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Happy Fall Face: Five Things I’m Looking Forward to This October





Good luck to my friends running Ragnar DC and various Half Marathons this weekend as well!  May Joakim be dealt with a la Gladiator 😀

I also want to say that I have started at least 3 other posts before finally deciding on this one. Thank you to Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney (good luck at Wineglass!) for Friday Five and Heather for Friday Favorites!

I’ve obviously been a bit hesitant about this whole transition to fall, and you all know why I love my summer. But I’ve decided that, as it is now October, I am going to accept the inevitable and get pump(kin)ed and put on my big girl underoos. 

Five Things I am Looking Forward to This October


The Chicago Marathon et al, and seeing the realization of my friends’ and trainees’ dreams. 

I talked about this a bit yesterday. I can’t believe my little chickens are about to FLLLLYYY. I really do feel like a proud mama–they are so ready, they know so much more than they think they do (believe me, they are all quaking in their space boots), but they do (as do we all) have so much more to learn. What I hope, more so than anything, is that they are inspired to continue to discover even more about themselves, about the sport, and to realize that they can take on the world. You just have to break it all down into manageable steps, and put one foot in front of the other.

Marathons are the Culmination of Small Steps


When Alex and I went to the East Coast during July, I wasn’t my typical self, and I didn’t get my mommy time in. I was there, she was there, but my anxiety attack and the other things that were on my mind really kept us from having our usual connected time. Well, this time around, WE DON”T HAVE A CHOICE: Alex going to be working in the hospital the whole time, I’m taking time off of work, and Mom is going to be staying in our 600 square foot palace. If we don’t get sufficient Mom-Suz time out of this, I swear to goodness, we are hopeless. It would be like leaving Whole Foods hungry during sample mania. 

TCMarathon mom

MOMMY and Me at Twin Cities last Year

Getting my Run Coaching Certification!

I am a run coach, but the weekend after the Chicago Marathon, I will be at the RRCA Coaching Certification course. And then I can launch my running and marathon coaching as an official business. I would love to coach on a more official basis, maybe even with Team Challenge, and I also think that it will be a crucial boost for freelancing gigs. Plus, it isn’t like I don’t have enough acronyms next to my name: BAH, MSHP, NASM CPT, CAR LA, and now RRCA. Good grief.

I love Coaching With Chicago Endurance Sports Marathon Training!

Alex’s and My Vacation to Michigan!

We are going to a local-cation (last year we went to Madison) during Alex’s week off at the end of the month. Well, first we are going to a wedding in Virginia Beach (and seeing his parents, which will be great), but then we are going to stay at a Bed and Breakfast (also a la our Madison trip) in Grand Rapids. Originally, we were going to go to NYC from VA Beach, but it was just too $$$. And as we live in this incredible part of the country, why not take advantage of the countryside! I’ve already told Alex that I have 3 requirements for the trip: 1) apple picking 2) breweries 3) trip to Detroit to see the city and Heather. I’ve been going on about this for a while now, so he’s got no choice. 

I wish I could buy all doctors a Sharknado

I wish I could buy all doctors a Sharknado

Starting Training with A New Crop of Trainees!

Technically, this will start in November, but screw it. I was asked to coach Winter Warriors, and I am putting in to coach the Half Marathoners out of the same location as before. I have no clue if any of my current trainees will be back for more, but either way, I am really excited to see how CES structures this training. And they better be pumped, because their goal race is the Los Cabos Half Marathon! Talk about a vacation race–YOU ALL SHOULD JOIN US! You know how much I love Cabo! Sadly, I won’t be running the race, but at least Alex and I are going for vacation in January again.

Hi, Friend.

Hi, Friend.

…I guess I do have some things to be excited about! October, fulfill your end of the bargain, and we be okay.

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What are you looking forward to this month?

Do you prefer vacations far away and exotic or closer and cozier?

Farthest away you’ve ever traveled for a race?

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