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In Defense of Summer


It’s been a pretty thoughtful week already. Why not keep it up?

Let’s get something straight: I do quite like the fall season. Fall is great–the way the air smells, the changing of leaves, apple cider, the smell of cloves, and, as we all know….


the onslaught of pumpkin. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me the orange stuff. Love. My first year in Chicago, I went through a dangerous amount of the stuff. Last year, I demonstrated a bit more restraint, but I still enjoyed plenty of it. But, as with everything that has been commercialized within an inch of its life, fall is now pushing my beloved summer right out of the way. I get that it is August, and that next month is September. BUT SERIOUSLY PEOPLE COOL YOUR JETS. 

Pump Ya Brakes meme

In defense of summer aka why I love this hot humid sticky sweet season. 

winter running essentials suzlyfe

It is as freaking far away from winter as possible! And for this Chicagoan, I’m cool with that! I like going outside!

Wrigley Field 4th of July 2015 Fireworks

Summer marathon training, as brutal as it can be, is not winter marathon training. I don’t have to worry about knocking myself out by falling on ice. (Though, to be fair, I’ve got my winter running buddies and my summer running buddies to help get me through!)

Banana Holster in a Flip Belt Runner

My Flipbelt Banana Holster

Summer reminds me of my childhood, when I would gamely run out into 100+ degree temps and declare everything to be FINE JUST FINE.

Stubbornness meme

Tans (but practicing safe sunscreen, of course). I met my husband during the summer, and he has a totally different skin coloring that I do, so this immediately gives me warm fuzzies. I look jaundiced when I stand next to him. 

Speaking of warm fuzzies? WEDDING SEASON. I love weddings. Really, I do.

I can wear maxi dresses!! And giant hats!

I can wear multiple types of footwear, not just boots! Set your toes free!

Or lock them up in compression and running shoes. It’s cool (well, it’s actually a bit warm, but whatever).

Let’s talk FOOOOOOD

Madison Farmers Market Suzlyfe1

Farmers Markets. Period. End of Story.

Asiago Chicken Avocado Eggplant Sandwich

Jicama. Tomatoes. Zucchini. Avocado.

All. The. Stone. Fruits. 


Oats are fair game because of the a/c (Cherry Pie Oats anyone?) Or Smoothies, so that you can rehydrate!

You know how I feel about BBQ and grilling outside.

But seriously, if you live in the midwest and aren’t taking advantage of its bounty, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Benchmark Bar Grill Hummus Plate

Even though you know that I don’t care what others think on this subject, it is again socially acceptable for me to have ice cream everyday. And all the amazing flavors are out!

chocolate shoppe collage

Alex and I get to walk around, spend time together, and have date nights al fresco as we people watch in the midst of the city.

Really, summer seems to be the season that Alex and I know that we are going to get to spend time together, period. For the most part, although there is usually a month or so involving a bit less of him (like this July), I get to see my husband during the summer before he disappears again for a long fall, a bit of time around the year, and then he disappears again until summer comes back around again. 

So, sure, it may be a bit selfish. But please, hold off on the pumpkin for just a bit longer. Because getting into bed all cold and alone? Not so much fun. Zoe might be a cuddler, but she isn’t that warm. And her conversation leaves a lot to be desired. She’s a whiner.

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Thank you to Amanda for letting me think out loud today!

Is there a particular season that has become your happy place? Why?

What do you associate with summer?

Do you have to deal with an absentee spouse during certain times?

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