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Happy Labor Day Weekend Recap

I am creating a hybrid post today: Happy Labor Day Weekend Recap! Kind of like Christmahannukwanzika. But for the end of summer. 

Linking up with Katie and Erin to celebrate the weekend and Jenn and the WIAW Crew!


Friday was pretty chill–I had clients throughout the day, so I spent the time in between at Whole Foods (as usual, lol) and then at a coffee shop that I used to frequent until I got kicked out during my coaching call (I don’t blame them–I was desperate that day and that was my closest WiFi hotspot!).

I have another really exciting project on the docket, separate from my book. The book is going to take a while as I want it to be a real, true book, not just an ebook, and that means funding, research, and more. This current project is something that I hope to have up and running in the next few weeks! More to come on that VERY soon!

Delicious trip to the Sultan's Market Salad Bar! Lincoln Park Chicago @suzlyfe

I’m in the midst of spoiling myself rotten with my meals–I went to Sultans Market again. I am slightly obsessed with their salad bar. Their schwarma and falafel are delicious (Alex gets them) but I go to town on the salad bar. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. 

Current Netflix recommendations and ones that I would totally add to my Netflix Recommendations: 

  • Hinterland
  • Marcella
  • Broadchurch 

Really great police mysteries set in Britain. I watched them straight through, could stop! And I had forgotten that Peaky Blinders now has new episodes out–MUST WATCH THEM.

netflix marathon


Saturday, I was up bright and early, but not moving. I had my pre run coffee and bagel with nut butter, but I just couldn’t get out the door!

The view from Morgan's brother's condo sums up how gorgeous of a day that it was!

The view from Morgan’s brother’s condo sums up how gorgeous of a day that it was!

The weather was perfection, and I wanted to run, but I also wanted to go back to sleep. So I postponed my run a little bit and then headed out for 9 miles. I had planned on 10 but I miscalculated my turn around and then was literally running late so gave a shrug to that last mile, lol.

I cleaned up, got a bit of a refuel with a Vital Proteins smoothie and some carbs and then headed downtown for a day with my friends and the beach!

We met at a favorite brunch place, but the wait was too long so we went on a wild goose chase to find another spot and finally ended up at a Toni Patisserie & Cafe that was delightful. I love this Harney and Son’s tea–I have the same flavor of hot tea from them, and it was great to have it cold. I got the Salmon Fume Tartine, and it was the glutened version of what I had the weekend before with Erica! Delicious, but light.

Luckily, we took giant pretzels to the beach, and I hammered those 😀

I LOVE SUMMER! Labor Day Weekend 2016 Ohio Street Beach

Dear summer, NEVER EVER END

Rose all Day! Streeterville Social terrace was perfect for a glass of Acrobat Rose! More on @suzlyfe Labor Day Weekend at

We stopped for a drink at Streeterville Social (in a nod to Shawna, I got rose) and enjoyed the gorgeous terrace. 

After heading back to Court’s friend’s brother’s condo (where they were staying), we got cleaned up and then headed to dinner at The Gage, which was FREAKING AMAZING.

The Gage Shishito peppers appetizer is amazing! A must go to place next to Millennium Park In Chicago. Get a review at

We started with the shishito peppers (so popular right now!). Bonito flake, spicy aioli, crushed peanuts, chicharon, lime. GET THEM.

The Gage Burger is amazing! A must go to place next to Millennium Park In Chicago. Get a review at

Then I got the burger and it was capital F Fabulous. Morgan (Court’s friend) got the venison burger, and she raved about it as well. Also, get their fries. Just as amazing as I remembered.

After dinner, we headed to Cindy’s Rooftop for another round of drinks and some serious people watching. It was a perfect night, and we had so much fun!

When I go home, I was starting to feel a bit hungry again, so I made another smoothie and a Luna Bar before bed. I’ve been so hungry, or at least munchy, of late! SO I am feeding the beast 😀


Another gorgeous day. Simply stunning. I got up to do some work and ended up working through lunch and then meeting the girls the North Coast Music Festival!

Another gorgeous Chicago late summer sunset. Happy Labor Day Weekend! @suzlyfe

Rose in one hand, burger in the other, a perfectly balanced #laborday weekend! #ldw #bgbcommunity Click To Tweet

Alex gets home this morning but has to go directly to the hospital for work, but we are going to try to meet Court and Morgan for lunch while they go get their tourism on. 

What were you up to this Labor Day Weekend (or regular weekend)?

Who is working today? Anybody have big plans?

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