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I’m Walking Here! (12.5 Months + Catch Up)


Someone has decided to do some walking! A quick check in to get you caught up!

I’m writing this Valentine’s Day night, so we are going to make this quick!

Did you see our catch up from the weekend?

Friday Catch Up 2/15

1). Emmie and I finally got back to some classes this week!

As we all know, Emmie has some confidence issues when it comes to walking and standing. She is fully capable and quite balanced; she can indeed really motor with her walker and basically drags you around when she is holding your hand! But she just can’t really let go. Insert Titanic joke here. So I decided that we would go to a class this week to work on that.

We went to the Core Development class for Pre-Walkers at Bubbles Academy, and it ended up being a really catalyzing experience for Em. She immediately stood and stayed up at the beginning of class when put into it by the instructor.

She seriously stood there as if she had been doing it for ages. Then she turned and walked toward me! She fought it the rest of class (letting go of Mama is much harder), but she had a great time. She was really interested in climbing and using her body in new ways. (I will come back to that).

It took us a long time to get home (freaking weather and bad bus karma), so by the time that we did, she went straight down for a long nap, and she woke up later feeling much more brave. She started to walk a bit more in between things, and even stood a few times as I tricked her with her stacking blocks.

The next day was when we made some major improvement! The stacking blocks seemed to be a great way for her to stand and be distracted from what she was doing, and then I devised a way to lead her around and basically have her chase me. She still prefers crawling and will revert to it if she just thinks it will be easier, and you can tell that she still really struggles with whether or not she thinks that she can “do it”–if she doesn’t think she can, she will push back and crawl. But she is getting more and more confidence. She still doesn’t stand or walk for the sake of standing or walking; those actions are still very much purpose driven.

And she has no clue how to get up from the ground. But that will be next. (again, will come back to this)

Broadway and Me!!

It has been WAY TOO LONG since we went to a Broadway and Me class. We wanted to all January, but between her birthday and the Polar Vortex, it just never happened. But we finally did, and after she warmed up to everything, she got really into it and had the best time!

Literally so excited about the bubbles that her hands are a blur.

She did this thing that she often does when she is in these classes–she goes to the periphery and puts her back to the “wall.” So, you know, she can scout for miscreants or whatever. I think it feels safe to her? But really, she mostly looks like a goof. Also because she is laughing like a loon and carrying on while doing it.

We stayed after for some play time, and that is what I wanted to discuss…

2) Time to get Emmie out of the apartment!

Yes, I take her and the dog on their walks, we go to Strides, and we run errands, but it is time that I got Em out in the world a bit more. Her fussiness of late has put me off, but seeing her zoom around the playspace after class just reinforced that I need to get her out there. Instead of staying home, it is time to bust out of this joint! If only the weather will cooperate.

Furthermore, I want to get her involved with some other climbing and “tumbling” apparatus. She isn’t ready for a gymnastics class or whatever, but I would love her just to even be able to play with baby stairs in a safe environment. She needs to learn how to climb and use her body more effectively and efficiently.

3) Speaking of busting out of this joint, I am so.over.winter. I know I have better things to discuss than the weather, but 2019 has been a sucky weather year thus far, and the fact that we had snow in November means that winter has been around far too long, even if December was ok.

I don’t care that it looks pretty. Get the hell out.

Ice storms suck, the thaw also sucks, I’m over it.

4) Something that Alex and I started doing in earnest at the start of this month/end of January is legit meal planning! We always plan a little bit, but his schedule last year made it very difficult to plan and have more than a 30% chance of sticking to it. Now, we are trying to pick meals and days and just have it laid out for us. It has been tremendously helpful for me the past few weeks because I just can’t keep track any more!

Something else that I am introducing is some actual, legit, accountability into my life. My snacking and nibbles and then after dinner consumption has gotten out of control. When I was putting on weight/marathon training/pregnant/breastfeeding, this eating pattern didn’t matter and was in fact beneficial!

But now that I am a good weight, I want to encourage behaviors that will reinforce the healthy body image that I have worked so hard to cultivate. So all I am doing is just keeping a food journal. Every bite in, I am writing down. No calorie tracking or macros or whatever. Just accountability. If I am hungry, I eat–I had an extra snack yesterday afternoon that I wasn’t anticipating, and after dinner I had a little bit more of my snack–but I am cutting out the extra dips of peanut butter I eat as I make Emmie’s food, etc.

And, honestly, I feel better already since making the decision.

5) Something else that I have been enjoying so much this week is happy happy Emmie. It seems that we are finally over the hump of this mental leap, and I’ve got my sweet and funny kiddo back!

She is also seeming to be get a lot out of her extra confidence boost from walking. One thing that she is NOT happy about? Getting into her stroller. She is fighting that with everything that she has got! I think she is tired of being stuffed into various layer and in a footmuff etc because of the weather. I don’t blame her!


This weekend is another weekend up to us. Today is craft at Strides, and I don’t know what else we will do otherwise. We are going to try to give the apartment a good clean in addition to the usual family run and swim class.

Happy belated Valentine’s Day, and happy birthday to my brother!

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