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I’m a Big Girl (28 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 8/12)

Emmie got to act like a big girl this weekend! Find out how in the Weekend Catch Up!

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Weekend Catch Up 8/13

1 ) It is hard to believe, but this was Alex’s last weekend of call for the next month and a half! It seems like he has done nothing but work (with the exception of paternity leave and vacation, of course) since Emmie was born. But now his load will lighten substantially, and I will finally have my husband back, at least on the weekends. He won’t be working overnight nearly as much, either. The only unfortunate part is that he will be working or arriving home after Emmie goes to bed a lot of the nights. I’ll do my best to make sure that he gets to see her, though.

He got some good Emmie time in this weekend, but at a different time than usual–before work! His call started a little later, so he got to give Emmie her bath Saturday morning and play with her while I got my bath Sunday morning. He also got home in time for some good quality time with her on the other days.  Which means we all got to have dinner together this weekend!

2) Emmie got to be a big girl this weekend, graduating to new milestones! Friday, she got to riding in the stroller without the infant carseat for the first time, and I definitely think that she liked it. There is so much more for her to see and look at, and with the fan on her, she was much cooler than in the carseat. 

Being a big girl means practicing wearing shoes, too! She won’t be walking for a while, but with the cooler temps coming, I want her to get used to having them on her feet. She hasn’t really had anything on her feet for longer than an hour or so since she was much smaller (and it was freezing in our apartment). 

She has also officially graduated to a high chair at restaurants! She sat with us at the table at dinner with our friends, and had the best time being a part of the action! She was so animated and happy looking at everyone and SCARFING her carrots, which I mixed with formula to help her get used to the taste. I also gave her avocado from my salad, and she is able to eat big chunks of it now, with no mashing!

At home, she is eating full servings of baby oatmeal with formula mixed in, and big spoonfuls to boot. She is still not the best and not consistent with drinking from her sippy cup, but I’m also not being the biggest enforcer because I want it to be a good experience for her.

I might have to start enforcing, though. She is definitely constipated from drinking less breastmilk and from the added iron to her diet. I was doing research, and I think that (constipation and a shade of dehydration) might be a big part of her recent fussiness. It has only really become a problem/concern since I amped up her solid foods, so I think that might be the culprit! 

At least I am hoping! Now I just have to convince her to drink and not spill it everywhere!

3) Speaking of the stroller, we had an awesome return to Stroller Strides on Friday (we went to Stroller Barre on Tuesday). I had missed Nicole’s classes, and it was a GORGEOUS day to be out with other mommies and kiddos, working out and enjoying the view! Emmie and I stayed after to chat and play, and it was great to have that time. 

Saturday, we had a combined family dinner with two other families from Fit4Mom–Ali and Holly and their husbands and kids. We went to Crosby’s Kitchen on Southport. It is part of the same family of restaurants as Dunlays, which is in heavy rotation for us for its tasty food and kid friendly atmosphere, as well as Ella Elli, which was an amazing restaurant we took my family to last year, and the Windsor, where we used to go all the tiem, and actually went the night before I went into labor.

We are already talking about when the next group dinner will be and planning a Friendsgiving!

Jeni’s was across the street, and even though we were full, it had to happen, right? Luckily for me, their Frose Rose Sorbet is dairy and soy free and FREAKING DELICIOUS. #holywow

Alex and I walked home in the beautiful evening after that, and Emmie crashed!

Today (Monday) is a Lincoln Park Zoo playdate with the group, and we will probably head to an early dinner afterwards. And Ali an dI are taking the girls to a music class on Thursday!

4) The rest of the weekend was about getting stuff done–groceries x2, making Alex’s food for the week, laundry, and GETTING THE DOG GROOMED. She smelled horrific before that (Friday afternoon was spent spraying her in the face with a hose at the dog park) and was shedding everywhere. I need to start brushing her more regularly, but with the heat outside, and the kid, and Ridley being, well, Ridley, it rarely happens, if ever. 

In other dog news, MY BROTHER GOT A PUPPY! He’d started seriously considering getting a dog earlier in the year, but wanted to wait until the fall. When an opportunity came up that he couldn’t pass over, he pounced on it, and now he is the proud daddy to Kera, and 7 week old black lab female!

We sent him a Benebone for her to grow into, and now that we know the name of the pup, we will send a few other things 😀 I’m an aunt!

5) This week isn’t nearly as packed as last week, but that doesn’t mean we are sitting around doing nothing. Today (Monday), we have playgroup and possibly Stroller Strides. Tuesday, Emmie and I are going to Broadway and Me (yay!) and then I have a psychiatrist appointment. Thursday is music class at Bubbles with Ali and Ryan. We don’t have any other firm plans, but Thursday also happens to be Alex’s and my 10 year Dating Anniversary, so we were thinking about celebrating at least a little bit.

Oh, and in terms of my fitness and return to activity, my hip is feeling fine and I’m increasing my steps gradually! I also got back to my exercises most of the days.

I hope everyone has a great week! I’m off to go change out the laundry while Em is still asleep. (Fingers crossed)

Do you celebrate new puppies in the family?

If you have kids in school, are you having more freedom? If you don’t have kids in school, have you noticed in change in routine or traffic?

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