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I Do What I Want (13 Months + Catch Up 3/1)


Another week, another example that we all just do what we want, lol. I’ll fill you in with the Friday Catch Up!

Did you read our last catch up? Emmie did a lot of walking!

Friday Catch Up 3/1

1). Well, last Thursday, Emmie did a ton of walking at the Nature Museum! Apparently, that was enough for her, because she refused to do even a smidge of walking alone–or hardly even walking, period–in the days after. It wasn’t until Monday that I got her to do a few steps on her own when I took her to Little Beans! Even there, she wasn’t so interested and just wanted to crawl or push a shopping cart.

By the midweek, she would walk in little circles in our living room by herself, but god forbid you ask her to walk more than 10 steps in a straight line. Shaking my head/shrug/pull my hair out. Remember when I couldn’t do much because I had a sleeping/breastfeeding baby? Well, now I can’t do things because I have to hold her hand. Luckily, I don’t try to do much with my life, lol.

That said, she has been doing other things to develop! She is really loving her books, and particularly the Sandra Boyton book But Not the Armadillo. She loves to wave and say “Hi” when the armadillo meets his friend, gets excited and dances when I doot-doot a tune (the song from the cartoon Robin Hood) when the armadillo finds the song, and she strokes the armadillo’s nose at the end! She will occasionally “moo” or “mmmm” when she points to Moo Baa La La La.

Her other favorite activity this week has been playing with her soft mini UVA basketball and football. She is getting better and better at throwing and rolling them back and forth to me, and she also really likes to put one in her mouth while walking or crawling around. Kind of like a paci? She is a peculiar but enterprising one.

Oh, and she actually enjoyed swim this past weekend! Like, was happy! WOOT

And on that note, she really like slides. Or she thinks she does, until she gets to go down one without me guiding her down the slant.

We are trying to reintroduce soy to her again. I’m just starting her with some bread that uses soybean oil. If that goes well (she has been exposed thanks to fries and some other things, but I want to see officially where things stand), in a few weeks we will try dairy again.

2) Ok, what else has been up?

Last Sunday was pretty busy, but in a great way. I had a charity yoga and beer event at Mousetrap (Off Color Brewing Taphouse) and benefitting CCFA. I got to see some of my great friends and former trainees and catch up with them, the vinyasa flow was really excellent, and I now must take Alex and Emmie back for brews there. It was a crazy windy day, so running down there wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst.

I didn’t get to enjoy the free pour that came with our yoga because I met some girlfriends for lunch at Left Coast! I didn’t want to runmute to a super healthy place with beer so close to the surface. Some people are practiced and great at that, I decided not to chance it, particularly in the windy conditions!

Meanwhile, Alex and the husband of one of the ladies I was lunching with took Emmie to brunch, where she apparently ate an entire plate of fries. #startingthemyoung #thatsmygirl

Groceries and homemade turkey burgers and sweet potato fries rounded out the evening!

3) The rest of the week:

I was feeling some achiness in my left upper leg this weekend, and after the run/yoga, I decided to take the rest of the week off from running and high impact. I took the next two days off from Stroller Strides, too. I just have no desire to play with fire when it comes to that side of my body! It didn’t hurt, I could just feel it, and that hasn’t boded that well in the past.

By midweek, I took Emmie to Strides and did the low-impact moves (basically what I will be doing once I start the ovarian stimulation protocols for IVF at the end of April). I went on Thursday as well, and so far, so good. I might try a little run or run/walk this weekend, but I will just see.

Even though I wasn’t running or doing as much Strides as usual, I kept us busy! Emmie and I went to Little Beans on Monday for a little while (probably the last time I will go on a dedicated trip without renting a car because it takes so long to get there that she is over it by then), Tuesday we ran some errands and then went downtown for bloodwork (and to see Daddy!). Wednesday was Strides and Target, and Thursday we did the morning Strides class and then went to Little Beans for Broadway and Me! It was a long morning/early afternoon for Em, and she definitely didn’t get the best nap 🙁 We had originally planned to meet Daddy at the Nature Museum (if he got off early enouth), but she had been so overloaded that day that I decided to let her chill.

4) Last night was Mom’s Night Out with Fit4Mom at Joriki Yoga’s showroom. I didn’t buy anything after my shopping spree last summer, but I had a great time with my friends and a few of us went to a great restaurant afterwards, where i had my 4th dinner… oops.

5) This weekend is going to be busy. Today (Friday) we will try to go to Strides and make some banana bread for the Emster. Saturday, we have swim and a birthday party to go to, so we are going to group those together and take Ridley to daycare while we are gone. Sunday we have Emmie’s bestie Ryan’s birthday party, and then I’m going to try to go by Athleta to see Erica later after her fundraising workout class (during the party, so I can’t go). Somewhere in there, we need to do all of our usual laundry/groceries/food prep. Whewf.

What is something that you just say #IdowhatIwant about?

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