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Intuition and Big Freaking News #MIMM

What. A. Week. What. A. Weekend. You guys, the past 2 weeks of my life have been pretty freaking incredible. From our anniversary, to our trip to Charleston, the Seabrook wedding, and the birth of Alex’s and my nephew (!), the week before last was a whirlwind of fun, delicious food, and old friends, but I was also a little anxious to get home and get to work on securing a job.

Well, my friends, this past week went nothing like what I expected.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

At first, I was a little jealous of the people going to Blend, or doing Ragnar, or even getting to run the Michelob Ultra Half here in Chicago–my PR race last year, and a big Team Challenge event. But I was more thankful that I would get to spend so much time with my mom (who had signed up for the race and was coming up, regardless of whether or not she decided to run it), and I knew that pushing it on my precarious legs was a bad idea.

So I did what the Suzlyfe does best--was obnoxious and loud and made people laugh by yelling ridiculous things at them as they ran by.  We all have our skillz. Don't be jealous of mine.

So I did what the Suzlyfe does best–was obnoxious and loud and made people laugh by yelling ridiculous things at them as they ran by.
We all have our skillz. Don’t be jealous of mine.

Plus, I had no idea about how the trial period was going to pan out at that gym that I told you all about. I had emailed the head trainer the Thursday that we were in Charleston to set up a time to come in this past week, and had yet to hear anything. Cue panic, and part of the reason for the regret post that I wrote last week. Also the reason that I started to look at Craigslist again, and further panic because I didn’t see any other opportunities similar to the one that I was pursuing.  CRAPPPPP.


This week was an exercise in parallel universes converging in my life.

Spoiler alert: I got the job. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)      Spoiler alert: It is not at the sports club, or as a personal trainer.  (????????????)

anchorman say what

There is a long, long version of this story, but I don’t think that it is best to go into it. I will say that I was, to an extent, being offered the club job on a silver platter–I would be able to make up my own class, programming, would be able after a time to gather my own clients, maybe even start a running club. Amazing. Also overwhelming, and mostly due to the fact that I was almost getting too much freedom and wasn’t feeling secure in my ability to perform to the level that I would demand of myself. I could do it, and do it well, don’t get me wrong, but having never taught group fitness before, there was some trepidation. Also, there were some communication lag-times, causing more panic for me.

So, Monday, I pulled up Craigslist. Monday, I saw a job for a position at a downtown Real Estate firm. And I applied. Something just made me do it. It was almost over before I knew that I had applied. I didn’t even tell Alex. Or anyone else. I just wanted to see what would happen.

What happened is that Tuesday, I was offered an interview. Wednesday (after being at the club all morning), I set up an interview for Thursday. Thursday, I went to said interview. Friday, I was offered my first ever, salaried job.


I have an office. With a door. And a desk. And an accent wall. In architecture/real estate. I will have some admin duties, but as the president of the company told me (also, I went in for an interview and he was essentially offering me the job by the end of the hour, and we were talking about pork barbecue. Always a good sign.), his agents and people do their own copies, get their own coffee. I am more there to help with organization. Oh, and I will contribute to their marketing and social media, take on projects of my own, and get my real estate license.

And the larger company (I am working for his personal company, he also works for a company that was founded by his grandfather is a huge development corporation in and around Chicago) has employees that do Ironman comps, marathons, and have a mini run club every morning. And during my lunch break, I get to use the building’s gym, if I like, and they will answer my phones for me while I’m there. This is a team, a family. It reminds me, to a great extent, of the mentality of Orzo. And it is a 10 min walk across the river from my apartment.

So, at 9:30 Monday, June 2, I had no inclination of looking, didn’t know of the job. At 9:30, Monday, June 9, I am walking in to start my first, real, live job. After 5 years of looking for a position. Also, it is right next to my favorite grocery store 😀

brad pitt dance

What does this mean for personal training? For the moment, I am (obviously) going to focus on integration into this new position and lifestyle. Then, who knows! Maybe I will train some of the people at the firm. I have the certification, and that isn’t going to go away, nor do I want it to. There is no reason for me not training people on weekends, or mentoring runners, or even being a coach at a later cycle of Team Challenge. I will continue my marathon training. and even use it to gain new friends at my job.

This week blew my mind. I blew my own mind. 

mind blown gif

Now I have to earn Employee of the Year so that I can measure up to Alex. NO PRESSURE AT ALL.

Have you ever done/applied to something on a whim, just pure intuition, and had it work out in a way that you never could have expected?

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