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Legs, Eggs, Deg(a)s, and Doubling Up


Sup, Chickadees? And Chickadudes, the few, the strong, the proud. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

What a great weekend. I ate, drank, ran my little legs off, and, most importantly, I just turned myself off after I left work Friday. Because, let’s face it, you only have so many opportunities to spend time with close friends. So, I doubled the pleasure!



Speaking of: Tiff + Suz occurred again. Not quite as epic a lunch date location (Jason’s Deli), but I had to represent at work, so time was a bit more limited. No less epic of a time with the crazy lady, however. 

Suz and Courtney at J Parker Chicago

When Courtney (my bridesmaid who was visiting and staying with Alex and I) and I both returned to my apartment from our respective places of work (she was working at her company’s Chicago office) and then decided to head out into River North. She’d only really seen the Bean at that point, so I wanted to show her our hood and some of our favorite places. Plus, we needed to get drinks and I needed food. We ended up at Sable, a place that is always a hit. I was a bit surprised the they had redone their entire menu (the head chef switched out a few months ago) but thankfully, the cocktails were still as impressive as ever and the food delicious. I got a tequila cocktail and some fantastic ceviche.

Sable Kitchen and Bar Chicago Ceviche Suzlyfe

Then we went back home to meet Alex, back from his first day on this new rotation! I knew Saturday would be a hella early morning for myself and Alex, but luckily Court was obliging of our earlier than normal for a Friday with guests bedtime. Thank goodness–4:30 came quickly! 

Early morning scenery on the way to coach.

Early morning scenery on the way to coach.

Saturday. Morning. Was. Perfect. For. Running. And thank goodness because I did a total of 20! 3 mi down to the South Loop, 1 mi following the coaches’ meeting, 15 mi with the trainees, and then a final 1 mile to hit 20 for the day and 40 for the week!

dancing puffin

Each part of the run felt great, which was honestly as big an accomplishment for me as the 20 mile total. I felt strong the whole time, was able to pick it back up for my last mile (that I did by myself), and my nutrition seemed to work perfectly. Granted, having perfect weather, no humidity, just the right amount of breeze, crystal clear skies, and an awesome group of people to run with…. I guess that helps a wee bit! 

I really am so proud of my little strong body for one of my best ever feeling weeks of running! Have I run faster? yes. Have I run more? Yes. But this week my legs felt swift and light, I got to run with Alex, and then I got 20 in with some amazing people who made them fly by. I will take that over fast and plentiful. Quality, bitches. I had a Luna protein mini bar while stretching and waiting for more of the runners to finish up, then took the L home.

Maxi Dress and Compression Sleeves

I got back home, showered, put on compression and a maxi dress to recover like a champ, and Courtney and I headed uptown so I could show her some of our other favorite places! Into Gold Coast we went, and I dominated one of the largest egg and veggie creations I’ve seen (at Tempo). You better believe that it, those fabulously large and juicy tomatoes, and 2 pieces of wheat toast got dominated. #likeaSuz.

This doesn't do it justice. it was 2 inches thick and that skillet is the same as a dinner plate.

This doesn’t do it justice. it was 2 inches thick and that skillet is the same as a dinner plate.

The J. Parker was our destination for people watching and views of Lincoln Park, and we were lucky to get some seats while I continued to hydrrraaate. With Kevita, diet coke, and club soda. Lamest J Parker guests ever. sorrynotsorryy

Alex got off early (yay!) so we walked home while he worked out and then decided to go to D4 for dinner because I honestly just plum wore myself out. I was at the point of laying down with eyes closed but not able to sleep. WORE OUT. 

Dinner was, as it always is at D4, so freaking good.

D4 Irish Pub Burger Shrimp Salad and Rogue Hazelnut Ale Suzlyfe

Alex and I split their new shrimp salad, the signature burger, sweet potato fries, and the majority of Courtney’s fries. Hey, she offered them up. After dinner, I also had ice cream (duh) but quickly reverted back to my lying down, eyes closed, not asleep mode. WORE OUT.

Sunday, Courtney and I headed back into River North to Meli Cafe and this massive egg and veggie creation (take two). Hey, if it ain’t broke… I’ll eat it. 

Meli Cafe Egg White Veggie Scramble

Then HOORAY Suz and Court did something new. It was rainy, so we decided to head to the Art Institute of Chicago! They have a Degas exhibit in right now, and it was quite exquisite, if small. I was totally captivated by the main painting of Scenes from the Steeplechase: the Fallen Rider.

What was so incredible was the amazing focal point of the painting–the entire painting is a study of movement, tension, and impressions of movement and form…. but then you see the fallen rider’s face and helmet, both rendered in completely realized detail. And the face is so soft and peaceful, almost asleep, as these horses jump over him. But the focus wasn’t overt–the face is so soft that it isn’t intrusive: you assume that it will be rendered with the same dynamism as the rest of the painting, until you realize that it absolutely isn’t! 

Monet Waterloo Art Institute Chicago Suzlyfe

And a little Monet never hurt anyone.

Chicago Architecture Art Institute Chicago

Architects and preservationists (COUGH SARAH), eat your heart out.

Thorne Gallery Miniature Rooms Art Institute Chicago Suzlyfe

We meandered around and found this awesome gallery of miniature historic rooms. Think dollhouses of European and American drawing rooms throughout different periods. I could have spent hours in there! Court and I both agreed that this would be the perfect place to spend hours playing I Spy with kiddos. 

After my big run Saturday, my back was a little tired and sore and could only take so much standing at the museum, so we headed back uptown and stopped to hang out with iced teas in the Tribune Tower plaza. Then Lyfe Kitchen for a late lunch before coming back home and watching Serena play some tennis before Court had to leave.

Lyfe Kitchen Chicago Kale Caesar Salad with Mahi Mahi Suzlyfe

Then I burnt popcorn. Twice. 

I definitely doubled up this week and weekend:

  • Years it had been since I had seen Courtney: 2
  • Weeks since my last lunch with Tiffy: 2
  • Months since seeing Sara: 2
  • Massive egg and veggie concoctions: 2
  • Swift and awesome 8 milers: 2
  • Lyfe Kitchen Kale Caesar Salads with Mahi Mahi: 2
  • Dinners at Doc B’s: 2 (ALEX IS OBSESSED)
  • Fun new dishes at old favorite restaurants: 2
  • Saturday’s miles divided by Week’s miles: 2
  • Days wearing compression under normal clothes: 2
  • Popcorn servings burnt: 2
  • Lunches spent at the office: 2; all other lunches spent with friends!
  • Number of meals spent indoors this weekend: 2, all other alfresco!
  • Tired legs from 28 miles covered on Saturday: 2
  • Friends I got to see who I’ve not seen in way too long: 2

I guess you could say the past 7 days have been 2 good 2 me? Or that I’m 2 legit 2 quit?


Let’s keep the good going, people!

When one time around just isn't enough! Legs, Eggs, and Deg(as) #mimm #runchat #chicagofoodie @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

What is something you doubled up on in the past seven days, not just the weekend?

For those of you training, how is it going?

Who’s gonna need 2 cups of coffee today?!

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