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From Hot Mess to Luckiest (Baby Shower Weekend)


On the one hand, I am the biggest hot mess on the planet; on the other, I am also the luckiest. I can’t wait to tell you about my baby shower weekend!

Friday (Hot Mess)

Yes, we know that I am a hot mess, but I realliy lived up to my hot mess-ness on Friday when I sprained the CRIKEY out of my ankle/foot while walking. In a straight line. On even sidewalk. Without ice.


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Like I said on Friday, I had a huge day of productivity planned out–I needed to do all the things, and I needed to do them with great efficiency. Well, I was doing just that–I cleaned the kitchen, worked on the bathroom, unpacked more baby gifts, took care of the dog, ran donations to the resale shop (YAS done with that), was heading back towards home to get my polish changed and then lunch plus work before an appointment when my ankle just flat gave out from underneath me. 

Apparently I need to REALLY work on bringing back my ankle strength after the atrophy from being on crutches, and apparently relaxin really is a thing…. 

I immediately lost all strength in my ankle and just felt pain and walked like a duck for a moment. The strength and control came back, but it really freaked me out as the pain grew and subsided the rest of the day. Alex’s programs (GI and Endoscopy) were having their big holiday parties, and I had no idea what I could expect from my ankle (but I knew it REALLY hurt) so I put it in the boot (I’m so lucky to have such things on hand (sarcasm from the fact that I shouldn’t need these things) and it STILL hurt, but it helped a bunch. I was able to walk the dog and go to the parties, but I came home earlier (around 9:45) and had a little pity party for myself.

Saturday (Luckiest)

Footwise, I woke up Saturday, and the damage was far less than I thought it would be. Alex and I walked Ridley together, and then waited for the arrival of one of my oldest and best friends, Alex, to arrive! We’ve known each other since we were 5, and she is just one of the best people I know. She gave me one of the best presents ever by coming this weekend. 

And Ridley would agree. Ridley found a new best friend in Alex, who arrived with dog treats in her pocket. She has two dogs, so this isn’t totally crazy, but how awesome is that???


We took her to Frances Deli (because that is where we live), and I introduced her to the best omelet. Then we took Riddles for a walk and showed her our neighborhood a bit before returning home to gab while Alex watched the UVA basketball game.

When that was over, Alex when to the gym and we went to get things for the baby shower! BTW, she is totally an enabler of my naughty popcorn habit, lol. When Alex got home changed and headed out for Zoolights and dinner! Being in the boot meant that I could walk, even though I could still feel some discomfort (like a 3 out of 10 at the worst, mostly if I had to stabilize). 

We went to Chicago Q for dinner, and I ate two bowls of their chips to myself. #garbagehumanbeing. We were sooooo full after. It was amazing. 

We opted to head home and hang out instead of fighting the crowds downtown. We will get Alex and her hubs back to Chicago and do the whole Chicago tour, but Saturday night (and a warm Saturday at that) during Xmas is a difficult time to do it!



After Hubs Alex ran (and his calf behaved, which was a blessing), the Alexes and I took Ridley to Wiggly, where she ran like a Banshee and had a blast. After we came back, we prepped the veggie tray and then headed to Cafe Vienna for brunch. She Alex and I once again ordered almost the identical dish (I added jalapenos to mine). 

We headed back home for a little bit so that I could work on my hair (so high maintenance) before we borrowed Landon’s car to head uptown to pick up the marshmallows for the party (more on these later :D). Then back home to finish getting ready and then head over to Landon’s to finish setting up! 

I will have more pictures to share along with maternity pictures, but all I can really muster the words to say is that I am surrounded by the most amazing and spectacular people. From Landon, who turned my forced rest around from a time that could have been horrific for me to a time that I’m having so much fun with, and her hubs who hoted our shower (no small feet), to Alex who flew in for the shower, to our friends who comprise our Chicago family taking time out of their day to celebrate Alex and Yoshi and I and to so willingly give gifts and love to our kiddo, to my mom who sent flowers so that a piece of her could be there with us.

There just will never be sufficient words. I will start with Thank You. Thank you. Thank you. I can have faith in the future because of the amazing people in my life. 

After cleaning up, hubs Alex and I went home to cuddle with the pup and try to digest the weekend and all the food. 

Today, I’m getting my life back in order (laundry, groceries, dog food) and then going to help out Landon with Christmas orders. BTW, she is extending and increasing the sale for all the last minute shoppers!!!

I’ll be back with more pictures soon! xoxo

Do you need to be wrapped in bubble wrap?

Popcorn tin, hummus and veggies, cupcakes, or marshmallows?

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