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Lady Gaga Told Me to Buck Up #Thinkingoutloud

If you think it, they will come. And run away screaming. Such is life.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

A thank you to Ms. Amanda, our ever spoonful hostess.

1) Shameless Plug: I wrote two new blog articles for my work blog, and I think that they might be helpful/applicable to many of you! I know that these are certainly topics on my mind as we approach the weekend:  The first covers pointers for getting rolling on a road trip, and the second helps you figure out the best care option for your fur babies (this link goes live at 8 Central) while you are gone, be it for a few days or several weeks. There are some really interesting new services out there that help you to look after your little (or large!) friends! And these posts are not targeted at Chicago by any means–many of the services are nationwide. Plus, Zoe gets to model 😀

What a creeper.

What a creeper.

2) I am moving up my long run due to the fact that Alex and I are taking a little retreat this weekend 😀 We are both (duh) excited–for him because he is finally over this devil of a rotation and about to have some vacation; me because….just because. Because I get to spend time with him. Because we will get go do things with people and stuff. I know, I know, so informative. But really, we have no clue what all exactly will go down. And that is fun and great. Just get me through this run first.


3) Sometimes, a good linen blazer, solid dark jeans, ballet flats, and a bangin necklace are all you need in life (apart from proper and appropriate underwear, food, shelter, water, etc).

Yes. that is me getting my lunch. They had an unobstructed full length mirror. No, I do not know why.

Yes. that is me getting my lunch. They had an unobstructed full length mirror. No, I do not know why.

4) All blazers should have good linings. I think I got that from my riding days–when I was first horse showing, all of our jackets had very inconspicuous linings. Then it became really popular to have flashy ones. I had a beautiful gray jacket with a very faint magenta thread in the pattern and a magenta lining. It was gorgeous. My favorite one had a teal lining and was dark blue with teal windowpane. I miss those days. I always loved how we looked in our show attire.

First Knight "Regal" 2006. I miss this boy so much.

See the magenta?

5) There is a random fly that somehow got into the office that is buzzing around and it is driving me NNNNNUUUUTTTTTSSSS.

6) We got our NatureBox this week. The good news: we got the baked Sweet Potato Fries and Guacamole Bites. The bad news…. I “gave” them to Alex.

naturebox april suz Collage


Unfortunately for him, I am an Indian GiverEdited to add–Mike was kind enough to point out the offensiveness of the term–I am sorry and hope I haven’t offput anyone, that was not my intention!

7) There is absolutely nothing to eat in my apartment. Apart from condiments and popcorn and tuna. And protein bars. And nut butter. And oats. Other than that, not much to speak of. It is a sad state of affairs, it is. Also? Prepackaged ham is so, so gross. I am not alllll that much of a food snob (I like good food, yes, but I am equal opportunity if it tastes good), but Alex got some and it….it’s wet. And not in a normal, prepackaged deli meat way. BLEGH

8) The weather has been so gorgeous here in Chicago (with the exception of Tuesday, which was ridiculously humid), that I am beginning to wonder what wrath of god event is about to occur. I heard something about another Derecho, but who knows. I probably should prepare for a tsunami or something. This is Chicago. It would find a way.

foggy chicago

9) I need new music for my long run. I’ve exhausted my Pandora options and played my Long Run Playlist to death. I’m also not 100% sure how to put new music on my new phone properly. I’m still at a loss when I use that part of it, honestly, thus the usage and exhaustion of Pandora.

10) I needed this yesterday:

lady gaga bitch

Perhaps you need it today. I probably will need it tomorrow.

Are you an Indian GiverI definitely am 😉 Edited to add–again, please see above apology!

How many blazers do you own? I am at least 5.

If all the perishables in your cupboards were gone, what would be left?

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