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IDEA World Nutrition Expo + Sweat Pink Blogfest: What I Ate!


Yesterday I covered what all I got up to over the course of IDEA World Fitness Convention and Sweat Pink Blogfest, today I thought I would give you all a look at the food from the IDEA World Nutrition Expo, Blogfest, and also from my time in LA outside the convention.

IDEA World Fitness Convention Nutrition Expo + Sweat Pink Blogfest Eats: What I Ate and Loved! The best of the IDEA World Nutrition Expo, Blogfest, and LA Live restaurants from my trip to LA. Check out my new favorite healthy foods!

As I mentioned yesterday, I didn’t take as many pictures this year, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat my way through the expo several times over! There was honestly too much to even cover, so I am going to mention those top five that I returned to for more than just one sample 😀

Linking up with What I Ate Wednesday (Jenn), Friday Favorites (Heather), and Friday Five (Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia).

IDEA World Fitness Convention Nutrition Expo

Wilde Snacks whole food savory protein bars are a delicious, high protein snack option for those who want to go beyond the typical! Review at

Wilde Snacks Animal Protein Bars—I had tried these previously, but this just made me even more of a fan. I had a Wilde Bar in Peach BBQ (beef) at the Silk breakfast and I got several more to bring home (Sweet Thai Basil? Yes please!) These are DELICIOUS and I highly recommend!

Good Culture Cottage Cheese in Kalamata Olive is a MUST try! Creamy, high in protein, and absolutely delicious. Review at

Good Culture cottage cheese–I had actually come across this at Whole Foods in Chicago, but I’d only seen the fruit flavors, and usually, I’m not too into 4% milkfat products (personal preference).  BUT OMG. The Kalamata Olive flavor is UNFREAKING REAL. It would be amazing as a dip, but I loved it just with a spoon. If you like Mediterranean flavors in any way shape and or form, get on this.

Chocolate Zero—Any time I see “Zero” in the name, I get a little bit apprehensive as it usually means a ton of artificial sweeteners or weird flavors. Chocolate Zero isn’t quite so scary (at least to me!)—instead of adding sugar, they use monk fruit and also add fiber, and I went back more than just a few times for the 50% dark chocolate. It was just the right amount of creamy and dark and I had no GI issues from it. No weird aftertaste either! They also have a 70% dark (the 70% and 50% are vegan) and a milk chocolate.

The new Lacroix Curate Blackberry Cucumber is zero nonsense (no sugar, caffeine or calories) and FULL of flavor! I love this new product!

La Croix—You guys know how I feel about La Croix. So the fact that there was FREE La Croix? UM YES. Also, they had the newest flavors of the Curate, which up to this point, I’ve been kind of meh on, but the new Blackberry Cucumber is amazeballs.

Edited to add: Honorable mention: Steaz now has cactus water, and it is delicious! Trying to hunt it down…

Kellogg’s Breakfast Sandwich and Cereal Bar—Friday and Saturday I hit this up in a big way. I got the “Mexican Chocolate” recipe from the breakfast bar—Special K Gluten Free flakes with soy, almond, or skim milk, cocoa powder, cayenne, and raspberries. I love cayenne in sweet preparations, so I was all about this! The second day, I got a Special K Veggie Egg Sandwich. Quite tasty!

Sweat Pink Blogfest Offerings

Sweat Pink really stepped up their snacks this year! Here was what we ate last year! Beyond what I’m about to mention, there was a veggie selection (MORE JICAMA), and plenty of Truitt Family Farms dips like last year.  I missed out on the breakfast the first day with General Mills and Bell Institute, which was my favorite breakfast last year, so that was a little bit of a bummer….

Siggi's nonfat Skyr Icelandic Yogurt, veggies, bars, and coffee--everything that you need snack wise to power through the afternoon! Reviews at

Siggi’s – You already know that I love and adore Siggi’s, and not only were they a sponsor for Blogfest, but they also were on the expo floor, where I finally got to try the Strawberry Basil flavor, which was good but needed more basil! But for us, they put together a great parfait bar, and you know that I was all about that after my flight and being up early etc. You get more of an after picture because I was too damn hungry!

