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I’ll Never Do Quiet or Normal! Fun Developments of the Moment

I wanted to do one of my usual Random Suz posts and then wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. Luckily, my brain is a scary place, and it took over and solved the problem.

Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) Just so you know, Zoe right now is actually laying across my hands. Not only does this make it very hard to type, but I can’t even take a picture of it. She is also lying on top of my phone. I think that she thinks my typing is a pet of some sort. And she is kind of stroking the air/my computer screen.

2) Fall came last week and then whooshed back out the door. I blame Erin. I’m running the Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon with her (courtesy of Luna Bar, who gifted us entries as BRFs!) and she has not had the best luck with weather for half marathons. It’s gonna be 90 and humid for the next few days. Summer’s staying, folks!

Meanwhile, I totally opened up my first box of my stowed Pumpkin O’s and they taste like goodwill and magic. 

3) I FINALLY baked again! I made my Protein Zucchini Cornbread Muffins. But no pictures of #proof yet because the f-ing sun is setting earlier now. But trust that they exist because I had two with my dinner last night of leftover freekeh, veggies, and sweet potato (from creating Alex’s dinners).

cornbread zucchini protein muffins gluten free suzlyfe

4) They had a Tex Mex caterer yesterday for a work meeting. I may or may not have made off with half of a salad container (that I had eaten my lunch from) of pico de gallo. Also included in last night’s dinner. YES.

pateick stewart winning

5) Alex worked all day on Tuesday, came home at 10, went to the gym, and had one of his best runs ever–he went 5.5 miles and would have gone more if they hadn’t kicked him out. He might be an android or cyborg or something. 

6) I got my BOSU trainer for the upcoming Sweat Pink Bosu Challenge! I was really hoping to get a pink one, because, well, you know me…. #idontdoquiet. But alas, it is the standard blue. I need to bedazzle it or something. It’s only right. 

Suz in Brick Betty Vixen Capri Python

Suz in Brick Betty Vixen Capri Python

7) Speaking of not doing quiet. The other day I literally spent an hour looking for my Brick Betty Vixen capris. I seriously went through every bit of my fitness drawer, my closet, the linen closets, every spare area. Also, I did this at 5:30 in the morning (before I met Sara, as I mentioned last week). I was flipping out. I found them yesterday folded INTO A DRESS. And one that I don’t wear that often. Why am I ridiculous??

megara im awesome fabulous meme

8) I’ve got some new reviews and challenges and such coming up that I’m really excited about. I’m not a big challenge person, as we know, so when I take on a challenge for this blog or IG or whatever, it is something that really means a lot to me. One is this Bosu #BosuStrong challenge. I have used BOSU trainers many a time–lots of good PT work to be had there! I am excited to share some fun exercises that have made a load of difference in my fitness and running!

9) I am also working on I Love To Run’s September Miles Challenge. Every month, I Love to Run offers a challenge that allows you to set you goals and to actually learn and grow from month to month. The idea is that you pledge to walk or run x numbers per month, keep track of your mileage, participate in the online support group, and then, at the end of the month, you receive your medal! This week, it is an awesome medal/buckle.

I Love To Run September Miles Running Challenge Medal Package

As I’ve been working on engagement with the participants, I have been so impressed and inspired by them! Some are serious runners aiming for 300 miles a month. Some have never run before, have hardly ever tried to even get 10,000 steps a day, and they are out there getting lunchtime walks in. So many far surpass their goals, some come in right at, and some fall short, but regardless, everyone is a winner and so many participants have become good friends through their interactions! I love it! There is so much positivity, and everyone is just so thankful for each mile!

I love Coaching With Chicago Endurance Sports Marathon Training!

I honestly feel like a coach of sorts. And you know that I LOVE my coaching.

10) Speaking of, fingers crossed that I Love To Run and CES both want me to continue! As of right now, nothing is certain with either. Which is terrifying, especially as I have told you guys about both. So now I’m kind of terrified. But for the moment, I riding my wave and taking what comes. And having a lot of fun coming up with taglines for eBibs!

I Love To Run eBibs Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? Runger

Guess who came up with that? Find it here 

Find eBibs and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! And keep an eye out for some of your favorite bloggers’ articles!

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So, a bit of randomness, after all! Now if you will excuse me, I need to go eat some ice cream and Pumpkin O’s while sitting in a hot apartment in a sports bra and shorts. Tis the season, lol.

Who’s having an Indian Summer?

Give me a one liner for an eBib! Maybe we’ll use it!

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