Joriki Chicago Flag Pants.

5) This week is “vacation” for Alex, but we will be rather busy, as I detailed on Friday. I’m making him take the dog to get her shots while I go run with Emmie this morning lol. Then he has to work overnight, sleep a few hours at the hospital, and then get his teeth cleaned before we meet for our meeting at the fertility docs. FUN. Then we will trade off the kid and I will get my teeth cleaned! So basically 18 hours of torture for him. Sucker. 

But there will be some fun times as well! We are going to do the class where Emmie got to use the trapeze a few weeks ago + another round of Broadway and Me, and I’m so happy Alex is going to get to go to those with us. Emmie loved Frozen and did lots of hand waving and “magic hands” where it basically looks like she is casting spells, but she does it all the time when she is at class. It is hilarious.

Fall Fest and meeting up with friends will round out the week!

Happy Fall!

Did you have fall like weather this weekend?

What is your favorite scent of fall? For me, it is burning wood!

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