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I am Not Making New Year’s Goals

While I am totally in support of anyone making goals and resolutions for the New Year (did you see my tips from coaches and trainers for newbies?), I am not making new year’s goals for 2016. Intentionally.  I’m not even really setting an intention, other than the one that I will mention at the end. Buy why?

I am not making New Year's goals. Instead, I am just trying to live the best life that I can. |

In the interest of full disclosure, I have prepared multiple times for this post: 

The first time, I titled and had it scheduled in Coschedule and everything, and then well, as I will tell you in a minute, I changed my mind. The second time, I opened a “New Post” window and wrote nothing. The third attempt, I wrote down all the things I wanted to talk about.

And then a) proceeded to forget that I even still needed to write a post for today (this being last night), b) left my laptop on the table (after moving to couch happily ready to work on my Christmas running book reading list–I’ve started Advanced Marathoning) and realized I needed to write my post and then c) sat back down, opened up computer and another “New Post” window…. and realized that I’ve left my notebook with my notes to myself in my bag on the table and I’m not supposed to move too much (after a day of moving too much) and here comes Zoe and now she is laying on top of me (and the laptop) and I can’t move her.

Zoe helping me with my Coach Suz Training Running plans by showing the importance of rest and recovery! @suzlyfe

I’ll let you make what decisions you will about me from that. 

But, luckily for you, Suz is as Suz does, so here are the remaining thoughts that may or may not have been on that piece of paper.


I am not making new year’s goals for this year.

And before I go any further, please understand that what follows is a) not meant to be pessimistic, but rather, realistic and b) a bit of a brain dump.

I am not making new year’s goals, as it were, because let’s face it, Alex and I can’t even meal plan. Believe me. We tried to do so this week, and guess how many of those meals we have made? ONE. Because he has worked all the others!

I don’t like putting pressure on my running by saying: I’m going to hit x time or x miles. If your body is screwed up magical enough to have a sacral stress fracture, one of the rarest stress injuries for a healthy (ish) person, among other lovely conditions, well, you take your victories where you can get them. 

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Thumb holes are victories

Those other goals? Running by Christmas. Biking by Christmas. Being off crutches by New Years. Being off crutches by Cabo. Being giving a new sacrum and $20 million dollars for Christmas. Well, let’s just say that they didn’t happen. And that bigger goal, the literal unicorn… the Boston Marathon… well, that strike through is getting farther and farther each day.

Brain dump on Boston: Also, we keep getting newsletters about Boston. I just can’t bring myself to unsubscribe or defer yet. I know it isn’t going to happen. Or at least I tell myself that. But I keep having these silly moments where I think… just maybe. But then I think, ok, so I somehow get to Boston. Is that really how I want to experience Boston? Or do I want to wait until I can come back and run it? Am I willing to a) wait and b) take that chance?

Is it really terrible that part of the reason that I want so badly to go is that I love the finisher’s jackets, which are bright teal and pink aka totally my color (though I know people are totally crabbing about it)?

Official 2016 Boston Marathon Women's Anthem Jacket

What about my other “goal” for the year: To work on having a family. I can’t really even work on THAT either with a semibroken pelvic girdle! Even if fertility issues were not on the table and those things were bing-bang-bam-boom easy, I probably shouldn’t be getting preggars with a broken baby basket. I don’t see that being such a great idea.

I’m not trying to crab, I’m really not. Thank goodness I’m not in the same amount of pain that I was in initially, or even the week of Christmas. But the simplest movements still hurt. We are going to Cabo this weekend to stay with my parents (my dad lives there for part of the year) and I can’t walk on the beach–literally what I have been waiting months for. I’m not supposed to sit cross legged, and it hurts so piggy back rides are out. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that the whole thing kind of wears on you.

Ok, Pity Party is over. One day this will all be but a distant memory. But for now. It freaking sucks. What are some fun things that I can tell you? hmmm. This is what happens when I don’t have my list!

I am not making goals for this year because this is not the year in my life for making goals.

This year is a year for abiding by my own advice in my  my toast to the New Year. To remember to be thankful even when times are tough, to play my cards as they are dealt to me, and to remember my favorite motivational quotes to get through the harder days.

Maybe next year will be an appropriate time for goals, maybe not. But even so, I guess I am of the firm opinion that you cannot time these sorts of things: the time for making goals is not relegated to just one part of the year. When it is time to make a change, seize that moment and make that change. Don’t “wait on Christmas.” 

No goals this year; @suzlyfe is just trying to play the hand she is dealt #thinkingoutloud #sweatpink Click To Tweet

So maybe not the straightforward, methodical and logical answer you were expecting or looking for. But if you click on the blogs of many of the commenters, I am sure that you can find someone who has brilliantly made the case for or against the making of New Years goals and resolutions. I just know that right now is not the time in my life that I need to feel the pressures on my physical self. 

Who else is just looking to see what comes our way organically, from how we play our cards?

Teal jacket: love or hate?

How do you take your margaritas? On the rocks, with salt, light agave.

Thank you to Amanda for the chance to Think Out Loud!

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