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Inching Ever Closer: Progress and Rest

I truly feel like this weekend was one where I inched ever closer to some major milestones. There weren’t any CRAZY oompahpah moments, but I am starting to feel some things beginning to come together for me, mentally and physically. 

Thank you Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday!

Friday night Alex and I had our date night, as promised, and we went to Summer House Santa Monica. I had every intention of taking pictures, but the lighting was just not great. The food, however, was delicious, as were the drinks. I will say, however, that the dish I got, the ahi tuna tostadas, were not as good as I had heard! However, if you go, you must must must get the roasted cauliflower with jalapeno pesto (vegetarian), the fried calamari, and the oriechette with fennel sausage. Those dishes are true winners!

Side note: This weekend, the US Figure Skating Championships were on, and I totally got Alex hooked on watching. Gracie Gold’s winning performance as incredible! I loved Bradie Tennel, as well–they both train in the Chicago suburbs. 

Saturday started, crested, and finished with coaching. CES in the morning,

Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors Coaches South Loop 2016 |

Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors Coaches South Loop 2016

lunch with the fabulous Linda of Veganosity who I will be training for the Chicago Marathon, and a late night chat with a client who is having a bit of a hard time with some changes in her body.

Lunch with Linda was absolutely fantastic (and if you haven’t checked out her site, you MUST. MUST MUST MUST). Not only was the company spectacular–seriously, we gabbed the whole time–but the food was delicious. We met in Lakeview at The Chicago Diner, a vegan/vegetarian restaurant that specializes in reinventing classic dishes for the vegan/vegetarian crowd. Think vegan milkshakes that have won awards year after year to a vegan Cuban sandwich even to vegan enchiladas.

Vegan Reuben from The Chicago Diner in Lakeview. Absolutely delicious! |

I got the vegan Reuben with corned beef seitan, sauerkraut, peppers and onions, and thousand island dressing on marble rye (I got mine sans cheese), and Linda got the vegan BLT burger with sweet potato fries. We both did very good work! THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB–a must for all, not just vegans and vegetarians!

Gluten Free Chicken Parmesan |

Old picture, but you get the idea!

That night Alex and I had my gluten free chicken parmesan, which I made a little different this time, but apparently it was even better than usual! Gonna have to remember my subs and make a new recipe post for it!

While we were watching the figure skating after dinner, I got a text from a client who is coming back to fitness and working on her health for the first time in a while–she got very sick and following recovery put on weight that is keeping her from feeling her best while her body also reacts to the after effects of being sick.

baby fist pump 2

I know you all love it!

 I really tried to impress upon her that right now, she is building a body that she can’t see yet, but that will emerge as time goes by–akin to a figure competitor who is bulking, and then sheds the weight. I definitely emphasized that we would not be following a similar diet as a figure competitor, but the concept is the same: keep putting in the work and the results will come. I also thought back to my post on maintaining healthy body image and reminded her to stop poking and prodding herself, physically or mentally. It is so hard–remember how much I had to fight through the hard times with this injury?–but a little belief in yourself and faith in the process can go so far!

Sunday was all about brunch, groceries, and rest and recovery with a little work thrown in. With the increase in my cardiovascular workload over the past week and a half as I have returned to riding the bike, honestly, I have just worn myself out. My body felt completely lethargic after a few nights of not great sleep (waking up early) and the building of the program, and when it was time to go to the gym, I just needed to keep it simple, ease up on the intensity, but still do something that made me feel good. 

So I decided to reward myself with a little test of the spin bike and then the elliptical. And NO PAIN! I may not have been working “hard,” but showing myself that I am inching ever closer to running and being recovered was just what I needed. 

Egg White Veggie Omelet at brunch at D4 Irish Pub in Streeterville in Chicago, We love this restaurant! |

As was a massive brunch egg white veggie omelet, salad, and skillet chips from D4 Irish Pub. We seriously love this place, and when we do finally move (we are going to switch apartments come summer), if we move to another part of the city, I will miss it so much!

My first walking trip to the grocery store came after brunch (last week we drove because of temps and the vast amount of things that we needed). And then we came home, and I passed out on the couch for about 1/5-2 hours. I truly was exhausted.

Zoe the cat trying to sit on my face |

Apparently, my face was the most comfortable place to sit.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching football, basketball, and figure skating (such an interesting collection of sports, right?) before watching UVA play Syracuse and I made Hungry Root Carrot Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce and Ahi tuna steaks. THANK YOU to Erica for my New Years gift of a Hungry Root starter pack! I will be sure to report back on what I think!

Going back to Friday for a minute–I had my follow up with the clinical nutritionist with the results of my nutrient panel and thyroid tests, and I will give a report this week on how I did and what we are doing to move forward. I also got an extremely surprising and exciting email on Friday, and once it is confirmed, I will share! But what it, and the rest of my weekend did, was to help clarify some things that I had been wondering about and germinated some seeds, if you will. Now I need to cultivate them and go after what I want!  

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How much snow did you get, East Coasters? How much wine was imbibed?

What is one thing that you are currently putting in the work, little by little, for? YOU GOT THIS

Best thing that you ate all weekend?

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