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I Walk It Out! (Weekend Recap)

I walk it out I walk it out I walk it out I walk it out I walked it out this weekend! And it felt great! I also got up to a few other things, but let’s walk out my weekend!

Thank you to Katie for the Weekend Marvelousness!

This weekend wasn’t overly exciting like last week was (thank you all again!), but it was triumphant nonetheless. This weekend I walked. And walked. And WALKED. After having a blogger date with the Erin and Lauren on Thursday, I felt emboldened to try to get out and walk more this weekend. So on Friday I walked, or trudged, really, through some of the craziest wind I’ve seen in a long time back up to Gold Coast for a change of scenery while I did some work. 

The life and times of a running coach! |

If you don’t know, Gold Coast is a high profile shopping, dining, and residential district in Chicago.  For example, the Starbucks I was ensconced at is a block from a Maserati/Rolls Royce Dealership, Barney’s, Intermix, and some of the swankiest steakhouses in the northern area of downtown. People shop like crazy, spend like crazy, and let’s just say: THE PEOPLE WATCHING IS ON POINT.

I’m not going to lie, but watching people try to work their way through/against the wind with their haute shopping bags was FRIGGIN HILARIOUS. And thank goodness for my shorter hair! Otherwise, I would have been a goner with regards to being able to see anything, much less ever detangling my hair again. 

Crazy Windy City wind made my hair go crazy! |

Instead, I just detangled some zoodles for dinner (another late night for Alex).

Saturday, I made walking my biatch, and it was a beautiful day to get out there! I went up to Old Town for a CPR recertification with CES which meant I got to see a bunch of friends and go to some of my favorite grocery stores on the way home, lol. The walk up there and back was about 4 miles (maybe a bit less) total, and then I was feeling pretty spunky but also very tight in the hamstrings from all the work we’ve been doing at PT, so I went down to the gym and did a little hill workout on the treadmill for the first time!

Using my MotoSport365 to log the greatest number of steps since my injury! |

By noon, I had logged the greatest number of (painfree) steps since my injury. I know that for many of you, this isn’t a high number, but for me, that number is a big deal. But I didn’t stop there….

Well, that’s a lie. Technically, I did. In fact, I decided to rest the crap out of myself for 4 hours of painting my nails (not sure how I feel about the color) and watching Nurse Jackie. Which I am OBSESSED WITH. I have some other great Netflix suggestions for little known series, but if you like Scrubs with maybe even a touch of Sex and the City, you will love Nurse Jackie. And the entire thing is on Netflix.

Zoe and I having very deep conversations about deep things.

Then I got bored waiting for Alex to get home, so I decided to go for another walk! Then, once he got home, I ordered carry out sushi (the first time we have ever ordered delivery or carry out!) and walked over to get that! 

Then we collapsed on the couch. We are wild and crazy kids, we are.

Sunday was a bit more chill, but still involved some great high rolling hills on the mill (if you are a client of mine, you know what that means!). I could feel a little bit of tension and stiffness in the Sacro-Illiac joint (the meeting of the sacrum (location of my injury) and the pelvis aka illium) but, honestly, if I wasn’t such a freakily aware person, I wouldn’t have noticed it. So I call it a victory! It was also great being back in one of my favorite pairs of shoes, my Nike Zoom Elites. I ran Chicago in them, and they are wearing out, but I figured walking wouldn’t be bad for them. 

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8

Sunday night, Alex got off a bit early, and with Monday being his day off, we decided to go somewhere which meant…. MORE WALKING. 

Just Chillin :D

Just Chillin 😀

Sure, it was a chill weekend, and perhaps a little bit boring at times, but this coming weekend is giong to be more than action packed with my trip to New Orleans (obviously, I won’t be running the marathon like I had originally planned!) but it will a great taster for my Team Challenge coaching to come as well as a great weekend with my mommy. Plus, I’ve never been to Nola before, and I’m an architecture nerd, thus will be magical. 

Today we are going to have me run at 70%, so baby steps are continuing in the right direction. Step by step, as long as they are painless. 

Step by (painless) step, @suzlyfe walked it out this weekend #runchat Click To Tweet

When was the last time that you focused on walking for fitness?

Do you just wear your shoes as they are or do you develop associations with them?

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