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Health Needs Meet Wants with Made to Matter at Target


This post was sponsored by Zarbee’s Naturals via Sverve. However, all editorial content reflects my own honest opinion about the products.

Last Day for the Zarbee’s Giveaway!

So much of a healthy life is a battle between needs and wants. 

No place is that more apparent than at Target. We all know this. How is it that a place that prides itself on low prices can result int the most expensive shopping trips? Because you go in there for what you need (and you know that they have) and start to see all these things that you want. But you don’t just want them, you NEED THEM. And with a price like that…. How can you say no?

Target Made To Matter helps you bring Needs and Wants together!

I love shopping at Target because it brings both my needs and my wants within my reach. I can be serious, AND I can have a bit of fun.The incredible variety might necessitate some decision-making, but I can discover alternatives that might be better than what I originally went in for. Or, I can take advantage of the great prices to try both.  😀

Consequently, I can get what I need–vitamins, medications, and of course, my Zarbees (last chance to win the samplers!)–and maybe also some fun things that I just want. Star Wars Lucky Charms, anyone? I THINK YES.

Star Wars Lucky Charms at Target. Not part of the made to matter program, but still pretty awesome!

I am so lucky that there is Target next to the store that I coach out of because it makes it easy for me to swing by on the way home but it also is perfect to swing back around to after our long runs in case I don’t have proper recovery food. The coaches stay until everyone is done with their run, so those of us coaching the continuous runners tend to be back quite a while before the final participant returns, and way outside of my optimal recovery window.

Zarbee's Natural Vitamin Drink Mix at Target Zarbee's Naturals Vitamin Drink Mix. Made to Matter Program at Target Review by Suzlyfe

Plus, on days when it has rained or, alternatively, be really hot, and we are soaked, I often need something warm to well. Target has been great for me to run in, grab a protein and carb-rich snack as well as a decaf coffee or, as I did this time, a hot water for my Zarbees Natural Vitamin Mix, which I found in the immunity aisle (and don’t forget that 3 readers will win samplers! Last day!). Though I had brought an Oatmega bar for my refueling snack, I grabbed a Justin’s Almond Butter Snack pack (maple almond this time) to have later, as I mentioned yesterday. 

Made to Matter : Health and Wellness Brought to You by Target

Considering how adamant I am about making health, wellness, and nutrition accessible for all, I am beyond happy with the collection of natural, organic, non-gmo, and health-conscious products carried on Target’s shelves. In fact, Target has just introduced a new program called Made to Matter, which helps customers discover and have instant access to products that are just that: made to matter. Think Fragrance Free, Gluten Free, Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, and so many other categories. This is a great resource for all–from moms to fitness and health enthusiasts to anyone just looking to buy in a more conscious manner. 

Greek Yogurt is Made to Matter at Target, which is helping to make healthy choices easier and more affordable

And, of course, at a great price–check out the current coupons! You can order directly from the website and have your Made To Matter products sent straight to your door, or you can go to the store itself and enjoy the same unbeatable selection. Education, quality, affordability, and accessibility for all.

Target and the Made to Matter program helps bridge the gaps between needs and wants. Because while sometimes you NEED something you want, you should always want the things that you need. Target provides the products that make that possible!

Zarbees Naturals Vitamin Drink Mix in the Immunity Aisle at Target. Made to Matter Program

Bridge the gaps between needs and wants with #madetomatter, @Target, and @Zarbees! #healthylife via @suzlyfe Click To Tweet

How do you bridge the gap between needs and wants?

Canadian friends, have you noticed a difference in accessibility to quality products since Target has left?

Is it important to you to have programs like Made to Matter?

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