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HOT Yoga, Social, NAPW, and McGyver #MIMM

In usual Suzlyfe fashion, the weekend didn’t pan out the way I thought it would (a la Thursday), but, also in typical Suzlyfe fashion, things ended up just fine in the end.

Thanks, Katie!

Thanks, Katie!

Blonde moment of the weekend: Thursday, when I was supposed to talk to Caitlin, I totally forgot that we were in different time zones and thus missed the call! I was SO MAD at myself. I got all involved in fixing Alex’s lunch before yoga cleaning, that I didn’t hear the phone. Then, I saw that she had called (and literally had the thought, that is weird, she called nearly an hour early!), and when I was rushing over to yoga, I stopped dead in the sidewalk as I realized CRAP she is an hour before me!! I am usually so goo about remembering these things, but FAIL this time.

Friday, I had a really cool opportunity: I was invited by Leah and Social to go to a National Association of Profession Women (NAPW) networking event (sponsored by Social) after work. I then proceeded to get caught in the middle of a monsoon (I made it about halfway from work to the event before the bottom fell out of the sky) sans umbrella or anything else. CLASSIC.

rain no umbrella suzlyfe

So I solved it in true Suz fashion: asked the ladies behind the counter at the bagel shop that I had run into (which was then closing) for a trashbag, tore a whole in it, and donned that trashbag like the winner I am. People gave me hilarious looks (as I ran through the monsoon holding my maxi dress), but you better believe that I arrived at my destination bone dry. WINNING.

And I met several really cool women at the event that I got along with instantly, exchanged the (few) business cards that I had on me, and even got to speak on behalf of Social, which was pretty hilarious. I passed Leah getting on/off the elevator (she had to run to a demo), but she got held up returning, and during my initial conversation with Megan, the local chapter president, I mentioned that I knew the product (and the backstory). After about an hour, Leah still hadn’t returned (turns out everyone was on vacation that week, and it was the girl doing the demo’s first time, so she had to train her!), and Megan approached me to ask if I felt comfortable enough speaking about Social. Let’s just say that afterwards, people were asking me if I was part of the company from the get-go, haha.

I will definitely be looking more heavily into NAPW, and I encourage all of you to do the same! It is a way for women in business (any business, from law, to art, to cocktails, to holistic nutrition) to meet other business women/entrepreneurs and make connections, mentor each other, and further their careers in a way that is fun, personable, but so constructive. Like a business sorority for adults! Super cool.

Now let’s talk fitness this weekend. It was kind of an amazing fitness weekend. Not only was the weather gorgeous, but THIS HAPPENED:


MAGICAL. Things to notice: a) all male (plus Suz) yoga class (including the instructor)–this never happens. Ever. That was the main reason for documentation. b) shirts vs. skins haha c) as Debbie said so perfectly: this gives new meaning to the term “hot yoga.” Glorious. Also, the 5 of us can do a chair pose like no one’s business. Sounds, silly, but it was epic.

I had to clean after, but I met a new friend (hi, Maggie, if you are reading!) who just moved to Chicago, and I finally got my catch up time with Caitlin. Good things happen at Core Power Yoga. That is all.


Sunday was pretty fab as well, though unfortunately, Lacie had to cancel her trip to Chicago last minute (sad face), and Sara and I ended up doing our own things Sunday. But running wise, I was able to get past my mental block of the 20+ mile run, the Chicago Half weekend (when my IT band blew last year), and I am now exactly 4 weeks out. The weather was absolute perfection, I was feeling good, and I decided to extend my 18 into 20 (rather than wait another 2 weeks for it).

hancock skyline suzlyfe

Then I continued to earn my wife-of-the-year medal (when IS that arriving, btw?) and did the laundry (including fresh sheets and towels…mmmmmm), as well as food prep for me and Alex (yay roasted eggplant!). Oh, and ate myself out of house and home, as usual. Of course I wore compression.

post run rituals suzlyfe

A parting gift for you all: speaking of rituals, this is not a ritual that is for post race, but it is my post long-run ritual. I do a face mask. And then compression + feet up the wall pose (though Mo and I had to do this separately this week SAD FACE).

I might attempt to tell you what is on tap this week, but who knows, really? And isn’t that the beauty of it?!

How was your weekend in fitness? Friendships? Food?

Are you part of any professional women’s networks?

Have you ever been asked to speak on the spot about a company/product that you are close to but not in any way affiliated with? I have absolutely no professional relation with or receive compensation from Social. It is simply a product that I truly like and the brain child of someone that I totally adore. I want it to succeed. Leah has never asked me to speak on behalf of the product to you all or to anyone else. And you know I wouldn’t if I didn’t love it. SO THERE 😀

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