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Lemons into Applesauce Part II: Major Life Updates

You all know that I try very hard to have perspective on life, to play the cards that I am dealt, and, yes, to turn lemons into applesauce aka make the best of the situation. Well, Monday and Tuesday of this week definitely put me to the test in that regard, and yes, reminded me to think back to my motivational quotes for hard times. And, if all else fails, laugh at the shambolic nature of my life. Let me explain and give you all some major life updates.

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Before I get started, I have to emphasize the following: I am OK, both mentally and physically. Truly. 

In fact, I think that being able to say that I am ok and feeling positive about the present and future of my life is a major life update. I won’t recount all the injury business (if you are new to Suzlyfe, first of all HELLO and second of all, I think that this post might provide some explanation), but we all know that I went through 2 1/2 months of, well, feces and pain. And chronic pain colors everything that you see, everything that you feel. So the ability to stay positive and, dare I say, optimistic, in the face of what happened Monday and Tuesday is pretty freaking huge. 

So… what happened Monday and Tuesday? aka the Lemons

First off, the trip that Alex and I spent the weekend putting together crashed and burned when Alex discovered that he had his dates wrong and his vacation was actually the week before the week that we made the reservations for, and that rates were much much higher for the actual week of vacation. So Suz’s first trip to Disney is going to have to wait. 


And, well, 30 minutes after I got that news (which was disappointing, but not upsetting, if you will), HR decided to come pay me a visit and tell me that I lost my job. And that I was done immediately. Peace. Out. 

get out point

Tuesday morning, I told Mom to cancel our reservations for Boston. Boston 2016 isn’t going to happen for me. I cannot defer my entry (per the Boston Athletic Association). I am qualified for next year, but that will be contingent on the pregnancy status as we go through this year. 

Mizuno Wave Enigma Fibish Line is more about the Start

Simply, my back needs more time, and though I was hoping that I would have me first run by this Friday, the 3 month mark of my injury, my body needs more time. Taking Boston completely off the table takes all the pressure off of me to start running again, though I hope that I will be running by March 1, because though life handed me lemons, it also handed me apples for applesauce!

Where Do I go From Here? aka Applesauce

Remember how I got some great news on Friday? Well, the short and short of it is that I will be a coach for Team Challenge for Crohn’s and Colitis Team Illinois for their Napa Half Marathon training season! As many of you know, I got my start in long distance running for Team Challenge,

Team Challenge for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America is an incredible way to get started running half marathons and for a great cause! |

Napa was my mom’s first half marathon (with Team Challenge), I have Crohn’s Disease, and I love being a coach! It will be Saturdays only, and the fact that we will be working towards a half marathon will give me plenty of time to heal, and coaching will give me plenty of positivity during what will be a bit of a difficult time mid April as Boston Marathon talk really gets going. 

I will be taking the majority of the spring training season off from Chicago Endurance Sports (I might sub), and then when marathon season starts, I will probably stick with Tuesdays and some lower Saturday runs, depending on what is going on with fertility stuff. The TC training season will run mid-March (thus why I want to be healed and ready to run at the beginning of March) and the Napa race is July 17, which unfortunately is the same weekend as IDEA Fest, BUT the race is on the Sunday, so if we have enough participants to send me, I could still go!

Team Challenge for Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America is an incredible way to get started running half marathons and for a great cause! |

Along the same topic of mentoring and coaching, I love my clients’ excitement. I love it when I get a text or an instagram from one of my trainees telling me that they are loving life and working hard. Not everyone is having an easy go of it, but I am so proud of them for working through the difficult times and also for reaching out for help. Remember, that is what coaches are here for. If your coach doesn’t have time for you, they aren’t fulfilling their role!

I wish that coaching both privately as well as with my groups paid me as much as it fulfills me, but it doesn’t. Fortunately, Alex and I have sufficient savings and his (not huge) income to keep us afloat until I find something. I’m thinking a running store. Anyone need a spunky blond with a helluva lot of knowledge and great sales experience?

E-Polette Computer Eye Strain Glasses Brooklyn Style Suzlyfe Review

It is interesting that 2 years ago, I found myself in a similar situation: suddenly without employment. But I feel like I was a different person then: I was broken down and lost in many ways, and that is was prompted my journey to NASM, if you remember (also, I got injured that same weekend. Body Mind Connection, yo). But now, I am full, in so many ways. I have found what I am meant to do: coach and mentor others to find their healthiest, lived-beyond-expectations life. I know that I want to pursue that through running, fitness, and nutrition, and I have put that into motion. I am living my dream. Now I just want to supplement that dream, make it even more complete, with a job that I look forward to and takes care of my “earthly” needs. 

I let Alex pick my outfit for Christmas dinner at Greenriver and the ballet! Accessorized by crutches.

But who says that earthly needs can’t be taken care of in a fulfilling way? Like food and exercise, you just have to find what works for you and provides you with your best life. Cheers to finding your best life.

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When was the last time that you were able to turn a negative into a true positive?

What is your dream job?

Also, if you actually want to pee yourself a little, you must watch this. Trust me. It is 100% worth it. 

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