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Happy Birthday Ridley! (Friday Catch Up)

It is my pupster’s birthday + other awesomeness in today’s Friday Catch Up! Let’s get ready for the weekend.

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Friday Catch Up:

1) It is Ridley’s first birthday! Well, at least according to her adoption papers. Her “Gotcha” day is September 11, but she was definitely about 12-13 weeks old when we got her. She still acts like a complete pupster, though–no maturity about this one, lol. Our current favorite “Ridley-ism” is a take on the cat meme “If I fits, I sits.” For Ridley, however…

If I sits, I fits. And sometimes, if I sits, I freaks.

She will find the tiniest, most asinine crevice or area that she can lean against while still sitting on us, and will make herself right at home. She definitely doesn’t consider whether or not she can fit prior to making herself “comfortable,” so it is definitely a claim after the fact than a thought she considers before sitting. 

2) Yesterday was Alex’s last day of his year as a Chief Resident, and today is the official last day (he is working as an attending this weekend). THAT IS CRAZY. I can’t believe it is over! I remember rushing home last year from the NOW Foods Immersion in order to make the senior resident dinner, when he officially took over as chief. Now, he has about a month to enjoy before fellowship begins, and I hope he makes the most of it. By cleaning the apartment 😀

3) But that doesn’t me the freedom starts right away–he is working as an attending through the weekend, and I am working each day as well. But Monday morning, the fun starts as we wake up, take Ridley to boarding, and then head off to New Orleans!! I’ve been before (this is where I ate), but if you have any new suggestions for me, let me know in the comments!

2) It was a week of final dinners:

I had my last dinner with Ellen on Wednesday. I can’t believe a) school is over and b) she is done with her major. Congrats to her!

I brought along a friend this time for our dinner (Alex) which meant that we had a photographer (rather than just taking pics of our food). Plus, the weather was gorgeous, so we got to sit outside. The perfect evening!

Then on Thursday Alex and I had dinner with his fellow chief residents at everyone’s favorite giant margarita spot, Tarasca’s.

They have been an incredible team in the hospital and trust me–anyone would be beyond lucky to have them as their managers. I’ll miss the other chief residents and their spouses–they have become great friends.

5) Speaking of Thursday and meals with Alex, Alex joined me for a lunch at Roti Modern Mediterranean Grill so that I could finally introduce him to one of Ellen and my favorite fast casual spots. We feasted:

Alex got a salad with chicken kabob and lots of toppings while I split mine up this time and got a salad with just fixings and then a plate of each protein option. Our verdict?  The hummus veggies are amazing (love love love their various veggies) and iur favorite proteins were the salmon kabob and spicy lamb meatball and the chicken (I like the roti, Alex voted for the kabob). I’ve officially made him a believer! Now if they would only put one in Lincoln Park!

Thank you to Roti Modern Mediterranean for an incredible lunch! All opinions are my own — you already know I love Roti!

From Ridley to @Rotimodernmed, don't miss this week's Friday Catch Up! #sweatpink Click To Tweet

On that note, after two HUGE meals in one day, I am going to go and take a coma sleep. Have a great weekend, everyone! 

Who else is going to farewell dinners right now? What are you farewelling?

What is your favorite fast casual restaurant?

Do you know your pet’s birthday?

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