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Hot Wet Race Weekend and Big B10K Giveaway!


From 1 race to another with a B10k Race giveaway! I think that it is pretty safe to say that this was one Hot Wet America Summer! From severe heat to midwest monsoons, things got steamy this weekend. Stick through my weekend recap and get rewarded with a Big B10k Giveaway!

Linking up with Katie and Erin for Weekend Shenanigans!

Weekend Recap

Friday was in and out of the gym and Whole Foods (where I basically have set up camp to do my work since making a shift in my job). I got some work done, got caught up on a few things, binged on Diz Runs podcasts, and then came home to meet Alex for dinner. And, surprise surprise, my new running shoes came in! I got another pair of Nike Pegasus because they seem to make my feet happiest, and I want to preserve my gorgeous marathon edition shoes.

Oh, Nike Pegasus, You are so pretty. How much do girls love their running shoes?


Then Alex and I went to Basil Leaf (because it is now a thing, and sushi was packed) for carbs, protein, and healthy fats. And a Radler. You would think that after having shrimp and avocado at every dinner at Blogfest I would be tired of the combo.

Shrimp and avocado salad at Basil Leaf Cafe in Lincoln Park Chicago. DELICIOUS salad with all good healthy fats and no nonsense! Super healthy option.

That would be a noooooooo. #healthyfatsfordays (yes I am in a hashtag mood). And obviously, I spent more money at Yogurtland. DAMN THEM.

Saturday aka Race Day

One of the problems with a night race (recap and review tomorrow!) in the midst of an insane heat wave is that you don’t really know what to do with yourself all day. After a few weeks of nonstop stuff, I needed a day off, but then I got bored. #firstworldproblems

So I watched a lot of Flipping Out but then started going out of my gourd so I went for a walk to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park. There, I found a new friend. 

BIGGEST ZUCCHINI EVER. Farmers Market zucchini is no joke at Green City Market in Chicago

You could basically leash this thing! I’d call him Danny. As in Zuko (get it…)

I didn’t buy him, but I bought some of his smaller friends that could actually be zoodled once we get our kitchen back.  We are soooooo close. I can’t wait. 

so close meme

I made a gorgeous omelet for lunch. All the good stuff, including avocado and sauteed spinach. Lots of easy to digest carbs throughout the day, and protein via a Collagen Peptides smoothie, the egg whites, and yogurt. Alex and I got to spend quite a lot of time in traffic, and then got rear ended. That’s one way to make a previously chill day exciting. Luckily, the damage was minimal, and we were still able to run the last of the Goodwill Donations to the center before heading out for the race!

Did you follow along on Snapchat (@suzlyfe?).

Due to weather, the race didn’t start on time, so we had a super late dinner.  We chose IHOP, which had been one of our random date night choices of old when we lived in Charlottesville. 

Post race meal of champions at IHOP. Omelets and short stacks! What do you eat after races?

We both got omelets and short stacks. Not a thing was left. Gotta refuel, right? ;D I also chased all of mine (speaking of feeling full) with a Luna Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Chunk. 

Then I let Alex drive us home through a monsoon. I’m very glad that he drove–I was pooped and not feeling great (my body is trying to process a lot of food these days!) and I felt more comfortable with him driving. I dozed just enough to be able to take a shower when we got home, and then slept hard.


I woke up early (as usual) Sunday and started working on my race recap while watching more trashy TV (Below Deck Mediterranean) and continuing my refueling. Because of how late the race ended up being, I wasn’t able to get in my last snack before bed, so I had to make up a little bit. Siggi’s was necessary, along with a bagel thin and peptides smoothie. PS I have a great new way to make my smoothies, and I will definitely be sharing soon!

I am loving my green smoothies with Bob's Red Mill Chocolate Protein Powder! The perfect way to refuel after a workout. Get the review at #ad #sweatpink

Alex and I had TONS of work to do Sunday, so we did our regular Sunday routine (it has been too long!) a bit earlier–gym to stretch and do some core work, groceries, lunch, and then downtown to do some work. Oh wait, I took a nap, ate an entire large bag of popcorn, and then got a slurpee. Alex worked. Someone has to support us. It obviously isn’t going to be this kid.  

