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Hand Bikes and Holiday Desserts Quality Control


You can hand bike off mass quantities of holiday desserts, right? This weekend was a bit hilarious in the food department. I am trying to fuel my body for healing by getting in high quality proteins,  nutrients, and “all the good stuff,” but this weekend, let’s just say that the holiday season caught me in its clutches! It was a low key but super fun few days that I can’t wait to share with you!

Thursday I met with my Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor, and I’ll give a new injury and current medical status update likely tomorrow–let’s just say that there are some new developments in my sleuthing for what happened to me to cause my sacral stress fracture, and I got a massive surprise with the results of one of my tests that, while technically good news is also a HUGE teaching moment. I will explain soon, I promise!

But first, coffee the weekend! Thank you, Katie!

Friday, upon the recommendation of my PM&R doc (who wants me to maintain as much cardiovascular fitness as possible), I started a guest trial at a local gym and got acquainted with the hand bike. 

It was a pretty interesting little machine–I’m not sure how much of a workout I actually got, but it gave me something different to try at the gym. At least I felt like I was doing something! So I sat on my biscuit and hand pedaled my little heart out while listening to a podcast and then headed over to the weight area to do chest and then take a gym selfie while morning dudes judged my GUN SHOW. They were just jealous. 

Ok, so maybe it is more like Ralphie’s BB gun, but hey, I’m just trying to be seasonal, ok?

Alex was on call that night, and I ended up succumbing to a fit of Suz-narcolepsy and passed the f-bomb out on the couch at 8:15 for an on-the-dot 90 minute hard core slightly sweaty REM cycle. #winning.

Saturday, I got dressed up in my holiday best aka normal coaching gear and headed down to coaching for the Chicago Endurance Sports Winter Warriors Scavenger Hunt! It was such a fun way to do a cutback week–we didn’t have the most insane costumes of the various locations (OMG, some participants had some serious gems–including a Christmas tree :D), but I’m ok with that because we obviously have far more practical participants, lol. Trust me, it was FREEZING Saturday morning. I think it was around 20* when they headed out? And you know the wind was intense!

But I will say that our crew turned it OUT when it comes to holiday desserts.

Trust me, I tested them all; I am dedicated to quality control. Holiday dessert meal #1 of the weekend. I seriously can’t help myself when things are out. 

I had an appointment for a video conference with Heather of FitAspire at 11:30, so on my way back up to my apartment I stopped for a short arms workout at my home gym. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger, or at least less tired as I am going through my workouts, but I’m still not going BIG with the weights in order to protect my injury. I want to heal as quickly as possible, after all! My conference with Heather was super helpful (you’ll notice some changes coming soon!) and then I had my first truly balanced meal of the day (I had started the day with an English Muffin, but that isn’t a full meal, I just wanted to have a base for the sugar that I knew was coming). 

Another weekend, another eggcellent brunch omelet, salad, and then a bowl of Kashi Go Lean (for more fiber and protein). I may be consuming my body weight in sugar, but I’m still trying to fuel for recovery!

(Older but same idea)

I headed over to the local gym for some hand bike action, then left to head out to the burbs to visit Mo and “help” her bake holiday desserts. 

Once again, I proved my worth with quality control. We made fudge, meltaway cookies, and then Andes Peppermint Chip cookies. I also discovered that Not Your Father’s Root Beer also has a Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale sibling, and that it is delicious (but not as good as my beloved Crabbies). After a few hours hanging with Mo and basically eating straight butter and sugar (both of which were awesome happening), I headed home because Alex got off and I wanted to spend some time with him. A chicken sandwich, salad, and piece of that amazing Bake 425 pizza from earlier in the week that you all went GAGA for on Instagram meant that I finished the day with some nutrients. So I guess you could say that I came out even?

I had a pretty crappy night of sleep–lots of dreams and night sweats, but not the usual anxiety kind, so I’m blaming all the sugar from the day and Zoe, just because I can. But such a weird night of sleep and a weird day of eating the days before (remember the whole fasting thing?) meant that I spent the rest of the day trying to figure out if I was hungry, thirsty, full, not, up, down, hot, cold. Basically, Katy Perry wrote a song about me. 

This weekend, I was Katy Perry-ing all around! Hot n Cold Gif

I did get in a small little nap mid morning which helped a little with the lack of sleep, but I don’t think that I started to equalize until after I got another MAGICAL (yeah, right) hand bike session in and a talk with Mom and Dad. My dad just had sinus surgery on Thursday, but I wanted to give him a few days of healing before I got him on the phone, ya know? He is doing really well, though, but I would love some extra healing vibes for him to make sure that it stays heading in the right direction!

Sending Good Vibes Your Way!

Zoe snuggles, HGTV, and then some client training plan-planning occupied my time until Alex got home, and then we went out for a chill dinner and some time with just us. Oh. and a little movie called STAR WARS.

Zoe helping me with my Coach Suz Training Running plans by showing the importance of rest and recovery! @suzlyfe

This week, I’m only working the first two days, and then Alex and I BOTH have the day off on Wednesday and guess what we are doing??? GOING TO THE NUTCRACKER!!!! I’m also making him take me to Christkindlmarket before the show–the two are close enough that I can crutch between. So I might not be able to cross out much of my December in Chicago Bucket List, and I certainly won’t be running, or even biking, by Christmas, but I am so excited about our little excursion. 

Alex has to work Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I am heading back out to the burbs to have Christmas dinner with Mo and her family. I’ll be nice and bring back a few leftovers for Alex. Or I might just eat them all. Quality Control, y’all. 

I’m trying to figure out what to do about the hand bike for this week–my free trial is over, and it is $$$ to join. I asked Alex if he thought it would be weird if I went and sat on the floor behind the stand up bike and pedaled with my hands, and he said yes. Kill joy. I just don’t want to spend any more $$$ on this injury, especially if I have to pay for another month of keeping our car at our apartment. Still trying to figure that out!

Pssst, still looking for some holiday desserts to take to your parties? Try my Pecan Pie Tartlets or Cranberry Cupcakes

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Are you the kind that eats more while creating than the finished product? I totally am–I don’t tend to eat full cookies and such once made, but I will eat alllllllllll the fixings whilst fixing. And all the broken cookies. 

Anyone else tried hand biking before?

Anyone working on Christmas Day?

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