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Impatience, Minion Quotes, and Call the Midwife


Thursday randomness! And a short one at that. There isn’t too much going on around here, so rather than regale you with too much about the lack of things, I am only going to talk about it for a moment and then show you funny things.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

I know that I am perpetually a day behind on comments, so thus by the time that I write the next day’s post, it’s too soon for me to adequately express how much I appreciate your comments. I am truly so lucky to have such an incredible reader base, with so much to say, and so many perspectives. Yes, many of us run, many of us lift etc, but there is still a remarkable degree of variety in what everyone has to say. You all always rock my world, as you did on Tuesday regarding self-sufficiency, so thank you for that.

imitation game quote

Do you ever feel like you are always being told that something is about to start, but yet it never seems to? I feel like I am so there right now with work. I have been told for the past few weeks that some things are going to be changing with regards to my duties (I’m picking up a few projects in IT to help them out and make a little extra).  We were going to start talking about things when I got back from VA (I found out right before we left). And then it got postponed. Yesterday was supposed to be the first meeting actually telling me what I might be doing.  And then it got postponed. We were going to do this. And then it gets postponed. I’m all for some wiggle room, but I don’t deal well with being led on. When I am told that something is going to start at x time, I want it to start! I want confirmation! And then let’s do it!

are we there yet

Am I impatient? You better believe it. Which is pretty funny–I’ve talked about this before, but my mom is the kind that always wants to be early, my dad would rather be late. Generally, we would be right around on time. You know me. Balance and Juxtaposition, at every turn!

Because I know you love him.

Because I know you love him.

I finished Friday Night Lights. This makes me terribly sad. Yes, I drank the Koolaid spiked with moonshine. And now I’m sipping the Call the Midwife tea. If you watch, how much do you love Chummy? I love her. SO HARD.

chummy meme call chummy

Other things amusing me currently:

I follow Minion Quotes and George Takei on Facebook, and they never let me down. Some gems of late:

I hope that brightened your day up a bit and made it all tickety boo and marvelous! And if not, well then Call a Minion 😀 Or listen to this song.

What is making you laugh lately? Link up with some funny memes or sites!

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