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Keep Calm and Call Mom (and Dad) + Gym Tan Laundry #MIMM

I feel like this weekend spoke to just about all sides of my personality–the social, the introverted, the high energy, the quiet and chill, the always-active, the glued-to-the-couch, the productive, and the eh-that-can-wait-til-later. Also, the smiling, happy, and relaxed as well as the having-an-emotional-moment, stressed out sides. 

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Thursday night, I had a great time at a super fun foodie event: Culinary Fight Club TasteBud Challenge featuring Chicago Style BBQ. Basically, it was a backyard bbq party in the middle of Chicago! I have a post recapping the event, which was like Chopped meets Top Chef meets neighborhood throwdown, coming up for you! But let’s just say that I ate and drank well as well as got to meet and hang out with some fun new friends. 

Culinary Fight Club Chicago Bacon

Paleo Friends, Eat your Hearts Out.

Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy


Friday was a little bit more all over the place. As I mentioned in my post about things that make me smile, I took my car in for servicing Friday morning, and then I got to go to FlyWheel (even though I am no longer using Class Pass, I had won a free class last year at Fit to Be Cheeky). My legs were pretty tired, thanks to increasing my mileage and getting them back in the marathon training groove, but it was still a great class that got me going for the day! Plus, the sun shining definitely helped! Another #smileworthy moment!

Well, that smile got wiped off my face pretty quickly when I got a call from the dealership saying that my car servicing would cost a VERY pretty penny, and with no way to make it any cheaper. Remember how I had just said that I felt like we were bleeding money? I knew that this wouldn’t be a cheap servicing, but I wasn’t expecting it to be nearly a Remicade infusion and a half. Gulp. 

bugs freak out

I want to write a post coming up about my current relationship with money as well as some other things that are weighing heavy on my mind–I think that many of you will relate–but for the sake of keeping this post within a somewhat manageable length, just know that this $$$ hit me really hard. I want to reassure you that we are NOT in monetary trouble, it was more just a circumstance of conflagration, shock, and self-induced stress. But signing on that line felt like a slap in the face. Not helping? The fact that I didn’t know that I couldn’t get my emissions done because they had done engine work on the car. Which I discovered upon taking the car to the test center, which is completely inconvenient to where we live. I have about a month to get it done, which seems like a lot of time, but not when you don’t drive much. Long story short, another slap to the face. 

keep calm and call mom

Cue call to Mom. #keepcalmandcallmom

Furthermore, they couldn’t detail my car at the dealership, so that got outsourced to another place that was somewhat convenient to the emissions center, but still in the heart of traffic. (and, insult to injury, I went to the wrong entrance. In a system of one way streets. BAH!). Ultimately, it got done, but just a wash and vacuum (I’ll take what I can get), and it was already rush hour(s) by the time I was leaving, meaning traffic home. Which, while talking to your mom about a bunch of emotional things was…well…emotional. But I felt so much better after a light cry and talking some of my situation out. 

It also helped that even though I didn’t have dinner with Alex (he is still working a long shift), I was able to go out to dinner (for him) after and really kind of talk about some things and concerns. He handled it well, letting me start the conversation, and I felt so much better after. Are my crises solved? No, but I feel lighter, that is for sure. 

breathe meme

Saturday put that smile right back on my face, though it was a bit of a sleepy smile! Marathon training was fabulous, and I had some great conversations with some of my trainees.  I just really feel like this is something that I am meant to do! Which is why I have signed up to get my RRCA Certification this fall! Another investment, and what I vague-blogged about on Friday, but this is something that I really want to be doing long term–I feel at home when I am mentoring others. I really do. 

I came home and took a lovely nap, as there was nothing keeping me awake! No chance! Then Alex and I went to get some lunch at our favorite salad bar (split second decision on our walk to somewhere else). Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever had a better experience than I do at Food Ease in Water Tower Place. Check out my original review of it here, but I’ve introduced a number of people to it (Erin and Sara have both experienced its glory!) and they agree that it is amazing and awesome and unparalleled. 

Food Ease Chicago Salad Bar Suzlyfe

We had the great idea to go to Jurassic World early, and found a 3D showing an hour after we finished eating (at what turned out to be the NICEST THEATER EVER). So we went for a little walk, I tried the seasonal flavor (White Tea Blueberry) at Argo Tea while we sat in the sun and chatted, and then we went to Jurassic World, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, even if the characters were complete caricatures and many of the lines seriously corny. And I thought Trex Hates Chaturanga every time that I saw the Trex.

trex yoga

But my oh my, Chris Pratt is allllllllll growed up. 



After a brief legs workout (since I’m still not running super far, I’m doing legs the same day to give them time to recover all at once), we went to sushi at Niu, where we sat outside and people watched. GLORIOUS.

Niu Chicago Sexy Mexican Maki Suzlyfe

To wrap everything up, Sunday was alll byyyy myyyyyseeeeellllffff and napping plus gym tan laundry (seriously). Obviously a call got placed back home to follow up with my mom (because let’s just say I probably scared the bejesus out of her on Friday) and wish a happy Father’s Day to my dad! I can’t wait to see both of them in a month when Alex and I go to the east coast! 

Well, that was probably TMI, but thank you for going through it all with me! Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and fold scrubs and sh*tton of socks! Luckily, I have some amazing meals waiting for me courtesy of Cooked–review this week, and OMG amazing.

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Was your weekend consistent or all over the place?

Have you seen Jurassic World yet? What is the next movie that you want to see?

How did you celebrate Father’s Day?

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