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It is So Ordered: #LoveWins, Pride and the Weekend



Dogwood Petal Heart Atlanta Love

What a weekend for the country. For once I felt like my outrageously colored and rainbow-like wardrobe was truly appropriate! Unless you were under a rock (and you very well might have been, I don’t know your reality. Also, if you were, I hope that you get out from underneath it ASAP unless, of course, you like that sort of thing), the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage a legal right nationwide.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!


As someone with many LGBT friends and having lived in cities with strong LGBT communities but varying degrees of rights accorded to them in each situation, I felt a rush of happiness and warmth upon hearing the news. I hope that my home state of Georgia, from which I am proud to hail but which is still far behind the times (even though it is the LGBT capital of the South) will not be far behind in ratifying the Federal ruling in the state constitution. I respect the rights of all, and I respect all’s rights to feel the way that they do, but I am staunchly in favor of same-sex couples being accorded the same rights as heterosexual couples.


Perhaps the best new metaphor that I heard/read this weekend expressing feelings towards respecting homosexuality and heterosexuality (and if you are the person who devised this adage, please let me know! I thought it was brilliant, but I forget who wrote it!) was, to paraphrase: that whether or not same sex couples had the right to marry is the same as those who prefer to run on the sidewalk or on the road. Neither one is better, and those that are “sidewalk runners” rarely dabble in the road, and vice versa. Both must contend with similar dangers (cars, bikes, other runners), and neither is better. But you wouldn’t berate someone for running on the sidewalk just because you like to run on the road, would you?

Gay Pride Chicago

To top it all off, I feel like the weather (at least in Chicago) was in a celebratory mood as well: though rainy on Friday, it was a gorgeous weekend, perfect for those out reveling in Chicago’s PrideFest and Pride Parade celebrations. Alex and I didn’t partake, though I was invited to a few events, because of the fact that he had to work in the cardiac intensive care unit (CCU) on Thursday night and the medical ICU Saturday night (and will for the rest of the week). Thus we focused less on things that would require time indoors or simply not being outside and having fun in the sun!

I had some fun meals this past weekend, so I am going to try to put together a WIAW of sorts ( because I a) took pictures and b) it was kind of hilarious in the fact that I didn’t have a single “standard” lunch or dinner the entire weekend, and I didn’t have a single meal that wasn’t breakfast on Saturday or Sunday! 

But what I was up to this weekend: 

Doc B's Internal Affair Margarita Chicago

Doc B’s Internal Affair Margarita Chicago

Happy Hour-cum-dinner with Alex on Friday night for a good long time and then watched the US women do major things in the World Cup!

Marathon Coaching with CES Saturday morning. As usual, I pulled a Suz and missed both my bus and my train by 30 seconds (as in, watched them pull away), so I had to wait forever for the next (I hadn’t brought my car key), and thus was a little late to coaches’ meeting.

Fortunately, Saturday was a PERFECT morning for a run! We had a glut of coaches, so I basically jumped from group to group to group and checked in with people. But everyone seemed to be loving life, so I generally got to leave them be and just have fun talking and running. My first double digit run since my injury! A little nap in my new Saturday morning tradition, and then Alex and I went for lunch/brunch and a good long walk. I usually also do legs on Saturday night, but I was feeling a bit lazy and not in the mood, so I did PT work instead. And some of you already saw the centerpiece of my dinner that night 😀

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Protein Pancakes with Blueberries and Peanut Butter. And Sprinkles and Syrup. DUH

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Protein Pancakes with Blueberries and Peanut Butter. And Sprinkles and Syrup. DUH

Sunday was another clear and bright day, and I got to spend it in some of my favorite ways: starting with coffee, some good TV watching, a nice workout, a robust walk, lunch/brunch with one of my favorite people, a little food shopping, and a bit of cooking. And lots of kitty snuggles (she is insatiable at the moment!). I’m glad I got a good bit of Alex time in on Friday night and Saturday–I won’t be seeing much of him for the next week!

Zoe Just Can't Even

Zoe Just Can’t Even

But then, when he is finally freed on Friday (July 3rd), it will be for a brief nap before 5 of our closest friends arrive for the weekend! It will be a reunion of 4 of the 5 4th year roommates (as in, the boys that I essentially lived with the first year Alex and I dated), and even though I will have 3 boys (not including myself and my husband) joining us in our 600 square feet for 48 hours, I am so excited to deal with them. Remember, I lived with these guys for their 4th year of undergraduate. AIN’T NOTHING I HAVEN’T SEEN!

Susie Wedding Picture

Plus, we are going to Chicago q Friday night, so if need be, I will drown my sorrows in all the BBQ and pickles and bourbon. And then get them lost in Wrigleyville on Saturday (we are going for the Cubs’ game). They’ll never figure it out. 

In other big news…. WIMBLEDON STARTS THIS WEEK. It is my tournament. I have so many positive memories of watching it over the past few years!

Anything fun and exciting about your weekend? Who has big plans for the 4th?

Are you watching the Women’s World Cup? Who is your team? What about Wimbledon fan? Any particular players you root for?


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