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I’m Obsessed (Weekend Recap)

I’m obsessed. Simple. Easy. To the point. Just what am I obsessed with?

Let’s start with something I literally can’t get enough of: Ridley in a coat, and now, Ridley in her coat and booties. And yes, I did get her a coat that looks like a horse blanket. I almost got her one made by the same company that made the blankets that we used for the horses, but it didn’t fit. She likes her blanket–when she isn’t in it, she shakes herself trying to get warm! This is the blanket that we got her.

I can’t handle it. The blop blop blop as she goes down our hall is just too much. She is so good when I am putting them on her–I would have assumed she would be a wiggle worm to the max, but she is like, “Oh, ok.” The first few times, I was nervous about cinching them too tight, but now I’ve figured it out, and the booties stay on just fine and she hardly even walks funny. I was honestly super excited to take a video of her walking like a goon, but then she didn’t, so there you go. Her doggie coat is a necessity now that it is super cold here, and the booties are a must because of the snow and salt (when we take her for walks, they keep her feet warm and protected). If you are wondering, we got her these.

Speaking of, even though I am not really a cold weather person, the snow really is beautiful. It is powdery, light, and just that perfect snow that comes down in just the right amount. We are supposed to have one more storm pass through (with about the same amount of snow). What I am not obsessed with? The fact that it is supposed to be -3 degrees on Wednesday night and 7 during the day Thursday. I’m going to pretend it isn’t going to happen for the time being.

Wait until you see the jackets!

Keeping me warm outside and happy and moving in the gym are my new pieces from Spyder. I honestly can’t get enough of them. I’ve tried nearly every piece out now, with just a few more to go, and I’m in LOVE. Like I said last week, rarely do you get a collection of things and think, “Ok, I like and can use every piece here.” I am excited about each and every piece they sent me, and I can’t wait to share them with you! And while I know that product reviews are hit or miss with you all, I think it will be worth your while to check it out–runners and fitness kids alike!

Is it odd that it took me until the coldest and snowiest nights that we have had since… well, a LONG time to spur my craving for Yogurtland? I KNOW! I haven’t been there in ages! Alex and I went to Basil Leaf on Friday night and then to a Thai place that isn’t worth mentioning on Saturday night, and I got Yogurtland after both. Totally full, but I just needed it. I got pumpkin whip and cookies and cream. And all the toppings, as I like to (including Samoas, yaasssss). Hey, it is all for Yoshi, right? 😀

Alex's sausage and pepper rigatoni from Basil Leaf

Alex’s sausage and pepper rigatoni from Basil Leaf

Because the earnest work for Yoshi is forthcoming, I put on my big girl pants on Friday and went out for my long run outside (in some of my new Spyder gear!). It was #worthit. Cold, but peaceful, and I have a feeling that it might be my last outdoor long run for a while (especially with the oncoming temps). I’m just trying to enjoy my runs, regardless of their length. Enjoy my sunrises, my city views, and then I’ll regroup when it is time to stop.

But that happens on the other side of the holidays, which we finally finished decorating for this weekend when Alex hung up our ceiling lights! We never took them down after our first Christmas in our old place here because the lighting was the best that we had and they always made us feel festive, irregardless of the season. Having them up here means that we are really settled, I think! 

Ok, so there is no great segue for this last point, but I watched the entirety of The Crown this weekend, and Alex got involved with Stranger Things. He’s obsessed and claims it is the best show he’s seen in a long time. We’ll see. He is also now obsessed with peanut butter oatmeal (seriously? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN) and Baileys and decaf (it is our Christmas/winter thing). 

From dogs in booties to @Spyderactive, Suz is #obsessed with these parts of her winter weekend! #fitfluential #sweatpink Click To Tweet

Alright, I think that is most of the news that is fit to print. Now excuse me while I go grab a beer and light a spruce candle. Drive carefully, stay warm, and have a great week!

What is something that you were #obsessed with this weekend?

Did you get snow? How much? Are you good at driving in snow? 

Thank you to Katie for Marvelous Monday and Heather for Friday Favorites!

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