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Impressive and Regrettable Behaviors that Make me Thankful

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For today’s Thinking Out Loud, I want to talk about impressive and regrettable behaviors that I have witnessed of late, my reactions, and how they have, in turn, given me some great reminders and perspective on my own life!

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

Impressively Regrettable 

Someone took my Peach Fresca from the office fridge. There are only a few people who use said fridge. The fact that any of them would a) take my soda and b) would take a peach fresca is kind of… perturbing. 

unimpressed meme

My Reaction? Shake of the Fist

Vengeance shall be mine. Though I have no idea who to have vengeance on or how to exact said vengeance. FML.


First off, I am already a fan of Ryan Broyles because he has my exact birthday (April 9, 1988) and his last name makes me think of my grade school (Broyles Performing Art Center was our theater/etc). But what is truly impressive about Ryan is the fact that he is a professional football player who is proving that not every player is a financial idiot. In fact, he is being “frugal”: sharing a normal house and normal cars and making normal purchases that total up to around $60,000 a year.

puppy thumbs up


My Reaction? High Five

I so respect this. We all like nice things, and we like to afford nice things, but that doesn’t mean you go wild. I spend my hard earned money on quality and not quantity. Quantity is comforting–we like to feel padded and buoyed by the pillows of numbers, but quality stays with us. Why do you think I have invested my time in Brick Betty? I won’t go into details now–just read my review of the line. I was sold the moment I put on the clothes and realized that they would last me YEARS not a handful of uses. 

Impressively Regrettable

Not so smart in the NFL? The idiot that punched Geno Smith in the locker room, resulting in Smith’s broken jaw and the idiot (who will remain unnamed) getting immediately dismissed from the team. oh, and it was over a measely $600. 


My Reaction? WTH were you THINKING?

You just ruined your own career, you just screwed your teammate (who may not play at all if the person replacing him does better), and you threw away your contract over $600. Plus, you proved that you are a douche.


The capacity of some people to pay it forward. I have surrounded myself with some truly incredible people who I already know to be incredible and so generous, and who never cease to impress me by confirming that fact. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

These are the types of feels I have for you.

These are the types of feels I have for you.

My Reaction?

Ever increasing gratitude.I don’t care if you call it/believe in karma, if you think that good things happen to good people, fate, everything happens for a reason, what. But I do know this: there are good people out there, and, as I spoke about in my blogging and life mission statement, I strive to be one of those good people. I don’t want to surprise people with acts of kindness, I want to impress and please them with them. Does that make sense? I never want them to doubt that I will be a good person (I don’t want people to expect handouts, though, if I am being honest), but I don’t want them to question that I will be a good person.

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

An amazing acceptance speech, btw.

I will give you the most massive silent shout out right now because I have to be vague here until I can talk about certain things, but I just want to say that I am proud of my friends and family. I think it is a combination of both luck and the discerning nature of my personality (slash the fact that my personality is a bit of a make or break moment for many!) that I am so surrounded. I hope that I never take it for granted!

Your turn! What is some behavior that you have witnessed recently that has impressed you or struck you as impressively regrettable? What has it made you realize about your own life and the people around you?

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