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Join me at Bright Pink Fit Fest for Breast and Ovarian Health!


With all the talk this week about my colonoscopy, I figured that I should continue the theme and conversation by discussing a few things near and dear to all of us: a) breast and ovarian cancer and health b) fitness and health c) fun! How can all of these come together? Bright Pink Fit Fest, September 20 at Fitness Formula Club Union Square here in Chicago. What is Fit Fest? Allow me to explain, but first, a bit about the organization and its incredibly important work and mission.


What is Bright Pink?

Bright Pink is a national non-profit organization focusing on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women while providing support for high-risk individuals. Bright Pink is on a mission to save women’s lives from breast & ovarian cancer by empowering them to live proactively at a young age.

The Impact of Breast and Ovarian Cancer and Your Risk

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point in her lifetime. 1 in 67 will develop ovarian cancer. Interested in assessing your personal risk? Set up an appointment with your doctor (preferably) and also utilize this helpful tool.

Let’s face it, we all know someone who has reason to be concerned (hello, we all know a female, or are female ourselves). But do we really know what we are looking for? Bright Pink is out there to help educate us all–from you and me to the doctors that treat us. There is a glut of information available online, but Bright Pink also has a few fabulous initiatives that do require a bit of support, which is where fundraising and events such 

Bright Pink Fit Fest

Bright Pink Initiatives

Brighten Up Educational Workshop

The Brighten Up® Educational Workshop educates and inspires young women to be proactive advocates for their health. Facilitated by one of our certified Bright Pink Education Ambassadors around the country, these 20-minute presentations, delivered at workplaces, faith-based institutions, community centers and other gathering places, ground participants in the basics of breast and ovarian health, introduce them to the idea of different lifetime risk levels, provide early detection and prevention strategies, and equip them with life-saving knowledge that will inspire them to action.

Women’s Healthy Provider Education Initiative

Through the Women’s Health Provider Education Initiative, Bright Pink is taking a unique and innovative approach to educating the next generation of women’s healthcare providers on how best to stratify and manage breast and ovarian cancer risk among their patients. The program is centered on a proprietary, research-based lecture entitled“Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Risk Stratification and Management in Young Women.” The lecture has been designed for presentation at departmental Grand Rounds at women’s health residency programs and is followed by a companion case-based learning workshop for residents. The Women’s Health Provider Education Initiative rolled out nationwide in the fall of 2014 and has been delivered to acclaim at Harvard Medical School and Washington University Medical School, and many other medical institutions throughout the country.

Outreach Groups

Bright Pink’s Outreach Groups program provides group support forums for high-risk women around the country. Facilitated by one of our volunteer Bright Pink Support Ambassadors, these monthly support groups provide women at an increased or high risk for breast or ovarian cancer, due to a family history or genetic predisposition, with invaluable face-to-face connections with other women living with and through similar challenges and experiences.

PinkPal One-on-One Peer Support

Bright Pink’s PinkPal® matches women who have a strong family history of breast and ovarian cancer or a genetic predisposition for these cancers with another woman who has had similar experiences. With our program, high-risk women can take advantage of the opportunity for personalized, individual mentoring support.


What Is Fit Fest? What sets it apart?

On September 20th (Sunday), Fit Fest 2015 will launch as Fitness Formula Club Union Station will open its doors exclusively to 750+ male and female members of the Bright Pink community as they embark on the ultimate fitness marathon to save woman’s lives. This fitness and wellness extravaganza offers six hours of a huge variety of classes, from spin, yoga, barre, treadmill workouts & more (even SHRED415, Werq, the Daley Method!). For those that are not already avid workout-ers, there is even training and prep leading up to the event. And worried about your selfie? Top wellness and beauty services will also be on hand with massages, Paul Mitchell hair services, nutrition consultations, and more. Of course genetic counselors and OBGYN’s will be there for question and there will be 20-minute Brighten Up workshops to teach everyone the basics.

Participants make a commitment through fundraising at least $500 to ensure a brighter future for themselves and the women they love.

Why are we fundraising? Where does the money go?

Bright Pink Fit Fest Fundraising FactsThe money goes directly to the proliferation of education and the bolster of Bright Pink initiatives just spoken of. As the image states, Fit Fest has the opportunity to make a major different in the lives of thousands of women directly and millions indirectly.

Get involved!

Ok, I live nearby, I want to come and party all day with Suz and friends, how do I do that?

Join my team! I am putting together a team of amazing Chicagoland peeps to join together to raise money and awareness as well as to have a ridiculous good and sweaty time. Plus, you know that I will be wearing awesome pants 😀

Go to the Bright Pink Fit Fest website and select Chicago, then Join a Team, then Suz and her Girls and join me!

Help support @Suzlyfe and her Girls at @BrightPink #FitFest this September #breastcancer #fitfluential Click To Tweet

How can I get involved even if I can’t make Fit Fest?

Well, I hope first and foremost that you will be able to come and join in the fun and the fight, but if you can’t, I would love if you would contribute to the cause with a donation, however large or small. $5 goes a lot farther than you think! Visit my team page and donate!


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