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Friday Five Lyfe Pregnancy Tough Talk

Indulgence or Self Care? Friday Catch Up 9/1

This week, I’ve been feeling a bit indulgent, but am I really just practicing self care? Either way, let’s talk about it in the Friday Catch Up!

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Friday Catch Up:

1) To make a VERY long story short, I’ve been feeling that I’ve been indulging myself lately with various things: extra baby naps here and there, pb cups and fries like they are going out of style, frivolous purchases (on the small side, but knowing that they are completely frivolous), not buckling down and doing some writing that I’ve had on my brain for a few days/week… etc.

I’ve been feeling that I’ve been overindulging myself, when really it is just self care (if you have been reading for a VERY long time… in my first year of blogging, I wrote a post called Beneficial Strategic Selfishness aka self care before “self care” became a THING. 

I’ve been feeling guilty because I’ve been focusing on ME. Texas is going through so much with Hurricane Harvey, but I feel so removed from it. When Hurricane Katrina happened, I was living in Atlanta and the effects were so visceral and real and in your face–you couldn’t escape it. Up here in Chicago, though, I feel so removed from this HUGE disaster. I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy bubble, or what, but I’m feeling guilty for not being more involved. 

The serious and the frivolous.


2) I’m working another 6 day week with picking up this Saturday. So basically I totally lied to you. But the great thing is that I could CHOOSE to pick up the shift. And we all know that the Monday lunch shift I’m supposed to work will be a piece of cake aka nobody will come.

I don’t have words.

mmmm cake….

Speaking of, it is getting to the point that I REALLY need to go buy at least ONE bra that fits me and at least one pair of legitimate pants that fit. Feeling guilty about making those purchases as well for personal financial as well as Harvey reasons.

3) I may or may not have gone with Alex to get froyo on Monday in pajamas and crocs. That were obviously pajama shorts. And Crocs are always obvious. REALLY MAKING A STATEMENT THERE. The flavors were ok–I got the same flavor combo I had the day before when I came home from dinner with Sarah. PS if you are vegan, they have coconut milk soft serve at the Sweet frozen yogurt shop on Clark!

4) I’m pretty sad because a bunch of my good friends are going to be leaving work soon, or have left work already. Sure, it means I won’t be “bottom of the totem pole” as much in some cases, but these are my partners in crime, and especially since I’ve been at the restaurant during the entire scope of my pregnancy… their departure feels… their departure leaves a sense of emptiness for me in some ways. I’m excited for them, but they will be missed. And I will miss giving them absurd faces that guests then see by accident and think I’m insane. 

5) Let’s end on a bit of fun news!

  • I made dinner for Alex and I Monday and Thursday. 
  • We had a yummy dinner at one of our old favorite Thai places on Wednesday
  • The US Open is totally captivating my attention. Totally jealous that Alex is going to go this weekend when he heads to NYC!
  • I have Horchata flavored coffee to make and I’m pretty stoked.
  • I have AWESOME giveaways for you guys next week.
  • We find out Yoshi’s sex next week!!!!
  • THEY ARE DONE WITH THE CONSTRUCTION ON OUR BALCONY! The plastic sheets came off Wednesday, and I was able to open the balcony doors Thursday! FRESH AIR FOR ALL.
  • The men in the US Open draw are very good looking. Don’t tell Alex.

Life is good, life is truly great for me. I have NOTHING to complain about–just things to ponder and process. I think I will go and process them over chocolate and chips, because I am pregnant and that is my diet.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone, and Happy Labor Day to all Americans! I will be laboring myself, but thanks to a friend at work, for a shorter shift than usual!

Have you ever felt totally removed from a huge disaster and felt totally guilty because of it?

What are your “unsexy” shoes? Mine are Crocs. Don’t tell me they are not comfortable. 

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