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Let’s Be Social (12.5 Months + Catch Up 2/22)


It has been a relatively busy week, with continued progress for Emmie’s walking, digestive problems for all, and lots of fun time with friends!

Did you read about last week? Emmie worked on walking!

Catch Up 2/22

1). The weekend was great, and we had fun at swim (Emmie even had fun!) and then a great time with Ali, Justin, and Ryan at dinner that night! Mexican food is always a hit with our families, and I even had Mexican cuisine for dinner 3 of 4 nights Saturday – Tuesday, and two of those times with Ali and Ryan!

Otherwise, I got another solo run outdoors, but not quite solo because I took Ridley with me. I felt badly for her; since the winter weather has really hit, she hasn’t gotten many runs in (due to the baby plus sidewalks being cleared or not). She seemed to have fun, and I was glad to be outside.

We love having our family dinners with Ali, Justin, and Ryan. We are now joking that we should just buy a duplex together to solve all of our future (and current) housing woes. Alex and I would take the duplex down and have a movie theater/lounge area plus the yard for Ridley, Ali and Justin called the duplex up. Works for me!

Trying out a hair clip!

One interesting part of the weekend was a round table of digestive issues for the fam. Zoe vom’d Saturday night, Emmie woke up in a pile of vom Sunday morning, and then Ridley ate the cat food and threw that up Sunday midday. Plus Alex woke up not feeling great (thanks to a little too much marg) and I had an owie tummy later on (thanks to too much veg). Good grief, Charlie Brown.

Even though Emmie threw up, it seems to have been just an acute, one time thing–she was fine otherwise. That said, she has been a bit off her food since, but is slowly getting her appetite back. But she isn’t interested in her PB sandwiches!!!! That is a large portion of her diet… so we are working on that.

2) Monday morning, we ended up missing Strides because Em needed a nap, and with another fresh layer of snow on the ground and Ridley still in need of a walk, I cancelled Strides and took my girls on a walk in the sunshine and fresh snow. The snow was lovely, actually, and the temps were nearly warm!

After our successful post-Broadway experience at Little Beans last week, I decided to take Emmie to LB for some play time (even though it was a risk with it being a holiday).

Well, I’ll be damned, girlfriend really started to go for it! She had the best time and tore it up for over 1.5 hours. She walked all over the place, utilizing Mama’s hand, pushing a cart, and, drumroll please, all aloney on her owny!!

We had a few breakdowns, but they were warranted (she got run into and knocked over by some boys racing, and then she fell on her face coming out of a tunnel). But several times she walked of her own accord with destinations in mind, or just stood and watched!!

And yes, !!double!!exclamations!! are necessary!!

I was so proud of her. She worked on her independence, her confidence, and her resiliency. Sure, she still crawls and prefers to crawl, actually, but if you put her on her feet, her default is less and less to immediately plop down.

I took her back on Thursday (a much busier day at LB), and she continued to walk around, and spent more time walking than crawling!

3) We had lots of great social time this week as well.

Dinner on Saturday with Justin, Ali and Ryan, and a playdate at Ali’s this week with a bunch of our Fit4Mom friends and tacos after.


We missed Strides that day (Tuesday) as well because of another (and earlier) nap, but it was fine because she was ready to play by the time Holly and Max picked us up for the playdate. Taco night at Ali, Justin, and Ryan’s taco place wrapped up the night and also reveal a hilarious coincedence–one of OUR regular servers at Tarascas is one of Ali’s regular servers at THEIR regular Mexican restaurant! At least we know we will always be taken care of, wherever we go!

Emmie trying on Ryan’s bow!

Emmie and I braved the sleet and ice (I seriously am done with this winter) on Wednesday for Strides to see our friends and then hid out the rest of the day. Thursday, my body just cried out that it needed a rest day, so we opted for Little Beans playtime instead before the Fit4Mom playdate at the Nature Museum!

Emmie was actually walking all over the Museum! I hardly picked her up except when we needed to get to particular places. We will see how much walking she does today

4) I know, I know, this winter has been sucky and seemingly neverending, but it has also been dangerous at times. First, there was the super dangerous temps of the Polar Vortex, and then the ice storm last week, which brought down limbs and power lines and made life hellish. But Wednesday was actually dangerous to try to navigate on foot (or otherwise, I am sure). It was sleeting, there was already ice down, and it was incredibly windy. So much so that the wind blew Em’s stroller and me both across the ice on a driveway and nearly in the street. I mean, WTF???

Obviously I don’t crate my child, but the winter has us stir crazy

I apologized to Ridley and she barely went out that day. Thursday was sunny and at least warmer, so I put on my microspikes and took everyone for a walk in the fresh air. It would have been terrifying to not have the spikes on, honestly. The ice was thick and everywhere, and then starting to melt and crack in someplaces.

Yes, being cold sucks. Yes, I am tired of the bundling and organizing and cleaning necessary just to go outside. But what I am most #over about winter is the dangerous walking conditions for us. During the summer, we have the heat to deal with, and that has its challenges, but I am not quite as likely to break myself just walking outside. I don’t need any help with breaking myself. Got that one covered, thank you.

5) Ok, what are we up to this weekend? Strides today (hopefully) and swim tomorrow. Plus a dinner date with friends and coffee day with a girlfriend! Then family time, groceries etc. We aren’t looking to be fancy, especially because the following weekend will be super busy!

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