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Homemade Energy Gel + EnduraPouch Giveaway (Coaches Corner)


Make your own homemade energy gel and then carry it in the reusable EnduraPouch from Gear Well! Find out how easy it is to make your own delicious running nutrition and then carry it in the EnduraPouch. Plus, check out the other posts from Running Coaches Corner!

This post is sponsored by The Gear Well. I was sent product for review purposes. All opinions are my own!

How to Make and Carry Homemade Energy Gels

Make and Carry Your own Homemade Endurance Energy Gel with these natural recipes from@Suzlyfe and @TheGearWell Endurapouch!

Finding the right fuel for your activity is one heck of a challenge. When I first started running, I didn’t trust any of the mainstream options, and I was terrified of gels and Gu because of the horror stories that I had heard. Over the years, I finally convinced myself to try a gel, but I was still so scared that I bonked horribly on the run because I waited too long! It ultimately ended up not being so bad, but I definitely learned my lesson of not waiting to fuel until it was too late (check out my other nutrition and hydration mistakes to avoid). 

I think if I had been able to make my own fuel and not be subject to the… substance that is an endurance gel, I would have been far more comfortable with the prospect and the product. I hate that you can’t see what it is that you are about to consume, plus the ingredient lists are less than pronounceable! Now, I like my chemicals, as you all know, but there is just something about not being able to see what is in there that weirds me out.

And I can’t try them until I’m out on the run, or I have to deal with all the mess of opening it up and then “resealing” the pouch. Yeah, like that is going to go well. You know I’m going to end up with that all over my shorts and looking like that infamous running meme of the guy who, um, couldn’t wait. Pleasant.

Running into the same problem? Never fear –>

Natural Homemade Energy Gel Recipes

The Easiest Applesauce Recipe Ever! As few as 3 ingredients and 25 minutes at most. Vegan and gluten free! Recipe at with ideas of how to use it!

Easiest Ever Homemade Applesauce (Suzlyfe)

Tart Cherry Chia Seed Endurance Gel (I Run On Nutrition)

Homemade Energy Gel Recipe (SLO Cyclist) — Blackstrap Molasses and Honey

Homemade Energy Gel (Backcountry) — Brown Rice Syrup, Coconut Oil, Nut Butter

Thrive Lemon Lime Energy Gel (Thrive/No Meat Athlete) — Dates and Agave Nectar

I can't wait to try these homemade #running fuels in @TheGearWell EnduraPouch! #run #coachescorner Click To Tweet

But where do you go from here? You’ve made your own fuel, how do you package it for your run? We need a clean, convenient, resealable, and, for this recycler, reusable option.  

Gear Well EnduraPouch Fuel Pouch

The Gear Well EnduraPouch takes all of my concerns into account, and more! The Endurapouch is a 3 oz reusable BPA free fuel pouch that is reusable, dishwasher safe, and perfect for your long run or hike, your morning commute, or keeping your toddler (or whiny husband) happy. The 3 oz capacity means that it can hold about 3 of your standard energy gels in one pouch, and it is resealable with the nifty top, meaning that you don’t have to worry about half gels or downing the entire thing in one go.

Make and Carry Your own Homemade Endurance Energy Gel with these natural recipes from@Suzlyfe and @TheGearWell Endurapouch!

I personally dug the size of the mouth port–you can put any number of fillers in there, from nut butters to chia gels or my easiest ever homemade applesauce (see recipes above!). I may or may not be using mine for frosting (ok, I’m not, but how awesome would that be?)

And yes, you can see how much product you have in there thanks to the handy window, which also takes away the mystery of the “what is in there?” game.

Cool! @TheGearWell EnduraPouch makes it easy to carry my #running fuel! #runchat #ad Click To Tweet

The folks at The Gear Well have offered to hook up a Suzlyfe reader with a starter pack of EnduraPouches for your training season! You know that figuring out a fueling strategy early on in training is imperative thanks to my other posts on the subject, so this is really perfect timing. Giveaway ends Midnight March 8. US only. Enter via Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now it is time for Running Coaches’ Corner!

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