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High Protein Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust (Gluten Free, Vegan Option)

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This Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust is the gluten free, dairy free, vegan ready, high protein, and super easy to make! Plus, some Friday Favorites!

Not into the recipe? Skip to the bottom to get my Five Friday Favorites!

Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan Option)

This Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust is the gluten free, dairy free, vegan ready, high protein, and super easy to make! @suzlyfe

Every time that I make a cauliflower crust, I wonder why in the heck I don’t do it more often. I mean, I know why: ricing the cauliflower is just so difficult, right? HA not. Making a cauliflower crust is about at difficult and time consuming as making a stir fry or smoothie, honestly. You have to cut off a few stems, process, press, stir, cook. Pretty darn easy, right? And clean up? Even more simple.

Making cauliflower crust does take a bit of practice, mostly due to figuring out optimal moisture levels for the cauliflower. The good news is that you can always add more chickpea flour, and you will just be adding more protein! The cornmeal gives the whole thing a great texture and flavor!

This Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust is the gluten free, dairy free, vegan ready, high protein, and super easy to make! @suzlyfe

Yup! This cauliflower crust stays gluten free but also becomes high protein thanks to chickpea flour! Using chickpea flour rather than regular AP flour lends a bit of nuttiness and more flavor, plus the chickpea flour helps to absorb some of the excess moisture that isn’t squeezed out. I used egg whites instead of full egg (because you all know how I feel about egg yolk), but you could definitely use a whole egg, just see the notes for how to substitute! Vegan? Use a flax egg!

This Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust is the gluten free, dairy free, vegan ready, high protein, and super easy to make! @suzlyfe

Alex and I had salmon one night for dinner, so I used the remainder as my topping with some hummus. DELICIOUS. But this would be just as delicious with red sauce and more traditional pizza toppings, or as a flatbread with dips. I think you will find that this iteration, as well as the cooking method, produces a cauliflower crust that holds up–plus the higher protein and fiber content makes it satisfying on many levels! The fact that it is allergy friend, gluten free, and can be made vegan? Cauliflower crust for all!

This Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust is the gluten free, dairy free, vegan ready, high protein, and super easy to make! @suzlyfe

Allergy Friendly Cauliflower Crust (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, High Protein)

From at
Prep: Cook: Yield: 2 medium large or 4 personal size pizza crustsTotal:

This delicious allergy friendly cauliflower crust is gluten free, vegan ready, grain free, high protein, low carb, and perfect as a base for pizzas and flatbreads or as a vehicle for dips!

You'll Need...

  • 1 head Cauliflower
  • 1 Egg OR 2 Egg Whites OR 1 Egg White + 1 1/2 TBSP Liquid Egg OR 3 TBSP Liquid Egg OR Flax Egg (1 TBSP ground flax + 3 TBSP water)
  • 30 g (about 1/4 cup) Yellow Cornmeal (gluten free)
  • 30 g (about 1/4 cup) Chickpea Flour
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 TBSP Garlic Powder


  1. Preheat oven to 400* F
  2. In a large food processor, rice/process the cauliflower to sand-like consistency. Remove majority of liquid by transferring cauliflower to cheesecloth or paper towel lined strainer and pressing out extra liquid. Cauliflower "sand" should still be moist, but not wet. Transfer to large mixing bowl and use fork to fluff.
  3. Add in cornmeal, chickpea flour, garlic, and salt, and distribute with fork.
  4. Add in egg. Add water or unsweetened almond milk if mixture is too dry (you want it to be paste-like with regards to moisture).
  5. Transfer "dough" to parchment lined baking sheet and press out desired size and number of crusts into pizza dough like rounds. If dough is still very wet, place a paper towel over top and lightly press.
  6. Cook for 15-20 minutes (if smaller in size, possibly less), rotate pan and cook an additional 15-20 minutes, or until the edges are golden. Option to flip the crusts at halfway cooking time if desired (but make sure that crust is holding together!).
  7. Let cool on sheet, and then top as desired! These refrigerate and freeze great!

Additional Notes

Getting the amount of moisture correct take a bit of practice, and luck. The size of the cauliflower head can also have a role in a successful crust. Feel free to adjust amounts as necessary
For a cheesier taste, add nutritional yeast!
Need help drying out the cauliflower? Spread it out on a baking sheet and cook on low temperature (300*) for 10-20 minutes, or allow to dry out overnight. More liquid may be necessary)

Homemade cauliflower pizza crust that delivers! High protein + vegan ready! #glutenfree #vegan #recipe Click To Tweet

Five Friday Favorties

Let’s round out the day and get into the weekend with Five Friday Favorites!

Have you entered my giveaway for The Gear Well Endurapouches? They are perfect if you want to start making your own energy gels!

1) Seeing Ashley yesterday! I met her for coffee and hot chocolate after Remicade, and we didn’t stop talking for 2 hours. Alex basically had to drag me out of there. She is such a dear, and I could talk to her forever. YOU ARE AMAZING!!

2) Arctic Zero delivery. I can’t stop! I know that I mentioned this yesterday, but the Cake Batter pops are so freaking good. I need to figure out where to find them around here!

3) Sleeping with Ridley. Ok, so this might seem weird, but 2 nights this week I slept on the couch with Ridley, and it was awesome. One of those nights I actually fell asleep sitting up! Alex’s schedule has been wonky with his attending work and then having to get caught up with other work in the evenings after that, and we have been falling asleep at different times–sometimes he is first, sometimes me. But Wednesday night, I passed out and woke up midway through the night all curled up with the dog… and I just decided I couldn’t leave her. Maybe it is the hormones, but she was my little baby.


4) Speaking of hormones, things are continuing to progress nicely with my stimulation meds, and we might even trigger me tomorrow (this post will explain things). That would be awesome, as it would mean that retrieval would be Sunday, which would work better for all involved, but we’ll see. Yesterday (Thursday), I could feel my right ovary all day long, which was a bit weird, so I took it pretty easy. I’m still feeling great mentally and physically, overall, though, and I definitely thankful for that!

5) Luckily, a took a SOLID nap at Remicade and got no work done the whole day, what with ultrasound/labs + phototherapy for my skin, then taking Ridley to daycare (and the traffic involved), then training people for a few hours, then home to drop off Ridley and head downtown, then Remicade (and nap), then meeting with Ashley, then dinner with Alex and residents, then back home for my nighttime snack and to write this post. It was a solid day 😀

Need a little inspiration for the weekend? Start here

This weekend? Alex is working, and after three weekends of partying (Alex’s parents, Madison, and #allthebeer), I have some things that I really need to get done! Will they happen? Well, you guys know me….

Have a great weekend, everyone! 

What is something that rocked your socks this week?

Have you ever made cauliflower crust?

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