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I’m so Tired That I Can’t Sleep (Weekend in Review)

My work schedule from this past week wore me out! Have you ever been so tired that you can’t sleep? Somehow, I still got lots done, even though there is always more to do.

I’m bringing back weekend in review because, if I am honest, this week has been a bit of a blur between tests at work and trying to deal with other life things. Thank you Meg for hosting Week in Review and Katie for Marvelous Monday!

Health, Fitness, Recovery

I had a STELLAR week of running. Halfway through the week, I decided to challenge myself with a certain mileage go. By keeping my pacing smart, my mileage consistent, and being smart between the treadmill and outdoor runs, I nailed it! 

You know you love it.

I also spent a LOT of time on my feet at the restaurant. I don’t know the exact number of steps that I took at the restaurant each shift, but I definitely walked several miles. After 8 miles on Saturday (my highest mileage day in a long time) and my shift at work, I had accrued 32,000+ steps!

Because I have increased my running and my overall movement, I’ve really been focusing on recovery. I woke up Sunday with a body that was tired–my arms from the constant isometric holds of carrying thing around, my legs from never not moving–and I knew that I needed a rest day. Throughout the week, I was having some trouble sleeping in, even when I “could,” so I took naps and on Sunday, I woke up, watched some TV, ate a double breakfast (I’ll get to nutrition in a minute), and then ended up, after a few hours, going back to bed and resting more while Alex took care of the pup. 


Ok, so nutrition. I have increased my calories even more because I am on my feet so much. I woke up during the week with a metabolism that had gone CRAZY, so I just went with it. We get plenty of extra food at work (and it is pretty high calorie), so that is helping, and then, when I come home, I am having another meal–often yogurt and then a full bowl of high calorie Kashi. I know that Yoshi needs it, and I know my muscles need it!

I made some more muffins this week, and they were amazing. Maybe my favorite yet!

I did a huge grocery shop at the beginning of the week, but I feel like it did us no good! We ran out of everything during the week. Luckily, we had enough for a sweet potato hash midweek!

Pork, sweet potato, apple, onion, spinach and egg hash for dinner! Delicious! @suzlyfe

We had an amazing Easter dinner with our friends. I made roasted Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, veggies and hummus, and my famous cornbread muffins. We ate too much, as we always do, but the glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, and of COURSE the homemade mixed berry pie and French vanilla ice cream? Every person licked their plate clean (and you better believe that included me!).


I’ve been studying for and taking tests all week, but it paid off because Saturday night, when I went in for my second to last training shift, they ended up putting me on the floor because one of the other servers was getting sick! That was a huge vote of confidence, and it means that I get to start actually earning money soon rather than later. This company and the managers take what they do very seriously, so it felt great that they were willing to forgo the final days of training in my case. It did mean a later night, though, but luckily, I had taken a nap earlier that day!

I’ve had a few new coaching inquiries that I am super excited about–runners with injury histories that are looking to get back out there and conquer their goals with big races this year. I’m really excited to work with them!

Something else that I am BEYOND excited about is a new opportunity that I was offered for an activation with Spyder. I hope that the details will be confirmed soon so that I can share them with you, but let’s just say I had a very “pinch yourself” moment!

Saturday was simply gorgeous, and after running with the team, Kyle (the Endurance Manager) and I filmed Training Tips videos for the virtual runners. This season, we have runners spread out all over the Wisconsin/Illinois/Indiana area, so we wanted to find a way to have a personal connection with them all. I suggested training videos, and then, when was so nice out by the lake, we chose to do them outside! I think this will be a great initiative that will set us apart, plus, you know I like to talk 😀

House and Home

Laundry laundry laundry omg so much laundry! We also cleaned the apartment twice, and finally got to scrubbing the bathroom. Good gravy, it needed it. 

I continued the theme of sitting outside this week!

Also, HURRAY for al fresco lunches and balcony time!

Friends and Family

Alex and I finally had our first shared day off  in 4 weeks on Sunday! I spent the first half of it in bed in recovery mode, then we headed out for groceries, came home for lunch, cleaned and laundered, then I got to work on the veggies and cornbread. We had such a fantastic time with our friends and their 15 month old as well as a couple that was new to us. It was the perfect low key heartwarming conclusion to the weekend.

Exhaustion, recovery, happiness, satisfaction--Suz's week had everything! #sweatpink #fitfluential Click To Tweet

This week

This week we have some fun events that I mentioned last Friday, plus I will start to solidify my work schedule. I go in for my baseline ultrasound this morning (Monday) for my transfer cycle, and then I start my new hormone protocol.

My anxiety is doing a bit better now that I have gotten out on the restaurant floor, and I’m honestly ready to just start this new hormone regimen. Being able to run (in a smart, conservative fashion) and soak up the vitamin D + that moving meditation time has helped so much.


#nocaptionneeded #springishere #lakefront #runstagram

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Good luck to all running the Boston Marathon today! I hope one day that I will get the chance to be among your ranks. You have earned the spot, whether through time or charity, and I salute you! Enjoy and respect the run; you are entering hallowed grounds. And congratulations! (For more on the backstory of why Boston is a bit of contentious issue for me, read this.

Have a great week everyone!

How are you doing with your recovery as well as your work?

What are you feeling accomplished about after the past week?

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