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I Could Have Danced All Night (41 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up)

Oh, hello! I know it has been a week, so let me get you caught up on things over here, from a disaster of a few days to dancing the night away! Weekend Catch Up time!

It has been a week, but the last Weekend Catch Up is always a good place to start!

Weekend Catch Up 11/12

1). So part of the reason I didn’t post last week? Last Thursday kind of wore me out. It honestly isn’t all that important, but it was a long, trying day filled with mishaps (from first thing in the morning when Emmie decided to turn Ridley’s full water bowl upside down) and feeling like we were burning money, time, and quality time.  And missing one of Emmie’s favorite classes.

As Alex said when I filled him in on my Lemony Snickett’s series of unfortunate events, “I’m sorry, babe, it just isn’t your day.” Pretty much sums it up!

By that afternoon, even though there was still plenty to talk about from earlier in the week (Broadway and Me! Tarascas date with Ali and Ryan! New music class! My appointment with my psychiatrist. Gladys’ visitation.) I was just spent. To add to the craziness, Emmie is currently going through a phase of really not wanting to be in the stroller, which is a bit of an issue, as that is her main mode of transportation. 

I was just a bit tired of being yelled at and having things go awry. And then we ended up having to miss Stroller Strides on Friday because of a rescheduled meet up from Thursday (that continued to go awry during take 2 on Friday) to pick up a new lightweight stroller. 

New stroller was a hit

2) But ultimately, nothing ridiculously terrible happened, we are all ok, and there were tons of great things that happened, even going to Gladys’ visitation was great in its own somber way. It was beautiful to see the pictures of her and her family from the years, and I was so happy to show my support to her family. Then I went across the street to my old gym to say hi to my former bosses (the owners), so that they could meet Emmie. I was pregnant but hadn’t announced it publically yet last year when I left, so it was a  bit like coming full circle!

My psych appointment went well, too, and we talked about how I am doing really well overall, and that I am currently in a beautiful state of contentment. And I really am. Sure, there are things that I think about changing, but I think about those changes as things that should happen *at some point,* rather that feeling anxiety about the fact that I’m not doing them now. 

It is a very, very cool state of being. 😀

3) Emmie’s way of interacting with her activity cube and her other toys is also developing and advancing. She is starting to use her fingers to push buttons, which sounds like it should be easy, but she is pointing at the button and pushing it wither her pointer finger, which is a very deliberate, conscious act.

One of her favorite things to do right now is to sit in front of Ridley’s crate and open and close the door! She was being hilarious last night open/close-ing the gate with on hand, randomly hitting the cover flap with the other, and then picking up her “wand” and conducting into the air. And babbling to herself the whole time. She immediately started drumming on a drum at Broadway and Me!

She is getting to try even more new foods, and she is eating more and more adult food and nursing less and less. She definitely still needs the boob, but we are pretty much down to 3 times a day, and not for very long at those.


We also are starting to introduce dairy to her! We tried Greek yogurt pancakes yesterday, so we shall see what happens with her digestion.

With all of these changes that have happened over the past few weeks, plus a lot of being learning curves coming up, Emmie has been a little volatile this week. She is still awesome the vast majority of the time, but lately she has been waking up from her naps after a single sleep cycle and in full meltdown mode. Like, #everythinghurtsandimdying. While we have expanded her diet, it doesn’t seem to be linked to that (she is getting more adult food, but they are all things she has had before). I just hope she figures this out before we go to South Carolina for Thanksgiving!

4) So let’s talk about how late I stayed out on Saturday plus the fact that I had two dinners that night. I got home at TWO FREAKING FIFTEEN AM. AND I could have stayed out longer! This was after falling asleep at 8 the night before, no lie. Apparently my magic elixir is Tarascas margaritas and then a half caff Americano. Because I was #goodtogo. It was Holly’s birthday party (dinner and then dancing), but we finally got the chance to hang out and get margs with frieds of ours, so I was in for both! And then I just kind of went for it.

It was a night of excess for me–two dinners, too many drinks, and dancing like a fool in the company of people rather younger than I–but the main excess was how much fun that night was. From hanging with our great friends to going downtown and wearing heels and then pretending I was back in my sorority days, it was a great night of letting my hair down (even though I had it up in a bun because I didn’t have time to do anything with it). 

Somehow I felt totally fine the next day, and Alex and I took Emmie for a run in the gorgeous sunshine first thing! 

5) This week, I have some more Facebook market exchanges (buying and selling), and I really hope those go more smoothly than the stroller). We have a new music class today (Monday) and then a new music class at a place we’ve been many times on Tuesday. I NEED my Fit4Mom on Wednesday, and Thursday is currently open. Then Friday, Ali and her fam and I and my fam are going to Zoolights and then dinner!

Have a great week, everyone! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week! SO EXCITED

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