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Just the Right New Year’s Weekend 2017

I truly had just the right New Year’s weekend. After what we all know was a roller coaster of a year with many lessons learned, Alex and I and our friends sent off 2016 on a positive note. 

Thank you to Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday!


Though not technically part of the weekend proper, Thursday bears mentioning because it was a blast. I woke up that morning and realized that if I did a little 5K I could hit 50 miles in 7 days, and so you know I had to do it. What a way to end the year! After training clients, I headed back home and did some work before meeting up with my former co-coaches Sam and Sara for coffee and IVF and fertility talk. The three of us are all going through dealing with infertility at various stages, and it was great to meet up with them (and with Allie, Sara’s baby!) and catch up and talk about it all. Plus, Sam brought us cookies, which didn’t last long, lol.

After coffee, I went downtown to meet Alex at one of our old favorite restaurants, Cantina Laredo. Even though the last time we went there, it wasn’t amazing, we had a gift card, wanted a date night, and they do a pretty aggressive happy hour. And I wanted chips, guac, and tequila. And jicama and ceviche, though they were rather stingy on that (get the pollo flautas, they are a legit size). Though the ceviche was a bit of a rip off, everything was tasty as all get out, and it was my mini Mexican vacation. I will miss our trip to San Jose del Cabo, but this was the Zika-less option.

Then I fell asleep at 7:45. I haven’t been sleeping well (I think due to nerves), so finally sleeping well was delicious. 

Friday was a bit less exciting, which was totally fine, but it was productive! Saturday, however, was another great day.

New Year’s Eve 2016

I started the day with my final long run of the year and before IVF and my cessation of exercise that starts this week. I’m not going to lie, this run was far from effortless. Rather, it was a focus-on-every-step sort of run. What really saved it for me was running with the Team. We chatted for the first part, and then we all just ran. It was peaceful, though it was work. The weather was lovely (though windy), and I ended 2016 with a half marathon’s worth of mileage. 

I treated myself to a seemingly never-ending refuel of pb egg white baked oats and yogurt and this and that…. largely because I could 😀 

And then it was time for a puppy party! I randomly ran into an old friend from UVA in our neighborhood a few months back (when Ridley was really little), and just this last week we reconnected on Facebook and decided to get together to catch up and let the pups play. And play they did–they tore around for an hour while we chatted, and by the time we both had to leave, there was a big group of dogs playing! He invited Alex and I to stop by their apartment that night, so we made plans to meet up later. So funny and random that we would run into each other, and that we live literally a block from each other!

After a snack (I’m basically a goat with a bottomless pit of a stomach), I headed downtown to meet a friend at the movies! We met through our husbands, who were coresidents at Northwestern, so the plan was for us to see a movie and then the guys would meet up with us and we would all go to dinner. We saw LaLaLand, which was cute and fun but uneven. It got better and better as it went, and the movie had moments of sheer brilliance, but I would say it is more of a Netflixer unless you are a fervent movie goer. I loved Emma Stone, loved the wardrobe, and several of the melodies were earworms. I like Ryan Gosling, but if I am totally honest, I wish they had chosen a stronger singer (he is a little nasally). But love you Ryan. And yes, you have a fabulous nose and great hair. 

Then it was time for dinner! Pooja chose Boleo, and it was a FANTASTIC choice. We were there before their big NYE event, so it was just us and a few other groups, but it meant that we got our food fresh and quickly and could actually hear each other, lol. As this was my last night of “freedom,” I went big and ordered my own drink, a suuuuper tasty tequila concoction called “Tanglefoot.” 

BTW, Boleo’s cocktails have hilarious names. No lie, there is one called “Adulting is Hard.” #truestory AND they serve them in real crystal, a touch that I love!

We enjoyed many rounds of drinks (lots of different bourbons and a few Pisco drinks) and many many rounds of tapas. I have to recommend… everything there. From their take on a tuna tataki to the salmon to the chorizo with fried onions to the empanadas–both the beef and the vegetarian (I would say the pollo skewers were forgettable, and the ceviche great but VERY limey). We ordered two rounds of each! They were that good. We left with happy bellies and I was feeling mighty fine 😀 

We finished the night at my old friend’s apartment with his wife and several of their friends (and their pup!). I am really excited that they live so close to us–I really hope that we can have many more puppy and friend dates in the future.

Then it was time for the big smashing finale to 2016: finishing up Sam’s cookies + some Cracker Jack, and my first round of IVF shots. I made Alex look over my shoulder as I did them because I will admit, I was still a bit tipsy. But they were easy, didn’t hurt (we shall see if I still feel that way sober, haha).

It was just a great day. Start to finish. Great time with great people, time with Alex, amazingly delicious food and drinks, running on the lake front, time with my puppster, and finishing off the year with the start of something greater and long term. 


New Year’s Day 2017

New Year’s proper was a much more relaxed affair. Again, I didn’t sleep that well (just waking up a lot, but at least I didn’t sweat, which I have been doing), so I just cuddled with Ridley and drank coffee and took my time. The rest of the morning was taken up by a trip to the park with the Riddles, a short recovery run in the GORGEOUS weather (I couldn’t pass it up, and I didn’t feel like doing anything else!), a hearty lunch, a few to-dos around the apartment, and just hanging out.

Ridley takes her hanging out seriously.

Alex got out early-ish (he was working this weekend as an attending physician) so we groceried (well, we attempted but stores were closed) for necessities and then I made fish tacos for dinner, ate a pint of Halo Top, and we snuggled with the puppy on the couch.

From eats to activities to friends, Suz's New Year's Weekend was hard to beat! #fitfluential #NYE2017 Click To Tweet

Talk about ending the year on a high note, and starting the next year with just what I needed. This was indeed just the right New Year’s Weekend for me for the year that is to come: relaxing, delicious, fun, and full. I’m a very lucky girl.

I hope you were so fortunate with your New Year’s Weekend!

How would you sum up, in a few words, your New Year’s Weekend?

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