Loved this green smoothie made with Silk Almond Milk and topped with Love Grown Foods granola for the smallest smoothie bowl ever! More eats from Sweat Pink Blogfest on

Silk Breakfast—The second day started off with breakfast provided by Silk Almond Milk and their new non-dairy yogurt. I got a Tropical Trip smoothie that they blended up for us and topped it with Love Grown Foods Sweet Cranberry Pecan for the smallest smoothie bowl ever. The yogurt was smooth and creamy delicious, but a bit high in sugar for my taste.

Morningstar Farms Lunch with new Recipes—Lunch the second day of Blogfest was provided by Morningstar Farms and Kellogg’s, and was actually quite delicious, though meat free! I went with the Pepper Stir Fry made with Chik’n Meal Starter strips, the new White Bean Burger, Chik’n Bahn Mi, and then I made lettuce cups with the Pineapple Thai Beef. I was pretty impressed by the mouth feel of the meatless proteins (though they were a bit squeaky), and I thought this was a better choice for us than last year’s Lean Cuisine, lol. Also, they had tiers of cookies and brownies that were awesome.

New Pure Protein products! I've loved the protein crisp balls so far! Find out more at

Pure Protein Lunch Salad Bar—After my travel, being on multiple time zones, and having eaten a lovely Siggi’s parfait in the previous session (I was too hungry, lol), I was hoping that we would have something fresh and healthy for lunch, and Protein Bar obliged with smoothies and a salad bar (jicamaaaaaaa) and some amazing grilled chicken that I went back for more of. Hit. The. Spot. I also grabbed some of their new products to take with me!

Truitt Family Foods—I mentioned them last year, I will mention them again. These dips are so stomach and tastebud friendly and they travel so well. And now they have snack packs that are APPROPRIATELY SIZED. Big. Fan.

Beyond the Convention Center

This is getting long, so I’m going to keep this a bit shorter, but eats from beyond the convention center are as follows:

Rosa Mexicano LA Live Los Angeles Shrimp (Camarones) Ceviche

Rosa Mexicano—Delicious, but OMG they took forever. Our waiter was NOT a star, but the food didn’t disappoint. Chips and salsa and tableside guacamole that comes in a pig 😀 and that I had way too much of because our waiter was… elsewhere. I got the shrimp ceviche like last year, and it was delicious, even if I was already full (YOU KNOW ME AND CHIPS). Also, margarita. Delicious. Necessary after waking up at the asscrack of dawn.

Tom’s Urban Kitchen—Avocado Shrimp Salad and Sweet Potato Fries with Cajun Ketchup (didn’t get too much Cajun from this, but whatever). The FRIES WERE AWESOME and my salad hit the spot. After a long day of eating a lot but also working out and being at the expo, I needed veggies and protein and a beer and a bit of fun, and this was the perfect solution.

Yard House—This was our last dinner, and it was fun, but they messed up my salad and had to remake it, and by then I was too hungry to wait for a picture, but I wish I had taken one because it was great. I got the Chopped Salad, add shrimp, and I HIGHLY recommend it. So many of my favorite veggies chopped up and covered with fresh avocado. And definitely add the shrimp. It is the way to go. #trust

Airport food—I got a Greek Salad (pretty good, actually), and had Lorissa’s Kitchen jerky (they were at the expo! and if you follow me on IG (if you don’t, you should) and then finished it off with Rhythm Superfoods Kool Ranch Kale Chips and bulk candy (THANK YOU LAX).

Honorable mention to Starbucks, for providing me with my decaf Americanos and breakfast 2 on Sunday.

SO MUCH FOOD. Lots of old friends, some new finds, and so much good stuff. Also, I need to mention that Vital Proteins was there, though I didn’t take advantage of their offerings. But I did have one of my green protein smoothies with the peptides Sunday night. After dinner and froyo. Because it was just necessary, ok?

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What are some fun food finds that you have made of late?

Do you go sample crazy at expos like me?

I would like to say that though I was provided with samples by all of these companies and that while several of them did sponsor Sweat Pink Blogfest, all opinions are my own, and I decided which products to include.

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