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Hey Girl, Hey (Catch Up New Years 2020)


Oh Hey Girl HEY! I woke up this morning and felt like writing, so here we are. I have a bunch to catch up on, so buckle up!

It has been a long time, probably since before Thanksgiving, yes?

Well, since then, much has happened. We traveled to SC for our Palmetto Bluff Thanksgiving (with the addition of a migraine in the middle of it). Alex finally signed his contracts with his new job (to start this summer). I got the go ahead to stop certain meds so that we can do IVF again this spring. Emmie got sick right before Christmas, but in a dashing turn of events, Alex got time off during that week and, by the grace of Tylenol, we had a lovely little holiday. My mom visited for an action packed weekend, and we celebrated New Years with dear friends who we will miss very much once we leave Chicago. And all the while, Emmie started acting like a little sassafras McGhee (starting around Thanksgiving) and has been holding strong to that.

So much to say, why haven’t I written?

Three excuses, and then we are moving on.

  1. Emmie’s sleep schedule has been a bit erratic, and she has dropped naps, shortened naps, etc, more times than I can count, so I never really felt like getting into writing only to have it interrupted.
  2. My computer is/was literally broken, so I kept “putting it off” until I got a new one (spoiler, currently typing on my new computer).
  3. I just didn’t have much brain space left for you guys. Emmie was ongoing, and I just wanted to read books.

I heard a quote the other day that a blog is “a conversation that no one else wants to have with you.” I guess I finally had people to have my conversations with? Add to that the fact that Emmie isn’t making those crazy mental leaps any more (they are more slow burns), and I didn’t have tons to say.

I want to keep on writing, occasionally, for just a little while longer. A) I think it is a great outlet for me and keeps my mind thinking in a way that I don’t get otherwise. B) I want to have a little record for Emmie of her itty bitty childhood and of Chicago. C) It’s good for you and help you, too. (Mom, I know you will appreciate that shout out).

This is going to be a crazy bananas next 6 months for us. We are going to celebrate Emmie’s second birthday, have her joint birthday party with her (and our) besties. Hopefully, I am going to go through IVF again. I could (willing) be pregnant by the end of March (ish). We are going to travel to look at houses and to see Mimi and Papa. Then we have to start packing up our lives here and get ready for our big move.

I don’t know how much I will write. I can’t write when Em is awake because she freaks out and tries to claw the laptop from your hands. Alex literally hid from her yesterday to do 10 min of work. Girl likes technology.

But I think I would be remiss to skip out on such a rich time of our lives.

Also, I need a place to put all my pics. I wasn’t taking many for a bit (life, you know), and now I am (life, you know). So here is a taster, and then I will be back to cover some other unfinished business.

Happy New Years, my friends. Biiiiiiig Hugs to all.

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