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I Have a Husband?

Though you could have fooled me, apparently, I have a husband…. a weekend filled with the hubs, Running, cooking, and eating!

Joining Katie and Erin for the weekend link ups

Gorgeous sunrise run on the lakefront trail in Chicago!

Things you need to know:

  • Also, don’t forget about the Feetures Giveaway! More great things coming at you this week as well 😀
  • I re-posted my recipe for my Holiday Cranberry Cupcakes this weekend–with the special filling that you don’t want to miss, and that you can even eat as part of Thanksgiving dinner itself! (Just make a huge batch!)
  • I am going to be offering some specials for Coach Suz Training this week! Stay tuned to Instagram for more information!



Friday morning, I expected it to be cold and rainy, but we got a stay of execution on that until a bit later. So I was fortunate enough to get in one last shorts and sleeveless run of the year! Later, we had some big rains and then the temps plummeted. The sunset was gorgeous, but it gave off that weird yellow light, which always freaks me out… 

Friday night was the first time since Tuesday of the preceding week that I had dinner with him! Since he came home from Boston on Tuesday, I had seen him for a total of 3 hours! We went to Windsor, a favorite from our former neighborhood. 

Battered cod fish and chips at The Windsor in Streeterville Chicago is one of the best fish and chips dishes I've ever had! @suzlyfe

Old picture of the Fish and Chips that we always share.

Seriously, some of the best fish and chips that you can find. And the Wrightwood salad is HUGE and freaking amazing. Lighting was super low, so no picture, but it is filled with amazing things.


Another previous excursion of ours to Windsor. Roasted chicken, toasted I wok almonds, craisins, avocado, corn, cornbread croutons, red peppers and a vinaigrette.

It was lovely to have a chance to spend time with him, even though we had some more serious topics to discuss. But the service was excellent (they had a big party and our server got a little behind, but the manager and he were both very apologetic and gave us one of our drinks on the house. As a former server, I totally appreciate and respect this!).

I also want to say that I put on my big girl pants on Friday and picked up around the house, did laundry, and dealt with some other things. I am aiming between now and the end of the year to really get my organization on. Would you all be interested in how I’m going to go about it?

Saturday–Brrr, it’s Cold in Here!

I woke up Saturday to temps in the 30s and flurries. It was a cutback week for Team Challenge, so I bundled up, ran down to meet and run with the team. It was great seeing some of my former trainees there! Of course, it was freezing, but we got a quick catch up before jetting off, lol. 

My Favorite Microwave Baked Oatmeal! So easy, high in protein and fiber, and perfect for a post run breakfast.

Then I put my food where my mouth is and had some of my microwave baked oatmeal! I am NOT joking, I have this recipe on a regular basis! I used up the last of my Farmer Direct Oats with it, though… super duper sad face.

These pumpkin blueberry protein muffins are delicious, low in sugar and high in protein and fiber! A perfect healthy recipe for any time of day!

I’ve seen many blueberry recipes around the blog world of late, so I bought some blueberries to bake with. I made pumpkin blueberry protein muffins! Of course, my original plan had been to also incorporate a brown banana in there… but you know me, I TOTALLY forgot. Even though it was actually right in front of me the whole time! #facepalm #totalSuzmove

For dinner that night, we were feeling gluttonous, so we headed to Tarascas and got our margarita on. 

Tarascas Large Margarita

I’m not kidding. 32 oz of deliciousness. Alex branched out and got a new entree, which is basically a savory steak and bacon and tomato mixture that you put into tortillas. Quite tasty, but (and you honestly have no clue from this picture) holy cripes, it was HUGE. Like, maybe 2 cups worth of the mixture, not including the rice!

Beef, bacon and tomato dish from Tarascas Mexican Grill!

We ended the meal with a Corona Light for me and coffee and Kahlua for Alex. And we left full, tipsy, and very happy indeed!


Ridley woke me up pretty early, and then she was CRAZY until Alex took her out for a romp. She didn’t get her normal play time in Friday or Saturday afternoon, so I think she was just storing it up, lol. Luckily, this was the result of her play time.Tired puppy!

I met my friend Don for coffee that afternoon, did a little more work, and then fixed Alex and I dinner (and ate 3 of my muffins). Then it was time for puppy cuddles and watching The Imitation Game. Such an incredible movie, fantastic story, and Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance is just spellbinding. also heartbreaking.

This quote from the Imitation Game has always resonated with me: Sometimes it's the people no one can imagine anything of that do the things that no one can imagine. More inspiration at

It is going to be an exceedingly short week (two days), before we head for Thanksgiving festivities! Going to try to fit in as many clients and puppy snuggle time as I can!

What is your favorite Benedict Cumberbatch role?

Did winter arrive for you as well?

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