Hot and bothered, but at least I have a Slurpee! Dealing with the heat with wireless headphones and cold drinks.

This week is actually really exciting! I don’t have to do anything for fertility stuff, so that is nice (we are taking a little break for the month), we get our kitchen back hopefully Tuesday night, I’ve got some great opportunities coming your way, and then, SURPRISE! My parents are coming for my mom’s birthday weekend! Lollapalooza is going to complicate things a little bit, but I was still able to get reservations at awesome restaurants. Alex and I usually spend my mom’s birthday in Georgia (remember that crazy travel debacle last year?), but this year, they are coming to us!

Working on my Mental Health

With everything that happened last week, we all knew that I needed to see my family, and our original plan was to have them up in September, but Alex got his first fellowship interview(!!) with hopefully more to come, so Mom and I are going to have a girls’ weekend come September, and my family is visiting this weekend. We are going to do the zoo, my dad and Alex are going to go to the driving range, and I just can’t wait to see them. I need their support right now, and I know that seeing them will be so beneficial for my well being.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that I am feeling better and even more determined after last week. I have set up an appointment with a new psychiatrist who specializes in women’s health, I’m getting myself set up to talk with a psychologist who specializes in infertility, depression, and anxiety disorders, and who will also be our therapist if we do need to do IVF. So I’m feeling good about the future. Often, we need get shaken in order to stir things up ourselves!

Now, what about this Big Giveaway? Well it is a BIG TEN BTN B10k Race Giveaway!

Fuel Your Adventure with Clif Bar at the BTN B10k (Giveaway!)

This weekend was so hot, I wanted to make sure that I had a back up race for myself and Alex. Luckily for me, Clif Bar reached out to see if I wanted to Fuel My Adventure and race the BTN B10k here in Chicago on August 6th! Of course I would like to do that! Furthermore, I have a stash of Clif Builder Bars already in my possession, Alex is gainfully employed by Northwestern University, and I love the color purple. #boom

Want to run the BTN B10k Agust 6th in Chicago? Enter at or on

But Clif Bar is taking it the extra mile and giving me not one but TWO race entries to give away to Suzlyfe readers! Ever wanted to run with me (or want the chance to run with me again?)? Now is your chance! Your race day shirt reflects the school you want to represent, and I can say that I see them all the time on the Lakefront Path during my runs.

Want to run the BTN B10k Agust 6th in Chicago? Enter at or on

This race is going to be a blast; if you are from the Midwest or have ties to a school in the Big 10 conference, you need to run this race. If for no other reason to FINALLY beat your rival school at something (if you have an unfortunate school sports history). Get a bit of football season in the summer (and not freezing Chicago weather) with the Fan Fest and Tailgate after the race!

I am giving away two entries–one here on the blog and one on Instagram. And yes, you can win them both! Enter via Rafflecopter below, and then also via my Instagram (@the_suzlyfe). Giveaway closes Monday, Friday July 29th at Midnight.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter here as well!


#MedalMonday EPIC RACE GIVEAWAY! Come run with Alex and me and #feedyouradventure while getting your tailgating fix + lay the smackdown on your rival school at the BTN B10k August 6th and #feedyouradventure with @clifbarcompany (you know I will be fueling up!). Enter here as well as on my blog for the chance to win TWO entries to the race! How to enter: 1) Like this post 2) Follow @the_suzlyfe and @clifbarcompany 3) Tag 2 friends who you want to #feedyouradventure with! This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. Registrants must be eligible to run the race. Winner will be selected via Random Number Generator after confirmation of eligibility. Giveaway ends July 29th at Midnight. Entrants may also enter blog giveaway at .

A photo posted by Susie @ Suzlyfe (@the_suzlyfe) on

Clif Bar is providing my race entry for free. All opinions are my own. 

How do you #FeedYourAdventure? Apparently, I go for Clif Bar products, Vital Proteins, egg whites, and pancakes!

Have you ever run a night race? What did you do during the day?

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