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Friends, Beer, Eggs, and Emotions


I think the title pretty much sums it up. Of course, there is quite a bit to read in between the letters and lines. 

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Friday: Friends, Beer Bourbon, and Triggering Eggs

Friday, I finally got the call that we had been waiting for: it was time to trigger ovulation! Freaking finally. After moving clients around again and again, I was just glad to finally have a plan and a time and date. Friday night I met up with Alex and the Team Challenge crew for a fundraiser. Read: I add all the apps, had a Bourbon and diet Coke, and made new friends (and brunch plans with them for next weekend!), then jetted home for me to give myself #alltheshots 

Does it not crack anyone else up when you are picked up in a Mercedes Uber? Is that how you pay for the Benz? I mean, I guess you do what you gotta do. Props to you, dude. 

Saturday: Friends and Beer

Saturday was a bit of pieces of the old Suz Saturday routine: Coaching in the morning (I was there for moral support more than anything), lunch with Alex, and then heading downtown for a blog event at the Nike store (thanks, Lauren, for hosting!), where I got to catch up with some of my fellow blog friends (who I’ve hardly seen this fall, with all the traveling and doctors and other stuff) for just a second before heading uptown.

Up in Lakeview, I met up with Alex and friends from TC at Beermiscuous, where I had a Groupon for a craft beer tasting! Obviously, we are hoping that I won’t be able to use it after this weekend, so it was the time. Loved the atmosphere–it is craft beer “cafe,” so they have wifi and games and “beeristas” and you can bring in food from outside and just set up shop!

Also? Free Pretzels. YAAAASSS

Sunday: Eggs x2 and Emotions

Sunday morning,after a night of little sleep on my part, we went back downtown to have the deed done. They had us there crazy early, considering when my procedure would be done, so there was a LOT of waiting, which I wasn’t so great at, considering I couldn’t eat or drink anything.

But the procedure itself was painless, quick, and easy, as was waking up. Alex and I celebrated eggs with eggs at an old favorite of ours, West Egg!

We headed home, ran some errands, and then I met up with Erica (who it has been FAR too long since I’ve spent quality time with) for a chat.

Egg Emotions:

I seriously think of You’ve Got Mail every time I think about the egg retrieval

Yes, we got eggs, and the procedure was easy and painless. The not so easy news was the fact that they got far fewer eggs than the number that I wanted to hear: they got 5. I know, I know, 5 is better than none, and we only need x to have x children. But now we need those eggs to become viable embryos, and the likelihood of all of them growing into strong fighting fetuses is slim. We’ll hear today (Monday) how many took, and when (if) the transfer will take place. 

I’ll be honest: it wasn’t until they said they had gotten 5 that I started to wonder if there even would be a transfer. Will we even get viable embryos? Up now, I figured that we would get embryos, but that they wouldn’t take, or something like that. Now….

Right now, I am fighting the anxiety demons, the naysayers in my brain, the what ifs. And again, to be honest, it is hard. I was so lucky to have little adverse reaction to the stimulation meds, so if I have to go through it again, I don’t have much anxiety about that. But I will be disappointed. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, I keep telling myself.

But I am having trouble really listening to myself. Like that first round of Clomid, which we knew wouldn’t work, and yet my heart still dropped during that first ultrasound that confirmed nothing had happened. (my infertility history here)

Dealing with some disappointment after egg retrieval, Suz is trying to stay positive #infertility Click To Tweet

For right now, I’m just trying to breathe, take care of myself, and stay neutral. Because that is so easy to do.

Tomorrow, I’m coming back with Part 2 of the IVF protocol!

Tell me something fun and exciting!

Beer flight, wine flight, or whiskey flight?

Thank you Katie for Marvelous Monday!

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