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Laying Low (17 months + Catch Up 7/15)


You may wonder where I have been, and I’ve will tell you that I’ve been laying low, literally and figuratively. The sacrum drama continues, but I’ve had some great moments on the roller coaster of emotions. Catch Up time!

Need a refresher? Here is the last Catch Up, which explains my emotional state a little.

Catch Up 7/15

1). Injury Update

…. well, there hasn’t been any improvement. In fact, I’m back on crutches and have been since I saw my bone specialist nearly two weeks ago. I was only supposed to be on them for another week (to get to pain free), but I had no improvement during that time. Finally, I said, “F*** it,” and I tried doing 2 days of light (very conservative) walking to see if it was just my body getting back online. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and I messaged my doctor and spent much of that week dissolving into tears by nightfall (and sometimes far before that).

My doctor is awesome, though, and she called me the morning after I messaged her. Talking to her helped me quite a bit; she said that while my symptoms and patterns of pain aren’t where I want them to be, they aren’t anywhere near the point of putting me in a wheelchair or on bed rest or worrying that I am never going to be not-broken. Because after the past nearly 5 months of being sick and now sick an injured, that is where I am at–I am scared.

As a mom to a toddler herself, she understood my fears and emotions of not being able to take care of my child–did I mention that we were in the car at the park, and that Emmie was in the backseat and starting to complain about being left there? She reminded me that because I am not able to offload the injury perfectly, healing is just going to take longer, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to happen.

She told me what I already knew, but I just needed to hear from her. So we take a deep breath, and we continue to crutch.

1b) Crohns Update

I *may* be off steroids this week. We already know how that has gone in the past, so the asterisks are very much necessary. But please send me positive vibes over the next week that I can come off of them and stay healthy. I (and my body) need this win.

2) Emmie Activities

While I’ve been having a rough go, thank GOODNESS for my little human. Even though she is a large part of why I’m not healing as fast as I wish I was, she is also my reason for living. Truly, the sun rises and sets on her adorable tushy.

Because of Alex’s new schedule, I’ve been waking up and crutching Ridley (who has had an upset tummy) around the block (and then again at her nap time). Then Emmie wakes up and we have breakfast. She is currently having her oatmeal but now with strawberry puree or bananas on it. She also likes having an egg in the morning now! I’ve been fixing Ridley’s upset tummy food aka oatmeal and eggs for the past week, so I started fixing an egg for Emmie, and she loved the addition!

Then we play for a bit. I feel like she is getting bored but luckily my sweet client (I’m still a marathon coach!) sent us a care package of fun activities for Emmie, so she has had some new toys to play with. We do the best we can until we have some sort of activity scheduled. We went to two music classes and one toddler playgroup this week, and we also went to a playground the other days. As long as I can park right outside, it is fine.

Sidebar: Emmie HATED one of the classes. The class was fine, but after so much solo time with Mommy, the bright lights and overwhelming energy (it was a very high energy class) was too much for her. The next day, though, I took her to a favorite of hers, Pipsqueaks at Musical Magic, and she had the time of her life. I haven’t seen her like that maybe ever. I was so happy for her!

She has been having a great time at the playgrounds as well, and even decided that she likes sandboxes (although remember her loathing for the ocean). She also likes other kids’ push cars…

Funny story: I was pushing her in the swing (have you seen her “high five” video?) and I look behind me… and my crutches weren’t there! I quickly realize that they had fallen… but there was only one. Seriously, who would steal a crutch? Answer? A 4 year old boy, who was burying it in the sandbox. If you’ve ever had a crutches, you will know that the hand and arm pit pads are made of textured rubber… and that the armpit pad is hollow. #sandeverywhere. UGH

I also have to give a MAJOR shoutout to my girlfriend and mama friend Chantel, who has an amazing backyard and has graciously opened it up to our friends for mama and kiddo play sessions. Having girltime while the kids play with sprinklers and water tables and playhouses has been masterful in keeping my spirits up.

We have also re-established my ability to remember movie lines from 20+ years ago.

3) Emmie Development

She is just becoming more and more of a little human every day. She is learning how to say more and more words and attempting harder and harer words. She is now able to get down from the couch on her own and can allllmost climb onto (she needs another centimeter of height). Her coordination and fine motor skills are improving, and she is revisiting skills that I taught her before on her own.

For example, she used to do some of the hand motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider when we were in the car (remember how that was the only song that would keep her from having break downs?). She hasn’t done the hand motions in months, and the other day were were singing it inside and out of nowhere, she started doing the hand motions! Then she started doing the hand motions (or her version) to Wheels on the Bus! She also says “Weeee-ooool-wee–ooool” while spinning her hands to cue me to sing the song, lol.

We’ve also been hugging Ridley a lot this week. Jury is out on Ridley’s feelings, but she at least tolerates it and knows that it comes from a good place.

She is obsessed with the Eric Carle “Around the Farm” sounds book. We got one of our own after our beach trip (it was a hit there), and it continues to be a hit! If you don’t have that book, get it. Endless entertainment. Also the butterfly, caterpillar, turtle, and rabbit sounds are amazing.

Emmie is also becoming more and more independent… to an extent. She loves to walk on her own and do her own thing, but she also MUST HAVE MAMA.

One of Emmie’s cutest new skills is that she brings me her owie’s to kiss and make them feel better. She will cry out when an injury happens, but then she comes right over to me holding the offended digit or foot or knee (the knees have been taking a beating of late), I kiss it and give her a hug, and she it *mostly* recovered.

Speaking of kisses, Emmie is full on enamored with blowing and giving kisses. Now at night, Alex changes her into her pj’s and then puts her down, tells her “Go give Mama a kiss,” and she pitter patters straight over to me on the couch. I pull out Wubbs, she MWAHs me on the mouth, I give her Wubbs back, and she goes back to Daddy.

At least, this is what she was doing until the past few night when she just wants to come out and play… but she still generally gives me my kiss.

Oh, and have you ever seen anything more adorable than Em in her glasses? Crack me UP. She is so proud of putting them on. And then, when she is done with them, she is #done.

Girl also apparently likes salmon avocado toast.

4) Parent Activities

It has been so nice feeling connected to my friends again. I saw the majority of the mama group on July 4th, than we had family dinner wtih Ali, Justin, and Ryan (poor Ryan and Ali, they have been in the weeds for nearly two weeks with a variety of illnesses) last Saturday (between the illnesses, which were mostly nonviral or had been treated to the noncontagious stage) at Tarascas. I saw Chantel and Holly this week at Chantel’s house, too, which was a godsend for getting me out of my doldrums regaring everything going on.

I missed MNO on Saturday because Alex and I went to Tarascas again (he “needed” a marg). Sitting outside was perfect, and Emmie thought it was the perfect occasion to put beans in her hair. Refriend black beans, mind you.

Alex and I watched Stranger Things 3 (loved it!) and have been rewatching the others (really, all I want is Babysitter Steve). I watched Dead to Me (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) and Friends from College (good, but I liked the second season better than the first. Well written, I just got annoyed with certain characters, although they are very well done).

Of course I’ve been keeping up with Wimbledon, because that is my mid-summer JAM.

5) This week, I am going to a play place with a friend and then Mom is coming! We have our flights booked for my Dad’s 70th birthday at the end of next month, too. I just hope I will be mobile….

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