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Heaping Helpings (7 Weeks + Weekend Catch Up 8/27)

This Weekend Catch Up is going to be a bit of a quickie because the child is in a questionable sleep pattern and we have a friend on the way! But it has been a packed weekend!

Did you read the Friday Catch Up? It was a doozy of a week last week.

Weekend Catch Up 8/27

Friday was a bit of a weird day. It was gross and rainy, and Mom was leaving to go back to Georgia, to boot. I was still getting back on track after my colonoscopy, as well–my stomach and such were still getting straightened out after all of the meds and Gatorade pumped through them. But it was time to get back at it, and so Emmie and I packed up and headed to Stroller Strides at Wind City Field House for an indoor workout!

Nicole worked us, and worked us good! I love how creative she is with her workouts, plus she offers great modifications. Emmie had to sit facing backwards because she was in the carseat (we had to uber over), and though she got a little warm, I think she actually really enjoyed getting to see me. She thought each time we popped back up was hilarious! 

Afterwards, we went to Target for a little retail therapy. Basically, I bought random food and forgot the one thing I had gone there for, which was carrots. 

Unfortunately, upon returning home (with a ravenous baby and mama), I discovered that one of the tires on the BOB was totally flat. GAH

I picked myself up, fed Em, and went to the local bike shop for advice. They filled my tires and sent me on my way, and all was well! Or so I thought…

The rest of the afternoon was a blur until dinner, when we met Alex’s cofellows at Tarascas for some heaping helpings of margaritas and a heaping helping of salad (for me). Emmie sat with us at the table and was a star!

There was also a crazy woman who came up and asked to kiss our boy. She was hammered. I allowed it (though we corrected the sex of our child) because she was obviously a nice person + clean + path of least resistance. And who knows, maybe she blessed her. But it was a bit weird. 

Saturday was super fun! Alex and I took the kids for a walk, then we got all put together for music class only to discover that the stroller tire was totally flat again. So quick change and then BOOKING IT to music class, where we arrived right on time!

Ali and I had the best time watching the girls with their daddies, and Alex had so much fun with Emmie. It was similar in structure to the music class that Ali and I did with the girls, but the teacher changed up some things, so I think that the girls had enough repetition with enough change to be beneficial. 

We parted ways with Ali and her crew because we would see them later for dinner! Alex and I started the walk back and stopped for lunch, where we sat outside and Emmie scarfed her food, lol. Girl can eat! 

We spent the afternoon taking the dog to the park and spraying her in the face before heading uptown for dinner with Ali and her husband at Little Bad Wolf. 

We had SUCH a great time with them! It was such a novelty to be able to talk about things other than our kids. I mean, of course we talked about the kids, but we also really covered other topics, and with great drinks (an amazing mezcal drink called El Chupacabra that even Alex was a massive fan of) and amazing food (chips, salsa, and guac for a starter, a family sized salad for me–I am not lying, other people got the salad with tongs– and a delcious burger and fries for Alex), I finally felt truly full for the first time that week. 

We went back to their place for a bit after to hang out before it was time to go home and release Sarah back to the night. It was so great to see her as well!

Sunday was HOT. HOT. HOT. Holy crap, it was hot. But Alex was a champion and got his run in before it got too bad. Emmie got hot during our walk with Ridley, so I ended up doing the grocery run while he kept her inside. Our original plan of taking our friend for a walk uptown to a beer tasting room quickly went out the window after Emmie’s reaction to the heat and just the overall misery that would have ensued. 

I made Alex’s food for the week (Hawaiian Pineapple BBQ chicken in the slow cooker), Alex fixed the tire, and Emmie got a much needed nap!

So, this weekend, we got Heaping Helpings of:

  • Vegetables (holy crap, I ate so many, and it was glorious) and portion sizes in general
  • Margaritas/tequila (HECK YES)
  • Chips and salsa and avocado (so much avocado. I had it at almost every meal)
  • Time with friends–each day we got to focus on a different friend group, which was awesome!
  • Alex and Emmie time (always adorable)
  • Family time (love i)
  • Walking (you know I’m a fan)
  • Soaking up life and loving the little things.

There is silly FB generator app that is “What Is In Your Holy Book,” and though it took me a few “try agains” to get to a good one, I think that this is ridiculously accurate:

#yup #nailedit

This week we have a number of things going on, but the weekend is going to be PACKED. Even more so than this weekend!

I probably should take a nap just in case 😀

Edited to add: we went back to Tarascas.  I am a garbage human being. Lol.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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