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Home Again, Home Again (Jiggity Jig)


Apparently, when you leave town for 2 of the past 3 weeks, you have a few things that need to get caught up on! I want to give a final push for you lovely readers to take my blog surveys. You can win a gift card to Starbucks, WHICH I KNOW YOU WANT. Imagine the possibilities. I am so excited–and rather nervous–to check out the results. 

I want to take a separate moment to thank all of you for the incredible support and engagement you have show me and each other this past week. You all know that I am fairly open about my struggles with my various mental and physical issues. Irregardless, it meant so much to me to receive so many virtual hugs and support when I spoke of my anxiety attack and my personal and blogging mission statements. And, obviously, thank you all of the Happy Birthdays for my mom! She really is an extraordinary person, and we have an extraordinary and rare relationship. I hope I never, ever take it for granted. 

Now, those of you who follow me on Instagram, Snapchat (@suzlyfe), Twitter, and Facebook have been able to tag along for many of my adventures, but why not round up some of our favorite moments from the past week(end) for an all-encompassing Marvelous in my Monday? I can’t think of a better way to start off the week!

First up, you know I gotta talk about our travel marathon….

Susie Is Unimpressed with Travel Delays Bird Hit Plane Alex Wants Tequila

But all ended well and we had a great time in Roanoke! 

Poolside Planking

Poolside Planking

Sunday, it was time to pack up the rental car and drive my stuff back to Georgia to finally be stored for the long term. 

Driving home My Things

Monday had a downer moment, but otherwise was filled with a whole bunch of greatness. Like a humbling run in the heat, hills, and humidity of Greene County, Georgia.

Brick Betty Sports Bra for Running in Georgia

And see what I’m wearing? That would be my Brick Betty Bra (comprehensive review), and lemme tell you what, it was put to the sweat and performance tests that day and passed with flying colors. All I can say is, get one. NOW. Use me as your referrer. Yes, I am a Fit Professional and yes, this is an affiliate relationship. But trust me, you need one.  I never had to adjust it once it was on, no chafing, and just so comfortable. And Alex actually thought that it was a bathing suit top because it was so well cut! I also went swimming in it. Hello? That’s what the lake is for?

Alex even went for a run outside! My advice? “Good Luck, honey. Please don’t die.” LOVE YOU! He survived. But he was gross after.

Alex and I went bombing around in Mom’s car (top down, duh) and I only took one wrong turn which is pretty awesome for the fact that I don’t drive (or live) down there, and all the roads have changed! 

Alex Tubing Lake Oconee Georgia

That afternoon (after my lunch time issue and then recovery), the whole fam went out to watch my dad try to kill my husband my dad pull Alex in the tube. I don’t tube anymore after a few too many bloody noses and a busted eardrum. A) my dad means business b) it is a tricky tube and c) I don’t weigh enough to be able to control it. 

Mom's Birthday Dinner at Gaby's by the Lake Ritz Carlton Lodge Lake Oconee Georgia

Dinner that night was at Gaby’s by the Lake at the Ritz Carlton Lodge, which is a short boat ride from our house. Can I say they make an excellent margarita?? The stand out dish, in my opinion, was Alex’s crab-crusted mahi mahi with grits.

Crab Crusted Mahi Mahi Ritz Carlton Lodge Lake Oconee Georgia

Truly exceptional. Unfortunately, from nerves that day, I chewed too much gum and upset my stomach, but otherwise we had a great time. 

Georgia Sunset at Lavender Hour

And you can’t beat “lavender hour” and a northeast Georgia lake sunset.

The next morning (Tuesday), Alex and I went for a walk instead of running and later on I got a brief HIIT/interval bodyweight workout in (just to burn off some extra energy and get myself mentally back on track after a phone conference) while dad took Alex tubing again. I joined them out there after for a swim and a beer before we retreated from the sun for showers and gin rummy. 

