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Healthy Eating from Blaze Pizza to Farmer’s Fridge!

Hey! Guess who, at this very moment, is interviewing for her first potential training job? THIS KID. Kind of excited. WISH ME LUCK.

And I loved the discussion that we started yesterday on the importance of comments. Let’s keep the conversation going!

This weekend, I noticed that there is way to much good for me food up in here. What’s a girl to dooooo?

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Thank you as always, Jenn!

Last few days for the Suzlyfe’s first big giveaway!!! 

479popcorn giveaway suzlyfe

And HEY–there are new bonus entry options….check it out!

Blaze Pizza

You know that I love a good “Tarrentino” action, so let’s roll back to the day that I got my NASM certification and talk about the amazing dinner that Alex and I enjoyed that night. You all have seen us go BIG when it comes to our happy hour->dinner date nights. But this time? We didn’t do that. In fact, it was one of our least expensive date nights yet! And, it must be said, that we left fuller in a good way from this dinner than from nearly any other gluttonous experience, though we do love a good gluttonizing.

From the website:

Fresh, made-from-scratch dough. Healthful, artisanal ingredients on the assembly line. Inventive to classic. You decide. Blazing hot oven + dedicated pizzasmith + 180 seconds = fast-fire’d, perfectly crisp perfection. Sound good? Enjoy the rest of your day.

I need to take lessons from them on locking it up verbally.

Blaze is located right next to my yoga studio, so I’ve been watching as it was constructed, and one look at the thin crust and fresh toppings as I walked by and I knew it had to happen. Friday was the perfect night.

blaze interior suz

Blaze has a selection of signature pizzas as well as the option to build your own. And get this. AS MANY TOPPINGS AS YOU WANT. For one price. YESH. You know I like a salad bar/assembly line and you know that I am a stickler for thin crust. Heaven. Also for my Crohnnies, veggies, vegies, and GF friends they offer GF pizza dough and vegan cheese.

So what did we get? What didn’t we get….

My Creation:

blaze suzlyfe crohns friendly

Regular crust + spicy red sauce + parmesean + grilled chicken + fresh basil + cherry tomatoes + spinach + jalapenos + banana peppers + mushrooms + red onion + artichokes + sea salt/fresh cracked black pepper/light dried oregano (at table-> parm and red pepper flakes)

blaze closeup suzlyfe pizza

(we also got the beet and goat cheese salad with arugula, but that was unnecessary. But that’s where the arugula comes from)

Alex’s Creation:

blaze alex pizza suzlyfe

Regular crust + spicy red sauce + shredded mozzarella + ricotta + chicken + salami + roasted red pepper + sauteed onion + roasted garlic + black olives + spinach

You guys. These pizzas. Were $8 a piece. And we both ate each of ours in entirety. They were exactly what the two of us look for in a pizza (when we aren’t looking to be dead for the next 24 hours. My favorite type of crust, oven fired with that nice little seasoning of char on the bottom. As many or few ingredients as you want. Just solid food. Were our minds blown by amazing culinary combinations and pairings? No. But it hit every nail on the head, and then some. We can’t wait to go back. And you can order online to pick up…. ooooo gonna be dangerous.

Food Prep for Alex

Because Alex is once again on nights this week (but we have vacation next week yay!), I am helping the boy out by doing food prep again. And this time, I have the process even more down pat, so it only takes me about 30 mins, and less if I do the sweet potatoes ahead of time.

potato quinoa sausage pepper suzlyfe

Alex calls it a “hash” so I figured I would go with it. This time: quinoa cooked with 1:3 LS chicken stock:water + the rest of a TJ’s mixed veggies with garlic seasoning + sweet potatoes + sauteed orange bell pepper + sauteed onion + sauteed TJ’s Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage. Finished with some herbs and seasonings.

I did the same again yesterday for him, but with green bell and a broccoli/green been veggie mix.

Silly Crazy Random Lunch and an Impromptu Meatless Monday

If any of you caught my tweet on Monday, I might have had the silliest lunch ever. I really wanted Subway following my run, but instead got this:

711 slurpee watermelon2

and then didn’t want to spend any more. So I went home and proceeded to have a lunch of: animal crackers + kosher dill pickle + leftover vegetable barley soup + english muffin + protein pancakes with blueberries + cottage cheese with blueberries + half of a HUGE peach (YAY PEACHES ARE BACK ish). And crispy M&Ms. WINNING.

Also, somehow I didn’t eat any meat, yesterday. Not sure how. OH WAIT BECAUSE I ATE A RIDICULOUS LUNCH.

Farmer’s Fridge and Greater Than

Yoga was amazing on Monday for multiple reasons, a few of which I discussed yesterday, but also because it was student appreciation night and we were all treated to Greater Than beverages and Farmer’s Fridge salads.

From Greater Than’s WebsiteInfused coconut water charged with electrolytes and a hint of sea salt for greater hydration and taste. Low calorie. No dyes . No GMOs. No Boundaries.

Greater than tropical suz

I tried the Pom Berry and chugged it (it was an intense class) but I really liked it. I HATE coconut water. I can’t do the thick consistency. But this drinks like a normal juice, so I loved it.

Get the full scoop on Farmer’s Fridge here. In a nutshell, FF is based in Chicago offers ready to eat salads/wraps/snacks/soups that are health- and nutrition-conscious and created from local and organic ingredients. All components of your purchase, from lids and jars to bags to chicken to kale, are edible or 100% biodegradable.

farmers fridge north napa suzlyfe

I chose the North Napa (yeah, I labeled the pic wrong woops), which comes with Napa cabbage, mixed greens, cucumber, avocado, red grapes, pistachios, dried tart cherries, and a balsamic vinaigrette. We were not offered the proteins (because it was free).I had it yesterday (Tuesday) as part of lunch and I will say that the ingredients were indeed filling and tasty. Would I spend $8 on it, sans protein? Not sure, probably not  that particular variety, but there are tons of salads to choose from (and wraps). Reminds me of Pret a Manger in it’s gourmet-to-go idea but I can get it in my 7-11. Alongside my slurpee.

Nature Box May

I was a little bummed to be getting my Nature Box so late this time. I must say, however, that the company has exemplary customer service, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone and everyone. PS. If you are interested in NB, please click here or let me know you are interested, and you can get $10 off!!!

Nature box lemon sante seaweed almond granola

Left to right: Lemon Meringue Wafers; Sante Fe Corn sticks; Seaweed Rice Pops; Maple Chipotle Almonds; PB & J Granola.

The lemon merigue waffle wafers are the spring counter part to the cocoa wafers that I also really like. These are light in flavor, but just the right amount of lemon. I dipped them into greek yogurt with pb last night.

The Sante Fe corn sticks are super tasty are very reminiscent of bar mix corn sticks. They’ll be great on salads.

The Seaweed Rice pops are nice, light, crunchy, with just the right amount of seaweedness. If you like to munch on seaweed snacks, you gotta try these!

The Maple Chipotle Almonds are sweet at first but finish with a kick. I like them, but I’m not feeling almond right now (I got these for Alex) so they aren’t for me, but if you are feeling almonds, try them out!

Lastly, PB & J granola. I love the flavor of these–just the right amount of pb-ness, and I love that it has mixed dried berries in there. My only whompwhomp is that the texture is a bit to…soft? for me. I like a crispier granola.

So that is plenty for now. Hope you found some new to your treats to try! And as that obnoxious commercial goes, “Healthy CAN be tasty!” No Shizz, Sherlock. haha


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