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Guilt Free Froyo and Other Awesomeness

Though it has been lovely to write the more serious/contemplative/informative/wrinkle-inducing posts of late, and I am having fun unloading the crazy within my brain on you all, I thought I would keep it a bit lighter today and just talk about the crazy that everyone else is responsible for (ie the crazy in my life). 

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Merci, Spoons!

Merci, Spoons!

1) I was supposed to have a reprieve from work today because of the fact that they are redoing wiring in my office, and I was all prepared for this, until I got an email that I have to be at the office earlier than usual to then go out and learn how to use the technology systems for the new conference room. #firstworldproblems

kid in bunny outfit

2) I have heard it said before that if a blogger has froyo (or any other food, really), and does not take a picture of it and or tweet it, it did not happen. So my question is thus: Did I or didn’t I go and get froyo on Tuesday night? Because if I didn’t, then I have no reason to feel guilty about my froyo consumption. Oh, I don’t feel guilty in the least about eating it (you know my stance on food guilt), but I suppose I should/could/would feel guilt over the fact that Alex was working a 30 hr shift…. but as it didn’t happen…. no guilt. GUILT FREE FROYO I”M A GENIUS

brilliant guinness meme

However, don’t ever get the “Magic Cereal” flavor. It is NOT cereal milk flavored. I can’t even describe it, but it was so horrible. Truly, completely, disgusting. I would tell you if I could, but I am, for once, at a loss for words. I will say that my combo last night as epic and maybe the most ADHD one yet. And perfectly layered and fudged. 

pistachio froyo suzlyfe

3) You know that pre-race ritual that I mentioned last week? Well, I don’t have a race this weekend (though I do have something exciting going on, that I will mention in a minute!), but it was time for ish to get dealt with. While I was there and chatting with my esthetician (because, c’mon, are you REALLY going to sit there mute?), she told me about a guy who came in AND GOT HIS FACE WAXED. Like, THE ENTIRE FACE. Can you even begin to imagine the ingrowns???

Maybe that's what happened...

Maybe that’s what happened…

4) I’ve been dealing with some slight tendonitis recently, and it was bad enough that Tuesday I went out to run in the gorgeous sunrise and had to pull up and stop after a few steps. Well, I massaged the crap out of the area, working on my plantar ligament, and then yesterday morning did some yoga, PT, and iced, and decided to test it at lunch with an ankle wrap. Well, slap me silly and call me Jemima, I could feel it a bit while running and not at all after. My body be cray cray.

5) They may not be “special,” but they were awesome. While I was home I enjoyed Cracker Barrel

healthy cracker barrel oven fried chicken

(oven “fried” chicken breast, a corn muffin and a buttermilk biscuit with blackberry jam, and cucumber and tomato salad (x2 because the broccoli had butter on it, though they claimed otherwise); Chick-fil-a; Brunswick stew and sweet potato fries from Smokey Bones (hooooovered that); and a FANCY home-baked pizza dinner while taking in The King’s Speech (which mom hadn’t seen). #wefancyyall

tv pizza kings speech home

Also? Animal crackers and Cherry Pie Oats with Redi-Whip (also taken straight to the face, because that is what I do). 

cherry pie egg white protein oats

6) The one exotic meal to be had was my birthday dinner at 4th and Swift, which was actually the venue and caterers for Alex’s and my rehearsal dinner! Just as fabulous this time, and you simply MUST order

4th swift atlanta octopus

the octopus (INCREDIBLE, blew the Celeste octopus back into the water (?)). Golden beets are involved.

4th swift atlanta southern gothic cocktail

the Southern Gothic cocktail (a take on a Manhattan, but take out the orange and it tastes like a Dr. Pepper. GLORIOUS), and

4th swift atlanta sticky toffee pudding

the Sticky Toffee Pudding (their signature). 

4th swift atlanta birthday chocolate cake

I would say be sure to order the chocolate cake, but I would counter that by saying you should just have a birthday and have them bring it to you anyway. 


7) I am so behind on responding to people. I AM SO SORRY.

chummy meme

8) SQUIRREL (ADHD joke, play along)

9) Because of the previously mentioned tendonitis (following a foot issue last week that dealt with itself after a few days), I have not used my Class Pass at all in nearly 2 weeks (because I run to classes). But on the plus side? I’ve been getting back into the gym, and boooy are my muscles tired.

Miss that kid (Jenni at Fizala)

Miss that kid (Jenni at Fizala)

10) This weekend is going to be fabulous. Not only is Marathon Monday on, well, Monday (HOLY SHNIKIES that will be me next year), but this weekend I am going to Pittsburgh for CAITLIN AND JOE”S WEDDDDIIIINNNGGGGG.

caitlin heather suz pittsburgh

I will be attending stag, as no one other than Caitlin likes me, but I will be meeting up with Gretch upon arrival! And Caitlin has promised to put me with her running club friends, and I told her on the RSVP card that “I Promise to Dance All Night if they Play…” Turn Down for What. So I’m hoping I find people to be utterly ridiculous with and then fall asleep in the corner. 

Happy dance version, not post-spin version.

Happy dance version, not post-spin version.

Is my froyo guilt free (WINK)? Or did I

What song would you dance all night to? And would you be asleep in the corner?

Are you fancy? Take that as you will…

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