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Last Minute Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas + My Everyday Valentine


Need a last minute but CREATIVE Valentine’s Day gift idea? You know that I can deliver on that for you! Also, a little ode to my Everyday Valentine 😀

Five Last Minute Creative Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Need a last minute but CREATIVE Valentine's Day gift? You know that I can deliver on that for you! Also, a little ode to my Everyday Valentine @suzlyfe

For a little more inspiration, check out my Five Love Lessons! For my Runners out there: Running is a Bad Boy

1) Cleaning service. No one likes to know how truly disgusting the world in which they live is. Get someone else to steam clean the carpets. I for one would be forever grateful. Plus then I could spend that time with you! Or, if you don’t have the money and want to get elbow-grease-brownie-points (also, this is easier if you live together), offer to do it for her/him for the Lent season, or some other finite time!

2) Board games. You would be surprised at how much the simple act of playing Jenga or SORRY can bring you together. Find them for cheap off of CraigsList or at a thrift shop, and have an epic throwdown.

Keeping it classy with Jenga and Bud Light

3) Something to brighten up the winter! Like a plant, not just flowers–go for something that can grow with and move with you guys. (Even if they are likely to kill them, lol). Something else would be like a special bowl, because you know they eat cereal every morning, or ice cream every night. Or all of the above.

What about a cute shirt!

4) Gloves/mittens and or hand warmers for when you’re not there to keep her warm.

4b) Menthol or something cooling for him when you aren’t there to put your freezing cold hands on his neck.

And now we are back to Chiberia.

5) An experience together. From painting and sipping wine, to a cooking class, mixology clinic, learning how to knit, something or anything that you can continue after the fact. What a mystery tour, like Jamie just did with her husband!

Alex and I at Phantom of the Opera!

Just a few ideas for you to think on. Chocolate/candy/flowers in general don’t go unappreciated, but try to raise the bar just a little! Though, just saying…. they might be a good vehicle for conveying the real surprise!

5 Reasons Alex is my Everyday Valentine (or Valentine Everyday!)


1) Alex expects me to eat off his plate, and outright questions when I don’t. He not only saves pieces, he saves the best bites for me. He also knows and doesn’t question my need to stay properly fed. And he knows better than to take from my plate, unless I give him bites (which I always do, but I have to be the one to give them!)

2) He is going to make one of the best fathers imaginable. I mean, he used to dislike cats, and the first week we had Zoe he barely slept thinking something was wrong every time she yowled (little did we know that is just her being “charming”). And now with Ridley. It just warms my heart.

3) He lets me be me and respects my right to be the way that I am. I have some very particular idiosyncrasies, from food to medication to exercise and so on, and he lets me do what I need to, within reason.

Alex and I dressed up for his Senior Resident Graduation Dinner!

Celebrating Alex’s graduation from Residency!

4) He thanks me for how hard I am working, even as he is working 16 hour days and saving people’s lives, and I am working at a gym/on the blog/parenting Ridleyh. Just like in any other game, it’s a team effort (but he gets very mad when he doesn’t pull his weight).

5) He has told me multiple times that he thinks I am perfect, and this is without needing to do so in order to sleep with me. I told him I was worried for his sanity. I am anything but perfect, and you know what? Same thing for him. But we are perfect for each other. We are each other’s best friend and biggest cheerleader, but we are NOT each other’s echo chamber. 

I love you, baby. I can’t wait to grow old with you, and to annoy any last shred of sanity out of you over the course of several decades. And for you to do the same to me.

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What was the best or most creative/thoughtful gift you’ve received for Valentine’s? What is your best memory of the day? 

Do you do something special? Or is it just another day for you?

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