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I Believe in Unicorns (9 months + Weekend Catch Up 10/29)

If you’ve ever doubted the existence of unicorns, I have proof! I will share my proof in the Weekend Catch Up.

Did you see the Friday Catch Up? Most serious unicorn ever + lots of other updates!

Weekend Catch Up 10/29

1). When we left off, we had the most serious unicorn ever on the loose. I am happy to report that the cranky unicorn went its merry way and we spotted a happy little unicorn on Sunday!

We took Emmie to the Pearachute Halloween party at Kidville, and we made sure to get there right at the beginning so that we could get into the gym before it got crazy. We couldn’t really take advantage of the crafts and things, so we spent all of our time in the gym.

Really, it was just good to get Emmie in a new space, with new balls and such, and to have a lot of excitement and energy around her. Lots of sensory learning there!

The kids were all adorable, but we had the cutest kid, no doubt!

We had planned on going trick or treating in our neighborhood mainstreet, but the weather was cold, Alex was working on a few things and then went for a run (after doing the laundry, which is when I ran), and we weren’t really sure what Emmie wanted to do (nap wise etc), so we ended up walking through the festivities and then just going on a family walk. 

Honestly, the last thing I need is to bring home more candy. I’ve got that taken care of!

2) Friday was our last regularly scheduled session of Broadway and Me, and it was awesome–The Sound of Music! Emmie was crawling all around, and it was crazy to think back to her first time there, right after she started sitting up at 6 months old. Now she is crawling around! We will have a make up class during the rest of the session, and I am thinking about taking her for The Greatest Showman. Although I’ve never seen it, I got really into listening to the soundtrack a few weeks ago, so I think that would be fun.

3) We got lots of good friend-time in this weekend! On Friday night, Sarah our sitter came over and hung out with Emmie and me before Alex came home. Then we headed over to Erica’s for Neal’s birthday party. Check out how gorgeous this veggie board was!!

We had to leave for home before they cut the cake, but we made off with some amazing iced sugar cookies that still have my mouth watering. It was so great to see my old running friends, and now to talk about mom stuff with many of them, and about the intersection of motherhood and running. 

Emmie and I spent Saturday doing our own thing while Alex worked on a paper, but we managed quite the grocery haul before we headed to North Center for a house warming party for some of my good friends from Team Challenge. Their new place is GORGEOUS and give me #realpersongoals. One day. Maybe. 

4) Emmie’s sleep continues to be a bit erratic after a few solid nights, but she is cutting her front teeth, and the front right one finally broke through this weekend! She has been gnawing on everything in sight, plus having the sleep regression, but a bit change for her has been her desire (or lack thereof) to eat. She didn’t drink any milk for Sarah on Friday night, which means I spent a lot of time with her during the course of the night trying to get her back on track. 

Who me?

Saturday was more normal, but then Sunday, again, she wasn’t that hungry. if she wants to remain a part of this family, she is going to have to learn that you never turn down an opportunity to eat….

5) This week is a little bit up in the air. 

I am going today to visit an old friend in the hospital, and so I am keeping the schedule open for that reason. Wednesday is Halloween, and so Emmie and I will be going in our costumes to Stroller Strides and then Alex and I will be going to a party that some friends are having at an arcade bar that evening. We are going to a class on Thursday and perhaps a Mommy and Me yoga class on Friday!

I made Alex an awesome slow cooker stew–Moroccan Chicken with Apricots and veggies. I started with Neil’s recipe and then went rogue with it 😀 But mmmmmmmm so good!

I’m going to go pass out now. I’m not going to tell you what time it is because you will just judge me.

Have a great week!

Any more Halloween festivities to go?

Are you good at sleeping through the night or do you wake up a lot?

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