After finding out my my little got engaged (!!!!), it was time for a fantastic dinner at Silver Moon, a great local spot that is one of those “best kept secrets” that everyone knows about–they don’t even have a sign, and it was a 30 minute wait. You write your own name on the chalkboard wait list! I had some fantastic BBQ simmered shrimp, Alex had some INCREDIBLE fish and chips, and the table shared Philly cheesesteak spring rolls and a blue crab and corn dip with hot bread. I didn’t take pictures because, let’s be honest, none of that photographed well. Also? It was too delicious to let sit! Excellent, excellent southern cooking in a true lake atmosphere. 

Wednesday started off like Monday, but even more humid. My run was in 85* with 90% humidity at 7:45 in the AM. Legs like lead, but I made it! And took this little video on Instagram which you have to see–my dad still kills it slaloming a month away from his 67 birthday! 

Dad Skiing Lake Oconee Georgia

Alex (after his longest run ever!!) and Dad when to play golf, and I got to work on my survey (which took me 3 tries to create, don’t ask why) and then work and more blog stuff. My big regret about this trip was that, though I got some Mom-Time in, I didn’t get my Mommy time in, if you know what I mean. I just wasn’t in a mental space for it, really, and that makes me really mad, because Mommy-Time was what I was so looking forward to for this trip.

Ribs, Beans and Coleslaw at Boat House at Harbor Club Lake Oconee

We met up with the boys for dinner at one of our oldest, favorite places that has since been reborn (multiple times) and is now a cute lakeside BBQ joint. We got an awesome and hilarious appetizer that I am going to make my mission to create in a healthy way this week to share with you all. And Alex and Dad both got the ribs, which were delicious. And Suzy? You would be so proud of me because I discovered that I actually like Corona Light now!!! Banner moment. 

Thursday morning finally had Alex getting up early enough to go out and see Dad ski, then we packed up the car again and took my stuff to the storage unit before heading to the airport for a very uneventful (thank goodness) trip back to Chicago and our Zoester. And dinner at Lyfe Kitchen.

Nike Run Club #RunWithHart Chicago

Friday, I made a last minute decision to take part in the #RunWithHart and got to run with local celebrity Erin and national celebrity Kevin Hart for a 5k on the Lake Front! Thank you, Nike for a great event!

Nike Run Club #RunwithHart Chicago

The rest of the day, I worked like a mad dog. Sushi and froyo were necessary. EXCEPT for the fact that the 3 flavors that I wanted weren’t working. FAIL. So I had to improvise.

Chicago Harbor Lake Front Path Early Morning for Summer Marathon Training Run

Saturday I enjoyed not only being with my fabulous CES marathon trainees but also some of the best running weather that I’d had since before I left for Blogfest (and ran with Annmarie). It was simply perfection. And good thing–I ended up totaling 17 miles between running there, running with the group (I helped pace the 10:30’s) and running back. Refueling (multiple times) was very, very necessary. So were groceries. 

West Egg Heartland Brunch with Egg whites and Veggies

And a trip to the movies for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (highly entertaining) and then Whole Foods hot bar + smokehouse + local brews for dinner! 

Post Long Run Snuggles with Zoe Marathon Training Suzlyfe

Sunday was low key after a not great night of sleep (um, I woke up at 2 AM) but I did rearrange my snack shelf! So there’s that. And we had some great pork chops for dinner after I did a spot of time on the spin bike to keep my legs loose after the previous day. 

Brick Betty Girl on Fire Tank Suzlyfe

No, I did not go to Lollapalooza. I live in Streeterville and work in the Loop. I saw plenty of side boob, nonexistent shorts, handkerchief pants, rompers, midriffs, face paint, and frat bro outfits just walking about my daily routine. No. Thank. You.

What a week! @suzlyfe catches us up on her vacation week #mimm #weekendrecap #fitfluential Click To Tweet

And now we are all caught up, at least on the highly entertaining goings on of my life. 

Catch me up: What happened during your weekend?

Would you go to Lollapalooza along with 100,000 drunk idiots?

Why is ugly food so damn tasty?

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