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Panda-ing Around (21 Months + Catch Up 11/1)

Oh, you know, we’ve just been Panda-ing around! It has been hard to keep up with writing my catch-ups of late, but let me gett you filled in on the past few weeks!

Here is my last Catch Up, where Mimi and Papa visited, and we soaked up the last of the hospitable weather.

Catch Up 11/1

1) . Remember how last post I said that the fall weather had arrived? Well, in true Chicago fashion, we ran swiftly through it in a matter of two weeks and were deftly handed snow on Halloween. As well as wintry mix and a day or so of cold rain prior to that. JOY. None of us are thrilled about it. Even the dog did the fasted poop/pee I’ve seen in a while.

Go home, winter

On the plus side, I’m obsessed with Emmie’s new boots. Thank goodness for cute things in the bleak.

pink duck boots? yes please

Stroller Strides has now gone inside for the season, but we got a few more workouts outside. Honestly, I’m glad to be going inside. No one like to be cold, and now I can just let Emmie run free afterwards rather than try to keep her from killing herself by running into the street or nearly getting run over by bikes (both of which she is guilty of).

2) Speaking of the little rascal, let’s chat Emmie for a bit. She has been both awesome as well as a bit trying over the past week and a half. One the one hand, we are having And on the other hand, she is definitely testing her waters and seeing what consequenses there are. Or she just doesn’t care and just wants to be a silly little girl. Probably the latter.

I’ve taught her all matter of silly things, like that the answer to “What does an elephant say?” ::purse your lips and blow with a noise while raising your “elephant trunk” aka arm::. Something I’ve not taught her but that she came up with herself is that whenever she puts her Little People figures on the potty, she tells me “Mama/Daddy/Doggy etc potty. Poo poo!” And if the real Daddy has actually gone into the bathroom, she throughs him under the bus by immediately saying BIG POO POO.

Also, if you tell her that Daddy is at work, she tilts her head and puts her hand underneath and says “niiiiight niiiiiiiigh.” So who is to way what Alex is actually up to at work?

Naps have been hit or miss lately. After her weekend of no naps, she seems to think that naps are optional on the weekend. They are not. She will figure it out, I hope!

Teaching Jelly to read.

3) Although Emmie’s costume was “Sad Panda,” she was actually quite happy for the majority of her Halloween celebrations.

She ran around with glee at the Gallagher Way party as well as at the Fit4Mom party.

She did live up to her costume when we went trick or treating on Southport. She was very upset that I wouldn’t let her push her stroller and careen around in a crowded street with a ton of people. Mean. Mommy.

But she must have been feeling particularly happy during the Gallagher Way party because afterwards she FINALLY returned Ryan’s hug for the first time!

Emmie loves Ryan and Ali and Judy/Chewie/Justin as well as Ali’s family. She asks about them repeatedly throughout the day, which is both adorable and exhausting. But then, she repeats most things that she is excited about. Like “Mama, Mama, pizza” for 20 minutes during the car ride home. ANd “Giant TV” after Gallagher Way.

Her pronounciation is by and large getting better, but there are still a few things that we have yet to actually figure out what she is saying!

4) New phone, who dis? Upgraded my phone so now Emmie can play around with my other one at times without me worrying that she will delete everything of value to me.

5) Unlike the last few weeks, this upcoming week is relatively unplanned. We are just waiting to see what happens and try to have some fun now that the weather has turned.

Oh, except for that little thing that is going to happen Sunday morning. I’ll be up early. Send coffee. And your leftover Halloween candy.

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