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Happy Fourth of July!

Regardless of whether or not you are American, let us all take a minute to give props to the big guy.

thomas jefferson suzlyfe

Yes. That is my husband showing his respect to Mr. Jefferson in Paris. WAHOOWAH. Thank you. Mr. Jefferson, for the Declaration of Independence and the University of Virginia.

In the practice of democracy, I am linking up with the lovely DC Trifecta, and sharing my 5 favorite aspects of the Fourth of July:

DC_linkup_ friday_5

1) A time to remember the freedoms that we enjoy, but frequently forget in lieu of complaining about anything and everything. Dudes, we have it pretty damn good.

2) I time to remember the people that have helped to protect these freedoms.

3) Fireworks. I like lights, I like fire, I like colors, and I like shows. Thus, I like fireworks.

4) Potluck Food. CSP blog potluck ideas

Still need ideas for a Potluck? Check out these great recipes. Need even more? Check out Fitful Focus for her great recipe Round up!

5) The fact that it is perfectly acceptable to wear a swimsuit pretty much all day long, and no one questions it.

One thing that I will really be missing (again) this year is spending the Fourth with my family. We always did it up at our lake house for the 4th, and this is a holiday where I really feel their absence.

I hope that you all have a safe, happy Friday, be it celebrating, working, or cleaning (what I will be doing). I hope that you have an excellent #FlatsFriday, I will of course be flatting it out in anticipation of my run tomorrow (wish me luck, I’ve had a few weird feelings in my legs and feet this week), and watching Wimbledon (ironic, considering).

If you are out in the heat and exercising, keep in mind these tips for surviving summer athletics–we don’t want any causalties out there!

Now go and do something patriotic. Like eating. It is the American Dream, after all.

americana food suzlyfe

I will be cleaning and watching Wimbledon 😉

How are you celebrating today? Who are you celebrating with? Are you going to go and find fireworks to watch, or are you going to be setting them yourself?

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