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Inspirational Blogger and Life in Pictures: Mental Release

Before I go any further, though I texted her yesterday, I wanted to wish a very, very happy second anniversary to one of my best friends and her husband, another close friend. 210076_10100604133897636_1972001408_o I love and adore you both, and can’t wait to see you in less than a month! And, before I forget, I want to wish a happy 4th anniversary to my brother and sister in law, the new proud parents of this little nugget!

tyson benjamin

Just after being born

I hope that you all are able to find some time for just the two of your tomorrow, and to remember that amazing weekend in all of its glory!

Does anyone else feel a bit like a chicken with their head cut off after this week? I certainly do. I feel like I have all of this stuff to do, none of it is actually getting accomplished, and I am about to split my wig. calm down I had planned on a cool, fashiony post, but that ain’t happening, sorry. And then I was planning on doing a full review of the new Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe cookbook that I received from Sweat Pink. Well, then I got that…on Thursday. And then I got sick, was antsy, then exhausted (and talking to Caitlin, lol) then back to work, so yeah, that didn’t happen. I did look through it, though, and let me tell you what. IT. IS. GORGEOUS. And I want so badly to do it justice. So yeah, that is going to wait. Today I am going to do a mental purge of sorts, and in two ways: very-inspirational-blogger 1) I have been nominated by two of my favorite people, Colby and Mike —edited to add and Tantra!, who I actually had nominated, so I removed and put another friend in–, as a Very Inspiring Blogger, so you all are going to get some verbal/textual random coming atchaface oh so soon. My nominations to continue the lovin are (and duh, I love many more of you than this):

  1. Darlin Rae
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  7. Pretty Healthy Most of the Time
  8. Eats and Exercise by Amber
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  14. Fitzala
  15. Writing Reading Running

I tried to spread the love around a little bit. I now some little known facts about the Suz. Also see here and here for more hilarity into my dark and devious past πŸ˜€

1) I was rather shy as a child. I’ve spoken on with regards to my version of social anxiety before, but I really was very tight lipped and would hide behind my mom at events. On the other hand, when I felt completely comfortable and at home, I was all over the place and would ham it up. Essentially, my personality has always been a battle of good versus evil.

2) How you know my body was effed from the beginning–as I would canter around my house, jumping the “jumps” (actually just the interstitial spaces between the rugs) and I would get to the hall that led to my brother and my rooms, there were actually marks on the walls FOR YEARS from my ankles collapsing and me falling into it. I also had more than my share of busted knees as a kid.

3) I used to be quite good at drawing manga/anime characters. My friends were into it, so I started on it. I like to draw faces. Before that I drew horses incessantly.

4) I often have dreams about Alex breaking up with me. We are married. YOU ARE MINE SUCKER.

5) My greatest mental fears in life are the following:

*Being incorrect and thereby embarrassing myself

*Misrepresenting myself

*Disappointing my family and loved ones

This does not come from personal pride, but I am terrified of misrepresenting myself because I understand myself to be a reflection of those that raised me. Being incorrect or misinformed might lead to someone else spreading false information, or might lead to those that raised me to be misunderstood as spreading false information to me.

6) I find faces fascinating. (see above). I used to look in the mirror for long periods of time not because I was captivated with my own appearance, but rather I was fascinated with it.

7) I had aspirations of being in musical theater/an actress/oscar winner. I rode instead. And just sung to drive everyone nuts. I’m still a ham. And I’m pretty good at accents.

2) I was so sweetly invited to participate in a blog hop party “Life In Pictures” link up by Linda over at The Fitty, so you are going to get some AWESOME visual random coming atchaface as well! life in pictures collage suzlyfe The whole point was basically to capture just moments of your day and not really provide any explanations. SO NO EXPLANATION FOR YOU. But I would love to hear some guesses as to what is going on lol.

life in picturesw link up badge


Well, my friends, that is all the nonsense I have for now.

Tell me something nonsensical. Or share a moment, a factoid, or a thought from this weekend.  Anyone else feeling a little behind at the moment?

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