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Holiday Social Season, Sororities, Sail #Thinkingoutloud


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Thank you to Amanda for letting me think out loud today. And congratulations to TIffany on getting ENGAGED!!!

This post is going to be a little bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I promise you that I will leave you crying with laughter at the end. Trust me?


1) Some of you all might have caught this on my Instagram and Facebook, but after my post on Monday announcing my next marathon, I made a couple of random coincidental associations that I thought I would share. Ps. You should just follow me on both and not miss out on gems like these, you ninnies.


The caption that went along with it:

Apparently it was meant to be.
Most people don’t know this, but the motto for the city of Atlanta is “resurgens” which is Latin for rising again—in reference to the fact that the city rose up from the ashes of Sherman’s March through atl in the Civil War. Another fun fact? I’m a direct descendant of Gen Hood, who surrendered Atl to Sherman. And I am a proud born and raised Atlanta girl.
Time for me to get my revenge. No pressure, right?

2) Two articles that I thought you all might find interesting:

2b) How awesome is this?? Green Giants Veggie Lodge (includes the instructions!)

green giant veggie lodge

3) Whewf. The Holiday Social Season is HERE. As I mentioned last week, this week has been awash with social and blog-related events:

Del-Friscos-Holiday-Shopping-Soiree-hosted-by-WCBC-invite-960x1352windy city soiree

  • where I basically talked nonstop for 2 hours with Erica, Cara, Erin (Loop Looks), Lauren (who I FINALLY met!) and so many other incredible local bloggers. I went with intentions of being all blogger and taking pictures, and then decided I was much too interested in the conversations I was having the drinky dranks I was enjoying to be that person.
  • Tuesday was actually a “night off” but I stopped by my firm’s Holiday Party for a bit before going home and making my rockin Nam Sod-Inspired Sable fish.

nam sod thai sablefish recipe suzlyfe

  • Last night (Wednesday) I got to attend (and partake in, obviously) a menu tasting at a fabulous restaurant in the suburbs, and tonight I get to indulge in a mini facial! All of this before tomorrow, when I have to take a test, pack, and head off to Virginia for the week! The holiday season, I tell ya!
Menu tasting (food drunk again no lie) with a side of Wilmer Valderama. Most random occurrence ever. Details soon!

Menu tasting (food drunk again no lie) with a side of Wilmer Valderama. Most random occurrence ever. Details soon!

This is where this post is going to get a little heavy for a minute. I try not to get political on my blog and to respect and accommodate the rights and feelings of all, but this is an issue that is very close to my heart and my mind, and I want to say just a few words on the subject.

keep calm wahoo on

4) We are all well aware of the recent troubles of the Fraternity and Sorority systems at various universities across the country. Long have these organizations conjured up mixed feelings, and even as a sorority alumna, in myself as well. Cassie (who is also a fellow Sigma Kappa, natch (she has good taste)) wrote a fabulous post about how her time in a sorority benefited her, and I wanted to make a very brief comment on the recent events that have brought my beloved University under fire along with the Greek system in general.

Please understand that I am not saying that terrible events such as the alleged attacks do not occur at UVA or at fraternity parties, but I am utterly incensed at the fact that people are throwing the baby out with bathwater, as it were. I had my own trepidation in entering the Greek system–I wanted little to do with the experiences that so many of my fellow Southern graduates sought. Yes, we have all heard the stories, and yes, they are true, to an extent. But if you were to judge me on paper, you would expect “that” type of person: Raised in an upper-middle class family, having all of my needs taken care of, private school, horses, blond + blue eyed, great family, going to UVA, bringing my horse, in the architecture school, then pledging a sorority, and later on, dating/marrying a fraternity boy and going to an Ivy League for grad school?

Geez, I want to punch myself in the face!

But as I explained in this post, I tend to do things that might seem classic, but always have that Suz-twist.

I am going to follick so hard.

I am going to follick so hard.

But I am here to say that the mistakes of one do not equal the integrity of the whole. Are there people from UVA who have done terrible things? Yes. Are there doctors who are indeed crooks? Yes. Are there runners who are a$$hats? You bet. Are there people in the riding world who were pompous, spoiled rotten princesses without an ounce of talent or work ethic who won weekend after weekend? Yup.

we won't talk about the fact that I ran a race this summer in a tiara.

we won’t talk about the fact that I ran a race this summer in a tiara.

But for every one of them, there are umpteen more UVA graduates who have dedicated their lives to upholding the quality of individuals that any one and every one would be lucky and happy to have around them. As for doctors, I look at my husband, I look at the amazing doctors who have put me back together over the years. I look at my friends that run with me, who would carry me across the finish line if they could.  And I look at myself, my friend Alex, and many of the other fine women who toiled side by side with me, day after day, working towards our goals.

As for sororities and Greek life? They are as bad as schools, teachers, doctors, policemen, and the whole of the world in general. Any time you put together a group of people you are going to have mischievous behavior, regardless of social status, sex, intelligence, or anything else.

The fact that people associate one of the finest learning institutions in the country, one that functions on an Honor Code, with the rape case (that is now highly unlikely to be true) freaking infuriates me.  At the end of the day, go after Rolling Stone for printing sensationalist fictionuntil the facts are proven.

And leave my school alone.

By the way–all of the women in my wedding party were in sororities. Two of them (including my Maid of Honor) were in my sorority. And they are as quality as any one in the world.

*****Edited to add: in reading a few responses, I realized that I was not as clear on my point on the matter as I had initially hoped. My point in this aside was not to say that we should gloss over the matter, regardless of the truth of the story that brought it to the fore. I am sad that a place that is actively working to do good is now associated with something as terrible and inexcusable as rape, and that this subject is the first thing on people’s minds. Rather than making UVA a scapegoat of the matter, and ignoring the fact that this is a wide-spread problem, what I feel Rolling Stone might have been better served by doing is to demonstrate the universality of these cases, across culture and socio-economic levels.

As I say in my comment to Laura, and these are truly my thoughts on the matter: I completely agree that rape culture is inexcusable, on every level. What I was meaning to say is that we should open discussion regarding the fact that this is a large scale, wide spread problem. NOT just a problem of the “rich” or “greek life”–because to me, that is pointing the finger at one single perpetrator, “dealing with it” and then allowing it to continue unabated throughout the rest of the population. I apologize for any confusion that might have resulted from my statements, and I thank both you and Mike for helping to make sure that I am clear in my points on a delicate subject.****** Thank you for allowing me to be more clear in my discussion. 

5) Alright, let’s get happy. Watch this (but not in public). Again, trust me, watch the whole thing.

Tell me the first thought that comes to your head.

Tell me something happy.

Where you in a sorority/fraternity? Have you kept in touch with those people if you were?

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